A little gossipy vent concerning Ariel *hug*


As if I need any EXTRA reason to hate TangRen's LB Karen whatsherface.  It's one thing for rumors on personal relationship to be gossiped by the tabloids, but another ballpark when an insider in her position butts in a 'concerned' tweet on the matter but in fact is a stupid vague confirmation without Ariel's consent.  I doubt she's even chatted with Ariel.   If she's really a friend with any genuine concern for Ariel, shut it and send her regards all privately, she's been using weibo for ads and press and sel-caingall along….now the press has more proof to hound Ariel just coz she has THE stupidest horrible 'friend' she's worked with. 

I'm venting on the gossip of Ariel's on the verge of breakup with her RL serious steady boyfriend due to her hot scenes in ITWY.  I'm still watching ITWY, but it is freefalling into its own shitty pretentious hole latest 2 eps in plot and character developments and acting and directing…everything EXC Bolin's DaRen.  I don't really mind his character, flaws andall and his understated acting is such a cool welcomed breeze leagues above the rest in this stinky mess.

I didn't even give it another blink on the gossip nor read the details since it's none of all our freaken business.  If it's true, I'll send my own virtual hugs to our Ariel, but I doubt if she's going through sth as difficult and as private as she is to really let anything out for grabs as tabloid fodder.  I choose to think this is more ITWY's promo stints

AND if I know Ariel personally, no way am I going to a place as public as weibo to hint on it and 'lend my support' the tactless spin as LadyBitch. Either give out a direct genuine hug, don't write sth silly on the character HuangRong faking as some meaningful thought provoking crap hinting on Ariel's relationship. GEEZ, if there's a being with braincells of negative human  function, LB's the textbook case.

2 thoughts on “A little gossipy vent concerning Ariel *hug*

  1. It amazes me how often people forget that actors are, well, acting. Surely they can fake chemistry and feelings in hot/romantic scenes without necessarily having those feelings. Otherwise, maybe should just look for another profession, lol. As for the “friend”, sounds more like frenemy to me, more likely just some acquintance who’s desperate to sound more important and in-the-know.

    1. Seriously. Even if Ariel is going through a very rough patch in her relationship, I can bet on my head she’s NOT going to let anything out at this point (or ever) on the whys, let alone for reason this nonsensical. ITWY doesn’t even have much of anything hot compared to other idoldramas Ariel did. I cringed at Bolin feeding it some more by saying he would be bothered with his own gf if she has to do intimate scenes on camera. WTH Bolin!?!? You disappointed me.

      That lady I’m talking about is the boss/exec producer behind TangRen/LoCH, I don’t think she mean malice, but she didn’t think through anything she’s said/done ever, too stupid to be frenemy.

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