It’s grand taste to seriously love Office Girls (and chocolate cakes!)

I've been babysitting most of last week, what an experience.  I hope the child is enlightened with the following nuggets of wisdom: age is a mere number more puzzling than π;  Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader can be pitched as a killer funnier crappier reality show casting Aunt (moi) and herself;  she's not too old to WANT! a dino plush, nor is her aunt; chocolate cake for dinner can be followed by chocolate icecream for dessert and finished by a cuppa hot chocolate as nitecap; Office Girls is the best drama ever and has higher priority than homework.  Deep thoughts aside, I'm procrastinating on presentation 7am and I'm still playing with Venn diagrams with not one constructive word on page written

I WAS planning of drawing some bright happy useful charts myself for work, splashing all colors of a rainbow every chance I could to spice up boring layouts, I ended up forwarding these to friends and family:

I vividly remember Loverboy responding to this Men VennDiag claiming he's somewhere in the white space. Such a lovely creature.

I admit I emit a miasma of scarring influences, Earth is lacking procrastinating chocoaddict shoujo fiends.

IF u r screaming WANT! top of lungs even though frankly both cake I made and the dino plushes I'm desperately hounding r on the crude/fug side.  I Lub you, shoujoromcomchococakefiend FTW!

Office Girls is nth special, just as triple chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting is in every shop and the desperate sugar fix recipe in many household. It's romcom/chocolategluttony , u like romcom/cocoa, u like OG/cake.  I played game of spot the TWdrama cliche drinking game via skype with bffcousin and it's a booze a minute kinda drama.  Fun! (no I didnt play said game in front of kid…I think…I swear.)

I've been thinking of praising and spazzing last 3 wks, my shallow RoyQiu=Pretty posts r failed attempts, but I can't find a hook to write on.  All the words out of my sticky chocolate ladened fingers r soooooo boring and doing drama major disservice (yeahyeahyeah this post, duh).  But then, there's nth wrong in saying how 'delish' and 'GOODDDD!!!!!!!' chocolate cake is for the nth time, every bite, eating the slice.  And me, writing up this slur of meaningless nonsense just coz this LazyProcrastinator is having sillygrin on face just…typing up this silliness. X))))))))))))))) So I've reached a conclusion of instead of doing the dishes or laundry or doing sth about presentation,  I MUST write some serious analytical praises of the fluffy romcom and chocolate cake with a blank face.

Imagine those OHSO!ROMANTIC! captures of a lovely Brooklyn couple sitting at the steps of their Brownstone. Who can help but snerk at all that posturing, but imagine it's RoyQiu and AliceKe in their respective characters, standing at the exact same 'step', bickering witty jabs, or their wordless but knowing nods and smirks in unison yet remain cute and smart and their own beings, not a shred of fabricated sap, organic and alive .  I think Roy and Alice is that kind of perfect drama pair.  They have such a matchy rapport.  They approach their characters with very similar style, their acting skills level r in the same ballpark, and best of all, they have a seamless control of the elusive 'chemistry'.  What's most winning for me in this OTP is their chemistry evolves in sync with whatever stage their characters r in, sometimes we got drama CPs so sizzling clothes should just melt away the instant they lock eyes, even when they r in that initial I hate ur guts silly bickering hiding sexual tensionstage.  Not here, the bickering has been always within CUTE with an underlying friendly closeness in the beginning…then slowly simmering towards a bit more and a little bit more as it goes.  These two don't really hide much, they r so honest and frank and in touch with their feelings.  It's such a slow controlled stewing of their relationship I'm loving how I'm not yet screaming of a proper kiss even though the emotions are all laid out as of last wk's ep, I'm wanting some next ep and in btn, the ep just aired is PERFECT as far as where the CP should be squarely at this stage of the relationship.

I LOVE Roy's ZQ, not just for his ridiculously pretty face.  And the brilliance in how his character is writtened and played out is precisely: as GORG as ZQ, I dun want a piece of him for my selfish consumption.  I see ZQ's human flaws, of being immature, silly, lazybum…. but somehow still never a moment not adorbs, YET I can only be happy seeing him happy with his XingRen. I sincerely hope for happily ever after in dramaland for the cuties.  Also, he actually is believable in the construct of an MBA graduate even though the office drama is silly and slapstick ALL THE TIME.  It doesnt TRY to just forcefed us the makebelief, the drama did make an effort to convince us even if it's in its fantasy bubble he has a smart business mind in there.  I LOVE how the Rich can't do Poor Shit is done with very early on, it's barely an ep and we see how step by step he's adjusting. 

And I love how REALLY ordinary XingRen is, Usu the RichBastardPoorGirl romcom construct (I do shamelessly love) will have our Girl being FEISTY!!!!.  I like them, but I'm a bit tired of them all being so GoGoGOGirlPowerFTW!! In a way, I felt we can't be ordinary without being 'extraordinary' loud and aggressive and making our stance every freaken moment as if 'ordinariness' is the black plague. XingRen may be my favorite drama heroine this year.  I just find balancing her character to be still interesting enough amidst that bunch of screaming loonies inhabiting that dept of hers, or against her RoyFangirl Mom, she can so easily fade to invisible, yet she really comes off as a 20sth office lady I imagine that is truly normal and ordinary.  She fights her little battles in life, in work, wins some, loses some.  She makes some silly booboos, but nth too moronic, and she mans up to them without too much 'woe is ME', a tiny mix of necessary cowardice, chased by a big dash of honesty.  And she has a bit of luck her side (other than, u know, ROY).  All the relationships in the drama is not just stated and left dangling, the friendships/relationships btn all the characters feel alive and fluid.   All the romantic stops they've pulled r so well reigned in, mixed with the silly that it's never go too overboard.  I love how that very first tete a tete is interrupted by the electricity going off and our OTP snaps back to their cutest bickering way and I don't miss the pouring out hearts and immediately am enjoying the war of cute words. (I swear, I've never enjoyed bickering and want them to never stop).  Another smart moment I noted is when the 'dreamy doll house' is presented, I was pre-cringing for frilly sap, but instead Roy's ZQ sold it, that doll house that may impress a 4 yo (big maybe) into a practical token of the cutest 'rain check' for THEIR real dreamhouse to be. Just cute little touches every corner.

Ok, I'll REALLY put a stop to this.  And indulge in another slice of chocolate cake…THEN I will go back to work.

(Lets take bets on whether Alice ad lib the hitting the backside of Roy's head when he's doing that hottest roughing of his hair, I've been itching to do it to my screen every time he does it.  I think she's enjoying it too much and can't help but get carry away with a lol)

8 thoughts on “It’s grand taste to seriously love Office Girls (and chocolate cakes!)

  1. The chocolate cake looks delicious, looks like you had some powdered sugar on it right? At times I use to have some peanuts in the cake, it tastes quite good dearie.. I love to bake though i can’t eat much.. Christmas is approaching and time to make some Chistmas cookies soon.

    Have a nice week ahead, dearie!

    1. I made it with my godchild, so we had a ball piping out the elk and she wants a pinetree and a mountain, but then we figure we can’t see it in a sea of brown, so powder sugar to the rescue!

      We have Turkey day in 2 wks!! We’ll just settle for hotpot, no one is willing to cook the bird. ^^

      1. oic, just a suggestion, how about using dried coconut and you can try to add some cake color on coconut (light blue for the sea and green for the pinetree). Actually, the coconut is very yummy on chocolate cake..just a suggestion dear.

        1. Oh gosh!! that’s a brilliant idea!^^ Thanks dear!

          haha I love to bake to de-stress and it’s the only thing I can do almost in the kitchen, but my pantry is a shame. I don’t think I have dried coconut and I think my godchild, THE picky eater, is not in love with it, but maybe next time I’ll try using white chocolate shavings with a bit of food coloring!

          What cookies are you baking for Christmas? My grandma used to make brown butter sandies dipped in what else but chocolate. Mine r not half as good as hers, but it’s the fond memories that count.

  2. ^^ I was wondering if there are dried coconut over there too hehe..

    Oh, we have a tradition at our home since the boy was 3 years old for 3 years ago with making gingerbread?? not sure what its name in English though, where me and the lil boy do it together, it looks like this (usually) and we make some like this too a lot of cinnamon , kiddos love it. It isn’t my fav, but it’s very fun to make with kiddo hehe. I prefer to have buns in dif form though, but on the Dec 13th, lucia day, we and the boy alway make this

    Everyone here knows that this is for special day Dec 13th..and it’s tasteful, this one is special because of saffron, it gives the yellow color and a special taste, i love it.

    Oh, now I’m talking about only cakes hehe..I will try to take a picture when I’m done with the cookies.

    1. OMGGGGGGG yummmmmmmmmm! And the gingerbread house looks so good!!

      The cooking and baking skips my mom’s generation (and almost mine) so we really don’t have much tradition. She’ll buy pannetone and yule log and grab fr grandma. It’s so awesome u will make gingerbread house with ur boy!! 🙂

      And the lucia bun will be absolutely my (and Hubs’) thing. He eats danishes of any form daily.

      Have fun baking Kim! I can imagine the wonderful smell of your kitchen!

  3. Lol,those two charts remind of another thing that was going around teh internetz.
    A woman: beautiful, intelligent, stable – pick 2!

    If I was vain I would say I’m beautiful and intelligent but definitely not stable. Or that’s what all women think of themselves? xD

    I just find balancing her character to be still interesting enough amidst that bunch of screaming loonies inhabiting that dept of hers

    Haha, actually I think you are making a good point. I used to think she’s not feisty enough but then again she doesn’t have to be. She gets things that are important to her done, she has ambitions, is tentatively optimistic and hopeful, reasonable and pretty much balanced all around. I just wish she handled Kai Er better that time when she started with the whole “stay away from QZQ” speech…

    About the RichBastardPoorGirl romcom construct I’m actually curious about how they are going to handle this dynamic, and if they will at all. I wonder how Xing Ren is going to react when she finds out and if they are going to make a big deal out of it or not.

    1. lolz I’m definitely very far fr stable as well 😉

      I really love XR and ZQ, every little action and development of the character and their relationship is everything I want and would do myself in their boat. So far in OG, just these 2 dearies alone, NTH has caused me any headdesking…my standard in romcoms is down so low now, yet it’s very rare to come across.

      I actually like how she handles KaiEr as in it makes perfect sense to me and her character, she didn’t know much of KR’s bitchy schemes unlike us, so fr her pov, everything is pointing towards KE IS ZQ’s gf, they’ve slept together, she witnessed many occasions of ZQ actively pursuing KE, even borrowing $ fr her for official dates. If ZQ is also chasing after her like KE, then maybe there is a reason to not back off, but the boy is not doing much directly at that point. And her feelings towards him is still a lump she didn’t realize she has to give any real thought over. My impression of XR is she’s not extremely smart/gutsy but she’s very prudent in every action and thought, if she can do the right thing, she won’t consider the murkier grounds. And being a third wheel over a guy she has some palpitations over at that moment, esp a 20sth who’s so immersed in work/saving for a down payment and has never dated, it’s understandable.

      BUT now that they r official, I expect her to stake her claim on her man. And with what she’s learnt fr KE’s text, she should know she’s a cunning fox. We know ZQ figured that out himself earlier already, so if they still fall prey to KE, I won’t like it.

      I actually think (or hope) XR won’t make a big deal out of the Big Reveal, and will admire ZQ more after finding out he’s the richbrat, not because of $$$ of coz, but how much more significant and meaningful everything he’s done trying to adapt. Afterall it’s not sth he chooses to lie about and I don’t see it detrimental to their relationship with them falling in love being who they truly r, even ZQ. ZQ has made his status a non-issue in their relationship. It’s sucha fine job Roy did, I believe the ZQ XR met, and got to know is the same as the richboyZQ inside, he just didn’t let her know ALL of him, but they understand the most impt bits of each other well and have a solid, steady thing going on. And it won’t make any sense if ZQ’s dad doesn’t like a girl with such a strong work ethics and a faithful of his school of thrifty.

      And like Koala, I would LOVE them to buy their dreamhouse by their own hard earned wages. (haha in a sense, I’m really hoping for Daddy to go bankrupt)

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