OMGGG Ad Mania is coming!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can do nth but hound for that trailer rest of night now I've heard wind of some dearie seeing an ad for Ad Mania on a cable channel in ChongQing, premiering Nov 18th!!! or 广告风云11.17登陆重庆卫视 17th!! 17th!!!!


Oh my pretty I've been waiting for this little modern drama of urs since summer or forever. 
And we r promised THESE:

he's easily kissing  2 (or 3) ladies in just the preview alone, no, it's perfectly logical he will be giving frenchies to the ladies (and I really dun mind a handful with him and Raymond Lam, u know u KNOW!?!), it's perfectly socially OKAY, it's 2011. He smooches like so in Song dynasty, need a recap?

*edit: sorry for a NSFWork/Screen slew of HowToKissBejesusOutOfDamsel tutorial gifs, but darn, aside the obvious envy for ShiShi, think, objectively: those r the poor girl's first 1, 2, 3 RL kisses (lets not think of NGs, my head will burst)!!!!!! Her 4tth, 5th…will be downhill DOWNHILL rest of her life!! muahahahah.  Feel a bit better, no?! NONONO!! THAT WOMAN MAY POSSIBLY BE KISSING  AND DOING OTHER THINGS WITH THIS DUDE STILL IN RL!!!@_____@*

This pic has nth to do with Ad Mania, just the fact it's VERY PRETTY!! *lolz he can fit in the whole reflector board in half his iris!*

My mood:


Ok I've calmed down a tiny little bit, can I BEGGGGG sweet TangYan to be in a role the exact opposite of all the ones she's done in all of her Cmoderns?!  I will not use the S word for the whole airing of AdMania in exchange.

And I know pitching it as a very loose modern twist of 3 Kingdoms is most probably purely for promo, BUT,  BUTTTTTT can I really have it in Ad Mania *PLEADING EYES AND ON KNEES*  Loverboy's character is said to be an ad company equivalent of ZhouYu.  ZOMGZOMGZOMG!!!


14 thoughts on “OMGGG Ad Mania is coming!!

  1. LOL your fangirling always makes me smile like an idiot 🙂 Man I was staring hypnotised at those gifs for a solid 5 minutes… le PRETTY! Being Chinese illiterate, I wonder if/when there would be a sub of that drama soon? And I’m going to start on BBJX soon — you have some amazing convincing skills woman!

    1. I’m lurking ur lj/tumblr every min I can and am becoming a fangirl of urs, just so u know there is a retarded lunatic squeeing at ur old posts but my replies will be mostly be squeals. I’m at ur Jane Eyre brilliant write up and nodding my head off at everything u r saying, things I don’t notice at all, but I really need to reread book and rewatch movie to pick up every detail u observed. Love it!

      I’m not even sure when raws will appear. 😦 YH’s turn of century spy thriller ChinIndianaJones aired in Feb and the raws r still nowhere to be found! But I’m sure if Ad Mania pops up somewhere, the fangirls of Raymond Lam (the lead) will sub it and we can leech off them. He’s HUGE in C/HKdramaland.

    1. Ahhh Kim! How are u sweetie? *muak* Hope u and fam had a great wkend!

      This will be an upcoming C drama, Ad Mania. It’ll be office wars in an ad company, peeps r speculating characters descriptions and synopsis r a loose adaptation of Romance of 3 Kingdoms. Lead will be Raymond Lam and in a ~ ZhuGe Liang role, my Loverboy will be his ‘nemesis’ as the other pretty brainiac ZhouYu circa 200AD. HAHA these may all be my 3Kingdom talk and projection. IF that materialize, I’ll be more silly here for sure! ^^

  2. Yelu Xie introduced me to Yuan Hong and it remains for me the most appealing character of Yuan Hong who was really glowing there-lookwise and charisma. He perfectly conveyed the dangerous and threatning and intimidating young general of an army vibe to the Tee. Although his character was a baddie who did some unfogivable things he was not one dimensional and he brought dynamism to the show. Oddly I think Yuan Hong is best at playing baddies because he has a natural mischievous look. And boy’s eyes are prettier than woman’s ! These eyes enable people to warm to him (anyway this was my case the first time I saw him in YWOTYC and they zoomed on his face). My dream is to see a Ady An my fav taiwanese actress with Yuan Hong in a drama together. She already played with Hu ge so why not Yuan Hong ?

    1. I know my lj is also known as the diary of the flailing idiot rt and lt over WAYYY too many hotties, but I actually is ‘loyal’ in how I flail:

      1. Watch sth accidentally of DePretty. Spazzzz
      2. Watch EVERYTHING else of DePretty. Spazzzzzzzzzzzzzz IF the very next character is GLORIOUS. FLAIL for life.

      That’s the case for myHyunBinnie (MNIKSS then Ireland) And exactly the same for Yuan Hong (LoCH then YoungYangClan)

      O gosh I have very pervie thoughts of him even when his YLX is a kidnapper of CUTE TODDLER!! And it’s the very first time I notice YuanHong has a very solid head inside his prettier than pretty face to pick doing this baddie AND outshining the whole legendary patriotic heroes of YANGCLAN!! it’s almost universal for everyone who’s watched the drama Wifey5 ‘deserves’ her demise as one of my fav quote of WaterOB @ dramawiki: It’s the classic scenario. The woman ditches the (HOTASS) bad boy to marry the husband material. Then the husband material decides to go to a far away mountain to become a monk. *the price we pay for being blind and not do as our hormones dictate*

  3. Sorry offtopic but can you tell me what is the name of the actress who acted brother7 wife in YWOTYC please ? And what happened to her ? I ask because I have not seen her in a drama since YWOTYC and I thought she was the prettiest wife there and her acting was not bad either.

    1. I think it’s this lady: she hasn’t been in many dramas.

      Yes, I have an impression of her out of all the wifeys, but babysis Yang outshines them all. 🙂 I think wifey 5 is a better actress, but I mean she shares screen with YLX, any girl can’t spare eyling anything but that guy, maybe a split second for his furs, but those eyes of the man…*swooooonnnn*

  4. I can’t take my eyes off those Mulan official stills. SO GORGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    haha for a moment I thought of posting just those 2 pics and no words , but I hate to have so much proof I’m extremely shallow. 😉

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