Why there is a roaring YangTze river btn Me and YC : HUGE TWYL3 picspam rant

your_insomnia, you ask why and here I'm, case in point.  This is all ep3, the not really plotty parts, the really hell breaks loose is more so in ep 4, <5<< 6<<<7. Traumatized.

Frankly, up till ep2, I get where YouChing and the drama going. I just don't care for what I'm seeing. This ep on, I'm offended.

One afternoon after work.  It is pouring. YC has no umbrella (note: at door of DEPARTMENT STORE),

LaLa offers to give YC a ride, Henry too when he arrives.  The whole ex and current gfs of Henry was all ironed out first plot ep1, no?!
YC, annoyed, lies and says she may have umbrella in office and will go look. BUT …


I don't sense Lala portrayed as anything but a simple bimbo, and I see no hint of anything other than civilly helpful this scene.  Afterall shouldn't the current gf has more issues with her guy's ex, than the other way around, esp when YC makes it a point she's sooo over him and WAY too good for him?!  I can't rationalize THIS above YC smirkface.

YC, b8tchface,  until…

YC VO'ing: 'Not only am I pampered!'  *Yup, until Cute Underling puts umbrella on top of her head.*

YC VO: 'I'm rescued!!!'   *what's pouring?!  Sulfuric Acid?*  **Urm, I personally have offered umbrella-ing bosses I've hated, passer-bys crossing street my same direction. Is it big freaken Kdrama swoony romantic deal?! **

I see SMUGface

More gloat+SMUG, 'OH! Someone is picking me up!'

"We'll get going first, m'kay?'  *So little commoner LaLa and Henry stood in rain instead of cuddled and driven off in car for what?!  OH yes, for waiting and pleading Princess YC to accept their measly kind gesture and chauffeuring. HMPH!*  **IS it weirdme thinking Lala is a bigger more swoonworthy person in offering YC the umbrella + ride than the 12yo?!*
IF I had the pride of a 30 yo competent/confident lady, I wouldn't even fuss a lint, bat an eyelash,  and accept the kindness of my ex I harbor no feelings whatsoever, and his bimbo younger new gf, whom I've seen them sashaying at work daily anyways.  Learn fr Henry's ex-EX, who is also your coworker, and who's not even make a hiss about their past TILL u acted out crude.  Instead of making your whole little Kdrama in the rain over a freaken umbrella.   By making this a non-issue (I'm absolutely fine with temperaments and be as annoyed as u wanna over ur pride in your own privacy of ur head) is what I call growing up and welcome to adult womanhood, oops that should be when we hit 18 or 21.

Even at the very end of scene, more Smug and Gloat r thrown in.

Next scene, we get more Assistant Cutie being Cute *yawn* and darn inappropriate, saying stuff like, 'Oh your perfume is delicious!' 'Why can't you have ur private phone call 2 inches fr me?!'  *WhatTHE*
And YC is 'rescued' again by BFF Bolin with that phone call, asking her out for dinner.

The Kdrama in rain fantasy retold, stressing the ' I'm RESCUED!'  Hand gesture thrown in to stress the BIG! Fking! DEAL!:

I have the exact following Bolin Face:

And YC hammering in the Princess being Rescued point  *throbbing headache me*

So what's up with Bolin having this contained and somewhat confused, gazing afar face? 
My guess: 1) he's having my same throbbing HA he's willing it to stop 2) Marathoning BBJX and Merlin. Lost in time space continuum wondering if he is in some time traveling drama instead, inhabited by princesses/damsels and wet behind ears  slashy knights/ princes playing rescuing in rain and hearts a-throbbing.  More confused, Bolin wanders off in deeper thoughts and listens to his own regular heartbeat instead 3) is hungry.

So what did YC say? ' Do you know this act of being Rescued!… For a Woman….is so wooing, heart afluttering?!?!?!?!'   **I  lost my appetite and is barfing*

Bolin is a much nicer sweet person with no acid refluxing and a 'rescuing sanity' dimpled smile.

And he dashes his Takeshi-identical dimps in a cute sweet smile.  *awwwww* THAT is all, he didn't say a word audible.

But with a YCradar for picking up non-existing thoughts, she hollers, 'DON'T put on the AIR of WOMAN IZ IGNORANT!'  *Hon, dump this oversensitive radar for b8tches and get a gaydar instead, ASAP!*

Bolin doesn't understand her ailment of throbbing heart, he's more concern YC should get a functioning head and stop the random flailings.  *NODS*

Convo dabbling on the confines of 'how we fall in love' YC likes 'moments' of thumpety thumpety heart, she's fallen for an ex over his pretty hands; another being direct,asking her bluntly to be the gf; Henry….just coz she can't get over THE ex and needed a rebound.  *Nth wrong, you fall in love whichever way  gf, it's only when later she preaches another doctrine and accusing Bolin of being a TYPICAL SUPERFICIAL guy falling for a PRETTY 25 yo that got me ragey*

Chef offers them yamaimo soba.  YC HATES the mucilage gooey texture (and of coz make faces, gestures and ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwws…in front of all.  Chef is, 3 ft away?!)
To sneak in a cute Bolin as palate cleanser:

'I'll rescue you! *snerk*(by eating ur soba)
'Heart thumpety thump thump, huh?!'

Bolin geys a call fr his 25 yo fangirl fr work Maggie.   He's put it clearly in the chatter with YC just prior he thinks she's 'quite alright', ( If she's the one calling him, after work, asking his whereabouts, it's clear she's pursuing.)  Just to contrast in YC's case, she's unsure the 12yo-looking cutie is after her for brownnosing or truly romantically inclined coz she sees him ridiculously poised and in control every second of cheesy flirting.  And of coz we all had our gaydar blaring since day1, second1.

This is how YC reacts:

' DA-REN OPPAAAA~~!!!' out. loud. impersonating. Maggie's. Voice. *O Lord….*

Really, NEVER EVER EVER EVERRRR have I thought, for a split second, I would like to smack Ariel's face.  That's changed.  *TT_TT*

*No Bolin's hand didn't just shut her face, she really is making that face voluntarily thinking she's funny and is smirking*

'Ask her to come, 'she said. 'I can 'examine' her for you!'

Bolin dumbly listens as told and asks Maggie where she's at. Before Maggie can answer, YC jabbed:

'I'm in your HEART~~~~' in her Maggie-esque screechy voice.


And the following dinner is with YC hating Maggie's guts just coz she's addressed her 'Jie'/Older sis, and be a bimbo.  I don't find Maggie terribly likeable, but she's not offensive and has no mean bone in her.  She orders her own thing, eats her own thing, even offers albeit sickly sweetly to feed Bolin (yes it's clingy), but she offers a bite most kindly, no menace, to YC as well in same breath.  M genuinely asks them to just chatter on, and they just plain ignore her and chat on WITHOUT even addressing her once or be civil and start some form of convo in YC's case.  Not only that, she immediately puts on superb8tch face when Maggie asks a fair enough Q of…how YC and DR met.

Some YC faces, shall we?!

GF, for a 30 yo, u'd better practise ur fake nice face better in front of mirror every nite till u r 4-0.

I have never rolled eyes so blatantly at someone I just met, NO MATTER WHAT.  And here, I think Maggie is just ordering.  *shrug, I don't get it*

Maggie wanna order the yamaimo soba, the resto is apparantly famous for it.  AND…

'So….you also like…this kind of food that takes tremendous 'effort' '  Maggie is stabbed by thousand daggars of snarky words and cold stares.

Accompanied by *I'm fcking fed up* hand gesturing and tsking.

And this

And this.  Ad nauseum.

Rule #2347897345:  HRH Princess YouChing hates yamaimo, head beaten off  to all who opposes the yamaimo hate at a resto famous for…yamaimo, and at which HRH is presently eating at.
And Maggie leans towards Bolin. *I myself cue the most appropriate music imho in head: shower scene, Psycho*
And how did Maggie die subsequently?

'Men always fantasize…over the forever twenty five year old!'  Serious: let alone the RUDEness of saying it in front of your bff's new 25 yo fangirl.  Have you no care for your bestie for 15 years?!?!  Pot calling kettle black much?!  I know your GAYboytoy is looking like a 12 yo, but you KNOW he's 25 (or did he fake it as well, hmmm)

Bolin immediately checks if Maggie still has her head attached.  Have to say she looks like a deadringer for Ringu's Sadako here more than her usual facetwin of VivianChow (the most often seen postergirl in every Chinese boy's rooms in the 80s/90s)  And even just for this dinner, I'm TeamMaggie.  She obviously is not retarded, she has feelings and is hurt.  All she lacks is a nasty temper.

Do we HAVE to look at the opposite end of table?!

*Oh, gleeeee!*

To repay the 'LOVE' showered on her by HRH YC, Maggie offers to put together a slice of fish bruschetta for YC.  In exchange she's endowed by this 'Oh Snap!' YC face in return.  Maggie, bless your heart, not the brightest bulb.

tbh, at this point, Ariel's exaggerated fake smile is terrorizing my nightmares.

I've an inkling Bolin's as well.

YUP, the face making goes ON AND ON AND ON.

I think Ariel herself is worn out fr the face making.  I totally understand *hug*

BUT, I'm WRONG!  YC excuses herself into bathroom and word diarrhea, smirk, snark, rant, grumble, whine, swear in front of MIRROR! So it's now TWO faces, one cap!


And she flashes back to her own Kdrama swoony scene *bang bang bang head at desk*

First of all, I don't think scene is romantic at all, and it needs not be, gaycutie is gay and creepy and fake and manipilative if u r not blind. DO WE NEED TO RELIVE THIS EVERY 10 mins one way or the other?!?!??!  Apparently yes, and there's a later scene in later ep where she's really reminscing scene on her own tele to KOREAN dubs.  Lord, Buddha, Santa Claus, have mercy. Ohm~!

Are you scared?!  I'm shizless.

Post dinner, waiting for Bolin fetching car.  Crickets chirping.

Bolin offers YC a ride home.

'No need to inconvenience you. I have company'

*OH NO YOU DIDNT!!!!!!* This is the moment I go batshitcrazy.  It's not hard to guess at all but I still was saying prayers for womanhood SHE DIDNT!

Ariel's old pretty and cute smile, but I've just vomited my innerds and gorged out my eyes in rage.

'Keep me company for a while, m'kay?' *ARGH!*


The only little redeeming thing she said all night is she did admit she's silly and demented to have called him.

 gay Knight: 'You…Can…SOS me for rescue…whenever!'  *deeply impt pauses and all*

Maggie's building has a break-in.  She coos Bolin to keep her company for the night.  YC calls him for their usual 'friendly' chat

She describes Maggie as very 'Yamaimo'. Really Miss HRH, enough niceties-NOT! for the night, week, year.  Really.


Bolin insists he didn't chase after Maggie after more naggin and stabbing fr YC

'Are you freaken showing off now?! *RAWR*'

'Or are guys getting nastier/shittier/crappier as they age?'  * pot.kettle.black*
She then makes him comment on her 'assistant'

'Handsome…young…just as you described'  *phew, Bolin, seems like u got the late night PMS Q&A  in damage control*

 ' (just as I describe?!) So say sth else about HIM, The Person You met for 8 seconds including Hi! and BYE!!!!!'  *Or maybe not in control, Bolin. Sorry lad.*
And scarily, the ball is back in Bolin's court:

'So how's the progress with your 'DA-REN-OPPPAAAAA'?!?!?!??!'  *argh…dun answer, Bolin, pretend call is dropping*

Maggie hands him a blankie. Da-Ren-OPPAAA:  'I'm not cold'   *UH-OHHHHHH*

'Li! Da! REN!! YOu are such a horrible PERVERT!' And she cuts him off when he tries to explain.

Thing is, I understand the plot and what it's obviously  trying to say: Jealous, the Falling, Pride of a 30 yo, YC+DA OTP. But that doesn't make this any easier to swallow.

Opposite of amused.


4 thoughts on “Why there is a roaring YangTze river btn Me and YC : HUGE TWYL3 picspam rant

  1. She sounds absolutely horrid!
    She kind of reminds me of those bitchy, entitled princesses usually show in American TV shows (big reason why I don’t watch American TV). I hate to see this trend contaminate Taiwanese Dramas.

    1. We see these princesses in many dramas, but usu they r not ‘glorified’ as in the case of YouChing.

      I really feel most offended when a 30 yo single lady is presented this way as a form of an attractive individual when the core of the drama, that 15 year old ‘friendship’ between the main characters r nth much of a LONG case of infatuation fr the guy’s part. I actually see it as verbally abusive how Girl treats Guy. There’s a scene later on when it’s trying damn hardest to show ‘heroine’ with this caring side for her ‘bff’. He’s down with a cold, she does this ‘grand’ gesture of taking care of him at his place, making some chicken soup for the first time, asking help fr her Mom on phone and Soup comes out the most delicious thing Guy’s family r raving and almost finishing without leaving some for Guy. I dunno, I can’t see genuine best friends not ever taking care of each other when sick EVER for 15 years till this DRAMATIC moment

      1. I think it’s hard to portray friendship between a guy and a girl in any type of fiction (realistically at least) and then show the organic progression from friendship to romantic attraction. So many complicated issues come up, like where do you begin in a story like that, what kind of relationship do they have, how to show their past. For me personally, it is really hard to buy a friendship between a guy and a girl unless one of them is extremely unattractive to the other either in looks or personality. I doubt that “in time with you” is striving for anything realistic, but seeing bolin dote on a character like the one played by Ariel without having him actually acknowledge she’s acting like a total bitch would infuriate me.

        1. MTE! I thought this will be the rare success coz I am fascinated with friends becoming lovers. Usu I’ll have some sense WHY the two have enough fondness to develop a friendship, and WHY they didn’t go further with it by now. Usually the progression is the hardest part to portray convincingly/organically imo. Here, blur, blur and blur. I have so much problem with the fake-ness of the 15 year friendship, when they r still asking Qs like y did u fall in love with this ex, or that girl and what they know of each other r superficial stuff like icecream flavors as THE evidence they know each other so freaken well. I have to accept it as some hormonal random crush/destiny?! We’re not told why Bolin said those very impt words in the Chinese title: I may never/can not love you, after a day of following after a sad Ariel in highschool, and it’s not till one drunk night 15 years later Ariel asks, and we get a lame, vague, he thinks she doesn’t see him as a guy, she thinks he doesn’t see her as a girl. *sighhhhh* I really hate being The rant monster every minute I’m watching this show till I had to quit.

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