Am bored, vid spam and pic spam

I  have NTH I wanna watch.  argh…..

I would say NTH about this fanart muahahahahahahaha!!!!

I didn't coin the phrase but some dearie is calling HongShi 中国版的“维尼夫妇” /CN version of Khuntoria, I don't watch WGM anymore (I can't even keep up on 1N2D and it's making me sad).  That said, I know how HUGEEEEE Khuntoria is, of coz.

It's very cute seeing HongShi referred to as CN Khuntoria (but tbh they've been doing their thing for wayyyy longer and much sweeter and cuter), I might have been posting this vid every week,  I don't care and will post it again and again, I can watch this every morning with my cup of joe. ^^

I still can't make myself rewatch BBJX, even just the chunks missing when I watched live.  The obvious is I dread it, the DOOM!  and also those wildfire of fanvids r freaken awesome, esp the slashy ones.  I love this 4/13 one.

And I can't mention Slash/bromance without the RedWhite/HuGeYuanHong, this fanmovie is absolutely AWESOME!! I swear it's better than every drama I've watched last few days exc OG:

And just my friendly 2 cents specifically for TR's LB.  Ma'am CEO, just pay the gang asmuch as they want and spin some modern drama that has NTH to do with BBJX, shamelessly do ALL sorts of product placements, I see cars, laptops, watches, cameras, copiers, water bottles, booze, paper, plaid shirts, phones…u name it, they'll foot the bill.  This is the issue to get  Miss writer TongHua to first write a brilliant sequel that won't piss off too many peeps, THEN adapt it to a drama and with how meticulous she is, even if she's crazy enough to agree to the deal, it won't happen for a LONG while and for some of our older princes esp, time is not on their side to still play around being up and coming princes falling in LURVE.  Look what a fan can come up with just as a teaser from editing their old work:

But oh well, that woman is DUMB.  So I wish Brandcore's Alan will somehow read this, and hire this dearie who creates vid or ANY red bean slash fiend, have them holed up in a fanfic contest and the winning entry get to kiss YH and just make a drama out of ur picking. I should really pitch this and leech off some$$$ off this smart plan.

And haha apparently not only r the fangirls droolzing nonstop at the new Mulan pics, Loverboy himself is also sooo PROUD of his pretty, retweeting the pics twice, tweeting praises how bright and righteous this boy is:

and what a beautiful 45 degree angle of a BEAUTIFUL scene.  A bit too honest, but who can blame him saying NO TRUER WORDS?!

But seriously HOW GORGEOUS is our cameleon?!  That righteous, kind sweetness is already coming out of his simpleton ZhaoYu and it's different fr our free spirited Prince 13.

And I just feel like maxing out my squeeing:

Still on the BuBu Princes:  I WANT THIS NOWWWWWWWW!

Kevin, I've made my whole fam signed up for TVB accounts to vote for you.  And ur sweet younger bros 13 and 14 have been pimping u in their loveliest bromantic ways.   I have never cared for those bribery for slavery shiny tokens, but I really have not seen a better performance of a more loveable character this year.  Good Luck, but no matter what, you have ALL mookie fam's votes!!!

2 thoughts on “Am bored, vid spam and pic spam

    1. Darn! I’m sucha klutz with these bandwidths thingy. haha I’ve fixed the pic I think u’ll be interested, but heck with the rest.

      Oh, happy to:

      first part is fr a BBJX promo variety, they have to write down who is LSS’ BFF in the cast, SS writes ‘……’ to which Nicky naughtily nudged those r circles ‘OOOOOO’,and ‘O’ is YH’s nick (his surname Yuan = circle). haha and to make it more obvious, YH smugly wrote: ME as his A to the Q. He even had to shout it out ‘my broken heart is immediately mended’ and later ‘She didn’t just start with writing O/my name, she ends it with me/O as well!’

      Then we have a bts of them on the set of LoCH at Cow Village. haha SS, for some reason we all know, is not facing camera but gazing at YH exactly like a little fangirl. He even said her intro for her, saying, ‘Hi I’m Yang Kang. This is MuNianChi. Lets give the audience a proper intro facing the camera.’

      Next we have a show during the promo rounds for LoCH, Ariel is singing or doing some silly skits in the foreground. I think it’s rehearsal, for some reason unbeknownst to everyone but HongShi, YH proposes marriage to SS, kneeling,fake ring and all.

      We jump back to the BuBu promo show. Nicky keeps making fun of SS giving her first kiss ever in RL and on screen to YH. Nth new, EVEN the way they look at each other. *SO DAMN CUTE* Next is yet another BuBu promo, and AGAIN they r on the subject of SS’ first kiss. AND AGAIN, they looked at each, even with Prince14 btn them all smiling, blushing and saccharine sweet. *You can hear ‘chu wen’ spoken all the while, haha that’s ‘1st kiss’ in mandarin.*

      *we then have the infamous SS dragging YH on stage to hold her hands while she coos her love song fr BBJX* And rem, she did that exact thing AGAIN on another show.

      2:45 mark, BBJX final ep party/presscon. The MC is on the subject YH and LSS have known each other for so long and worked on so many projects together. MC: ‘Any heart fluttering ever in the numerous times you’ve worked together?’ They first looked at each other, all smiles, SS doesn’t know what to say, of coz. YH said, ‘Definitely, my heart has never stopped fluttering (working with her)’ SS looks like the happiest girl ever. (The bad boy later added, fake-jokingly, his heart has never stop beating or else he would be dead)

      MC asks SS what is YH like as a person, SS( in all seriousness), ‘Positive, Optimistic, Generous/Big Heart’. *TMI, I’ve said the exact words, pulled that same SS serious face…at my wedding banquet on my impression of Hubs.*

      They played a game where SS has to stick labels on them. She put BFF on YH. Then when SS has to pick Hubby, and having a hard time with the remaining ‘suitors’ YH butts in, ‘why can’t BFF still be in consideration for ‘hubby’?!’ And Nicky, SS’ OTP Prince4 in BBJX, agrees with him totally.

      And we finish the vid off with lovely bts during LoCH.

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