In Time With You: As if I need more proof I’m a heterosexual

*SIGH*  I hate to be so weird, but I don't like it, and it makes me doubletriple sad I think Ariel is not the best fit and performing the worst out of the cast.  I can't engage coz I don't feel it's organic when typically this type of drama is absolutely my thing…and *SSIGH* tbh, I feel the drama veers towards pretentiousness and everything is too scripted/forced.  Some speeches r too preachy, sappy and hammering too hard the point for me, and I wander off.  I tried very hard to love it and not nitpick, but I just can't lie to myself.  It's very clear and well thought out every step of way what we audience should feel for every line and every scene,  it's full of dedication and hard work, but tried as I might , as hard as the drama and Ariel are trying tooooooooo hard to sell it to me, it fails to click with me.   As far as hitting the big 3-0 dramaladies r concerned this feels so much like DalJa (bugged me at the first sight, scared me running after couple eps with the pretentiousness every second of it) vs KimSamSoon (my forever dramaBFF)

I don't need to have my heroines likeable, I love them more being flawed and ordinary (case in point, KSS), but Ariel is giving me the thought I've overrated her as an actress, and every additional scene in ITWY, I can't shake it off.  She's exaggerating every emotion and it snaps me out believing any of the dilemma the BIGDEAL 3-0 entails as real as the issues at play should be.  That and also she's still much more convincing playing a highschooler or in college than her real age. Unless her character has multiple personalities, how she's switching fr being this (we're told) feisty middle management lady to one with an IQ and EQ of an entitled princess-complexed 16 yo, affected, provoked and acting out by a youngling chatting her hearts out in an elevator (which frankly is not most polite but really not outrageously offensive, I cringed at finding Ariel the offensive/rude/bratty/overboard one), silly but harmless friendly emails and making a big deal out of every tiny thing.  I just felt her characterization disjointed and all over the place without being better laid-out. So yes, her character annoys me unintentionally, but not so much I'm 'amused'.  Ariel is extremely competent in role playing characters remote from reality (wuxia, period fantasy, manga…) but for sth a bit more slice of life, she's bugging me to no end with how aware and conscious of her 'acting', it may work in a play, but NOT for TV, not this drama at least.  I felt every bit of her overacting and her character feels like in a constant make believe she's trying hard to convince even herself but even she is wavering when saying every word and acting out every expression.  She's been in lousier productions, way more out of this world characters, but here for a character that is typical, she made it caricature.  The OTT is so jarring esp when she's with Bolin, who is pinch perfect AWESOME. Objectively his character is of course so much more likable a doting loyal puppy, the caring BFF in love with our heroine, but still, it's to his credit he didn't overdo it to boring.  His character feels natural and real to me, I just don't get what he really sees in Ariel's character esp when she's shoving him away at the most appropriate hinting.

And I dun really care for the MarySue-ing with the 25yo looking12 cutie smittened at first sight with Ariel.  OK, I'm 2 eps in, he's definitely batting for the other team if this is RL or up to some slysly manipulating game if this is HKdrama.   I'm just not buying.

So LONG ranty rant aside, I've watched 2 eps.  This is odd when I've been rolling eyes/ things not clicking fr the get go.  WHy?!  Bolin Chen.  Every time he's on my screen since he's been in the biz, my eyes r drawn to him….he gives me that exact enigmatic boyish charm of a VERY young not as perfectly pretty Takeshi…who is so natural on screen…so so natural.  

I've never seen him showing his seams as an actor, even if everything is not up to his par round in the production.  No exception here.  And mesooosad esp when Ariel is coming across (to me) very hammycampy.

I'm still watching, but solely for Bolin and these gifs:

I know drama will get 'better', it's the opposite of bad,  it may very well deservingly be a crowd and critics' fav……just not mine. 😦

It doesn't help every time I felt a bit bored watching ITWY….I have to stop myself being a silly bad addict rewatching OfficeGirl11.  This gif helps, 'Yes, I'll listen to all ur orders, officer!'

This is just some fangirl gushing of OG: it is so perfectly sweet a slice of Tiramisu for unwinding.  IF not for OG, I would think I'm hitting premenopause way too early, being cranky at everything I've seen.  (even DowntonAbbey, my most dependable engaging show,  has annoying plots happening, Homeland is also losing a bit of intrigue and this early.. both r a bit too soap opera-ish, I'm not feeling TPM 2 eps in, a case of not in the mood)  OG, OTOH,` It's been the longest time I've been loling fr the bottom of my heart, thoroughly entertained then squealing and squeeing at the ridiculous cuteness of our OTP it makes me weep so sated.  And as gorgeous as Roy has always been in my eyes, hisZX belongs with hisXR. And amidst the fluffy goodness, it's apparent Alice Ke is so freaking talented she's bringing so much nuance and realness to her character, it's really a delight seeing the proper movie acting training at work in an idol drama.  I actually love this stage of the OTP the most, when both of them has some realization of their tangled up feelings, air is zapping, breathing is difficult all around for them and us, yet they r not yet official.  I love those uncontrollable butterflies in tummy moments <3333333  It's not the same once it's 'settled' , the security takes away a bit of that edge of jitters.  Ah….to be kids falling in love again!


17 thoughts on “In Time With You: As if I need more proof I’m a heterosexual

  1. OMG, I love this post! You put into words everything that I was feeling about ITWY but was too lazy to actually process.

    One thing that bugged me about the drama from the opening scene, was how much of a big deal Ariel’s character and the whole world around her was making about her turning 30. I know the point is that it’s not actually a big deal and she will learn this in time…but it’s like, really? You are gorgeous and successful and the tragedy of your life is that you are turning 30? What are you gonna do when you turn 50 – kill yourself?

    They just weren’t selling me on the conflict at all. As soon as I saw Bolin I stopped watching. I was like “meh, she doesn’t deserve him”.

    And I usually adore Ariel too!

    Edit cause I can’t spell XD

    1. High 5!!

      I’m still prodding on, it took me 2 wks to finish 2 eps when I have all eps avail on hand.

      Set aside I can’t help myself being more critical of my own sex….it’s just that I’ve been there, but I didn’t react like her AT ALL. Yes, there’s unlikable annoying bratty immature guy1s everywhere in our dramas, but usu they earn brownie points along the way, ep3, still nada for our heroine.

      I guess it’s just although I’ve been through some of the issues faced, but I approached them exactly opposite, and I expect an almost 30 yo grown woman to know better, I’m at the point I know more about the deal with the young cutie, but in the first place, as his boss, I would’ve never let things get into the murky to begin with.

      And come on, with all these years of high heels wearing, esp at work and u don’t have a pair of flats reachable at the end of day at a 30 yo?!?!? That’s plain silly and dumb and a fail….and needs the ‘rescuing’ of a much younger dude to know better and buy you flipflops while u sit and ponder what he’s going to do?!?! and instead of feeling incompetent, u feel ‘happy/contented’ at being rescued by a guy at ‘this age’ Absolutely my throwing in towel WTF moment.

      1. I guess it’s just although I’ve been through some of the issues faced, but I approached them exactly opposite, and I expect an almost 30 yo grown woman to know better, I’m at the point I know more about the deal with the young cutie, but in the first place, as his boss, I would’ve never let things get into the murky to begin with
        Hehe, I’m not sure exactly which scene you are talking about here since I watched only the first 15 mins or so of the drama, but yeah. I hated the scene with the young girl in the elevator…It wasn’t dignified at all. And yes, you are completely right, Aril is trying to portray something beyond what is needed and trying to make a role a lot more serious than it should be…Which makes me feel like the character is so superficial.

        And come on, with all these years of high heels wearing, esp at work and u don’t have a pair of flats reachable at the end of day at a 30 yo?!?!? That’s plain silly and dumb and a fail….and needs the ‘rescuing’ of a much younger dude to know better and buy you flipflops while u sit and ponder what he’s going to do?!?! and instead of feeling incompetent, u feel ‘happy/contented’ at being rescued by a guy at ‘this age’ Absolutely my throwing in towel WTF moment.

        Also, haven’t seen the scene in question but sounds terribly WTF-like. Especially after you mentioned that she believes the whole world revolves around her…totally turned off to the drama now.


  2. ITWY is LOVE!

    I cannot believe you!! How on earth can you NOT love ITWY or Ariel’s performance in here?! I thought we had the same taste in dramas? lol

    I loveeee ITWY to bits, like how it’s not the typical TW sugary cheesy-type drama, how it’s so quiet yet filled with one-liners capable of hitting the inner core of the heart, like how it dares to be honest and real (at least that’s how I see it). I don’t think the chars are perfect, and in particular YQ, whom I agree does tend to get on one’s nerves occasionally (esp when she starts thinking the world and Bolin revolve around her). But the more seemingly vain or self-aware she is, the more I can relate because I’ve seen ppl like her in RL (not that I’d like to be reminded. I don’t think Ariel’s overacting at all, in fact think she’s nailing every bit of emotion perfectly well (sassy, confident and self-aware moments), at least good enough to scrap me off my annoyance of her in ISWAK. Cringeworthy? I didn’t see it at all. Perhaps I’ve not seen enough of her other dramas and she’s indeed done better, but to me, she’s carrying ITWY along with Bolin (haha at least we agree that he’s a natural).

    Guess if tea’s not your thingy, you’ll just have to switch back to coffee (OG!). hehehe..

    1. Re: ITWY is LOVE!

      I actually LOVE we constantly love very different dramas and actors with very different acting style… it makes it special when we come across sth we both r crazy about! ^^

      *hug* I’m further along, and if not in need for zzzz I was going to vent in major snark, caps, rants and all, miannehhh. I hate her entitlement, as you said, she does think the world and Bolin revolve around her. She’s coming across to me as the character herself is ‘trying’ to be confident (I can’t see a confident woman physically running SCREAMING top of lungs early morning in her neighborhood just coz she didnt have her dainty dress and makeup on when her ex sees her at her door front), sassy (her boldness or st forward, I see it as plain rude and tactless. Advice for LaLa, hollering at girl in elevator, she can do it, but all can so be phrased much more appropriately). Is she self-aware at all?! Only when she’s about to make a sappy speech, otherwise I see her blaming, for no reason whatsoever other than major bitchy PMS, it’s Bolin’s fault she’s lost boss’ ring, in her own little office. I watched ep 5, 6 with my jaws perpetually dropped, appalled. There are ladies like her existing in the world, I know some, I just can’t attach the character construct of Ariel’s character to them, hence the disparity and the disjoint I’m feeling. Even if the RL entitled princessy 30yo is getting all the loving and praises, I can’t see the other ladies around not smirk and snark. Many of the lines r nice, well put, not headdesky at all, but it’s pronounced as if at a recital, esp her VOs, I just felt it’s very theatrical her approach, when I dun see the character as such at all on paper. Many lines are highlighted in quotations in the captions and it annoyed me to no end, esp when it’s bombarded on top with the DRAMATIC BKGD MUSIC. Yes, the music is used tonally appropriate, but for sth supposed to be slice of life, less is more for my taste and jamming guitars, billowing strings really take me out of the moment, it’s just my pet peeves watching this genre. I hate themes songs played when characters are having ‘meaningful’ conversations unless it’s written in scene they r listening to music.

      And I’m traumatized, in fact, I was expecting this to be understated and quiet, but it’s too verbose, esp when speeches r pre-announced by accompanying OST/ mood music excess. Up to ep6 now, I’m losing my love for even Bolin’s character. ARGH, I just have lots of issues with drama. I’m content it’s mostly me and my taste.

      I’m fine with Ariel being annoying in ISWAK because she’s playing a highsch dimtwat fangirl and I witness the subsequent growing up. Here if her character is not as QueenMarySue, EVERY guy she’s come across, who has some redeeming quality is now still caring for her or presently besotted, I may bear it better. I see all her eye twitching of every thought and emoting every tiny thing, excessive in a modern day slice of life drama, I just don’t see real people that OTT emotive 24/7 even when they r alone. In my mind, she’s playing her character here by the exact same playbook as her HR in LoCH08, there she’s pitch perfect because every dilemma in the wuxia world is life/death/survival and HR is a spoiled brat to the extreme…in the made belief world of Wuxia. That’s why I bring in the KSS chatter, KSS can be annoying, bratty, whiny and childish but she’s not cut slacks, cut to size and her dilemma is she’s not attracting a horde of men praising her she’s too good for 99% of the guys in the world.

      Sorry I need to vent. and vent. 😉

      1. Re: ITWY is LOVE!

        Sorry but I completely DISAGREE with your comments! IN TIME WITH YOU is an amazing drama. The script, direction, camerawork, music and most of all the acting, are all great. No way is Ariel Lin overacting in this drama. She’s amazing in ITWY. She nails the character of You Qing very well. Obviously you have your biases against Ariel. I honestly find your comments INVALID and OFFENSIVE to an awesome drama like ITWY. Obviously you will never see the merits of ITWY because of your biases.

        God bless you!

        1. Re: ITWY is LOVE!

          *hug* God bless you as well!

          I know I’m not holding the same opinion as 99% of the dearies out there, but no way I will waste my time ever on being invalid. I need a rant at my little space here in LJ and I’ll do it without blinking. I don’t know of myself having biases against Ariel who is honest to God my fav TW TV actress. (TBH I pulled out LoCH and marathon awesome bits of her acting tonight just to take my distaste of TWLY out)I may have offended you and hence you r projecting to form an opinion of me, but that’s not where I’m coming from. But I agree with you wholeheartedly I’ll never see the merits of ITWY.

          ITWY is actually my most anticipated TWdrama this year, and this being Ariel’s last project before her ‘hiatus’ esp after her health scares, my expectation may be insanely high, if that’s to blame on my part, I’ll take it lying down.

          So again, sorry if I’ve offended you and the drama. I’m as heartbroken and traumatized if not more, really.

          1. Re: ITWY is LOVE!

            I still can’t make out whether I can love Ariel in ITWY. I actually think she’s doing a really commendable job with her usual sense of great comic-timing, but this whole hang-up about turning 30 pretty undermines her character as superficial.

            1. Re: ITWY is LOVE!

              I don’t even mind her character being superficial, unlikeable, entitled, egomaniac….whatever. It’s the disparity I can see with how we should perceive her constructed as this feisty, strong, liked upon by everyone around her male/female, competent, possessing nuggets of wisdom 30 yo. For example, when her highsch gf called her up in the middle of the day for a shoulder to lean on over her fresh divorce, with her hubs leaving her for a ‘little 3’, YQ immediately takes out mirror, snaps gf out of it, to look at herself all slummed while giving sound, rational, wise advice. All good. But when I give it more thought, as we go to the last couple eps, I go, wait!!!! HEY she’s still so caught up with an ex, they broke up for FIVE years, and over some dispute he’s seen with some girl at a bar, nasty breakup in the street, not heard fr all of the five years AND she’s entitled to still be hold up by him, when Bolin gives her equally sound advice to snap her out of it, she hollered and ranted and SCREAMED she has every right for face to show him she’s doing sooo good without him, for face, for revenge just for feeling better. AND I lost it. Yes she’s dated this ex for couple years, but apparently he has a reputation. IF it’s all a misunderstanding, he really didn’t cheat with the girl at bar and she overreacted, I’m even more cranky over the silliness of this woman. OTOH, her friend who’s MARRIED and hubs left her for the other woman and YET the gf should look into mirror, be strong for herself…BLABLABLABLABLA. IF the ex cheated, really I see no self-respecting woman to be still in LURVE and just jump back to his place and smooching and whatnots without ANY resolution, talking over, just a passport showing where he’s been dabbling his certain bodypart everywher!?! AND claiming she’s tried the darnest hardest and whywhyWHY is Bolin not being a supportive friend but be negative. And 10 min later, she’s ALL over THE baggage and want a hug fr Bolin instead.

      2. Re: ITWY is LOVE!

        God knows how hard is it for you to watch your fav actor/actress flail in a project (tho I think Ariel’s doing a great job so far).I totally understand the feeling. *caseinpoint-LDH*

        But boy I’m glad I played a part in motivating you to vent out for good! Keeping it in just for the sake of the masses (we love ITWY!)is harmful to health. Heee~~

        1. Re: ITWY is LOVE!

          *hug* I’m in the camp I think LDH is talented but really clueless in putting it to use… she’s been making some poor choices since Green Rose.

          Ariel, OTOH….*SIGGHHH* she’s never ever failed me even in absolutely horrendous PoS like Love or Bread…or even her much earlier work. I think she deliver her half of the OTP even acting against the most robotic block of wood in Asia-WuZun.

  3. Thanks for posting this 🙂 It’s interesting to hear from an Ariel fan who doesn’t like the drama. This was my most anticipated TW drama of the year as well, and I had really high expectations for it. I was also really worried about Ariel coming back after not doing any dramas for 3 years (and only a play, which requires overexaggerated acting). I thought she might lose her touch (i.e. wouldn’t be able to subtly act well anymore). Both the drama and Ariel exceeded my expectations, though the one who really surprised me was Bolin. I actually haven’t really been wowed by other stuff I’ve seen him in, but he really won me over in ITWY. He takes the cake for most natural acting. I think Ariel holds her own opposite Bolin, though honestly-speaking, if I could nominate only one of the four main actors in ITWY for a Golden Bell, it would be Bolin.

    I actually find Ariel’s character more realistic (and easy to relate to) because she’s a mixture of different characteristics. I do know what you mean about the times when You Ching is giving advice to her friends (like Mei Mei)… it does feel more like a soapbox performance. I do know people like that in real life, though… leaders of organizations who tend to go into lecture mode even with friends, but have their warm and caring sides, too.

    Eh, I didn’t like the part with the “25-year-old” (he doesn’t look 25) either. If I were You Ching, I would have put an end to that flirting/romance ASAP. Dating your new office assistant? Really? Baaad idea. Not only are you dating in the office, but you’re dating your subordinate. (I can’t believe she let him call her just “You Ching” right from the get-go – so disrespectful!)

    Any, kudos to you for coming out and saying how you felt in a “public” place. ITWY isn’t madly popular like OG, but it does have quite a cult following now. So far, I’ve only seen people praising it. As weird as it sounds, it’s kinda nice to see someone disliking ITWY; people can compare what they don’t like about it and rant a little, too 🙂

    Just out of curiosity, did you like Love Contract?

    1. Bolin hasn’t really wowed me as well in his past works to the point he’s a must see. I just find his screen presence very natural in whatever he’s been in and I see talent (only exception: in the biggie getsuku Tokyo Tower)

      I think the hardest time I’m having is…I think all the characters are realistic and I get where they are from the more I spend time with them EXCEPT Ariel’s You Ching. It’s most probably a case of even though I can get where she’s coming fr, I’ve faced the issues myself, I can’t say and do a lot of the things she’s doing. Her issues r real enough, but her reaction(or overreaction) is absolutely not how I’ll approach them. It’s very minute really, like stuff I’ve no prob her hating or snarking but I prefer it VO’d instead of really spitting it out (I just can’t see a 30 yo normal woman saying a lot of things she’s saying out loud, like being annoying and juvenile when Bolin is on the phone with his almost gf) but it’s a every single scene/line sorta occurrence with the latest eps.

      Oh, Love Contract turned me into an absolute bipolar schizo. I loved both Ariel’s and Mike’s performances very much, very genuine, believable and the chemistry is perfect. There are scenes in it that r made my heart aflutter and handled with a tenderness I find very memorable, but the writing is all over the place, mostly headdesky and the PD..I have ISSUES with the PD (he goes into fancies of meaningless draggy cheesy comedy that I cringed), more pronounced in his latter Mike collab Marry!Me! The ending, absolutely traumatizingly WTFery, and I haven’t read an opinion fr anyone on the LC ending that do not use those exact words.

  4. Hmmmmm not sure if this is gonna be my cup o’ tea, then.

    But I just might check it out. My taste in dramas are weird, after all. [I liked The Fierce Wife, but you and Koala jie jie didn’t.] Thanks for sharing your rant!

    1. This drama will officially go down as one I’m most disappointed with in all TWdrama history as in the Aspiration Gap conundrum. I’m having the most traumatizing time watching it, escalating every ep. Being annoyingly nosy, and urged on by my cousins, I checked out 8, thinking my expectations have adjusted, and STILL I have a Pacific size rant infesting in my brain about to burst.

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