My (shallow) gut is telling me I’ll finally succumb to PeterHo

It's NOT fair PD Gao.  Do NOT blog kickass hot stills of my AILF (ahjusshi I'd like to…fangirl) right next to a guy I'm not attracted to at all….till NOW.

And I do not wish to look forward to drama very desperately like counting down the days when my Binnie will be discharged.   The WHEN can be a year, hundreds of days or MORE.  I hate hate hate waiting for anything, much less sth I am coveting every drop of it.  And I'm still definitely ANGRY I'm not getting my ChenDM/ChenJianBing most glorious clothes/rags-a-flying ahjusshi lovehate bromance….but Peter, I'll give u a chance, prove me VERY wrong.

PD Gao wrote character descriptions for his LiuBang and XiangYu:


LB is one of the most conflicting emperor in the history of China.  A lowly commoner by birth, with a normal sword 3 ft long, he conquered the entire country and laid the foundation for the great Han dynasty.  He's experienced tremendous trepidations and numerous human betrayals, 'surviving 9 deaths'.  He's bold and wise yet cunning and conniving, had a sharp eye for talents, yet never trusting.  It's as if his mind was a constant battlefield of manipulation.  I am wishing this character, through the interpretation of MasterChen, can be shown in another light as The emperor we've known.
PD Gao ended with a quote of a Qing poem praising the Han emperor: The Han King was a hero, one in a thousand year, few could match his vigor and prowess.  Let us ask the emperors following his footsteps, who can surpass the bounds he laid?

On Peter's XiangYu:

Both XiangYu in <Chu Han Contention> and LuBu in ❤ Kingdoms> were renowned as the number 1 warrior of their times, both of them are revered in history for abandoning political power for love of their lives. Their difference is in , although LB had the bravery of a formidable warrior, he possessed no mind of a strategist.  He lacked the moral compass for loyalty, with myopic vision of short minor gains instead of the long run, bigger picture.  XiangYu was a warrior almost unmatched, he's roared and ruled the land in the uprising against Qin, performing deeds that are still fascinating generations to come.

I've rubbed my eyes several times, but I can't unsee the uncanny resemblance btn LinGinXin (prince 14) and Peter Ho and they used to be polar opposites of attractiveness to me.  This is Xin-chan in the upcoming TR PCgame-drama adaptation *yawn*

No ChuHan contention rambling can skip the comparing of the LBs and XYs, and if I MUST thank 'PD/writer' YuZ for one thing is always tickling my funny bone every time I see MingDao…for the rest of my life..

17 thoughts on “My (shallow) gut is telling me I’ll finally succumb to PeterHo

  1. Unlike you, I never had a problem finding Peter Ho attractive, so gleeeeeeeee!!!!!

    Those stills look amazing btw but nook, I cannot be obsessed with a drama that is not only barely started filming but is likely to be never subbed.

    *weeps, gnashes teeth, rends garments*

    Also, that picture of Ming Dao ahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa

    Btw, that first LB/XY pic – where is that from?

    1. I know I’m crazy, but I love everything I’ve seen so far with the PDGao’s ChuHan esp the art direction and is obsessed!

      The first LB/XY is fr 楚汉争雄, also currently shooting. It’s by a good PD 陈家林 who’s behind the ChenDaoMing’s KangXi and YangMi’s Wang ZhaoJun. So Anthony Wong will be a LiuBang in this and FSF/XiangYu’s right hand man in White Vengeance. Really too much.

    1. I still don’t find him pretty, I’m more an eye (and nose) girl. hahaha

      BUT it’s the first time I see sth radiates deeper as opposed to posing/impersonating. and it’s very hot, I concur.

      1. I like Peter Ho much more than FSF, Daniel Wu OR Ming Dao, all of whom will also play Xiang Yu in White Vengeance, The Last Supper and Yu Zheng’s Beauties of the Emperor respectively.

        Consort Yu will be played by Ruby Lin (paired with Peter Ho in the TV series), LYF (paired with FSF), Yang Mi (paired with Daniel Wu), Yuan Shan Shan (paired with Ming Dao).

        Much as I love LYF and YM, I’d take Peter & Ruby anytime over the other pairings, simply because he’s PETER = hotness!

          1. Yeah, peeps have been saying YM is rumored to be attached purely out of LuChuan’s fabrication. I’m not sure if we r ever gonna see Last Supper tbh, and as I’m looking forward to that the most, I’m very sad…production is so plagued with glitches and LC has bugged a lot of biggies and has not landed a distribution.

        1. ahhhh I’ll never ever be a PeterHo fangirl EVER, he’s just not my cup of pretty and will be in a horrible actor pile for me, he’s passable as LuBu because LuBu is pure strutting and posing and be hot, nothing deeper required. *sigh* tbh, with the remaining cast list of PD Gao’s ChuHan out, my excitement of it is quite off. I’ll almost just be watching it for my ChenDaoMing.

          I used to be ok with Ruby, but darn it, an ep of QSWF screechy horribleness, I can no longer stand her as the token innocent beauty. So yeah, Peter+Ruby, I’m gonna FF most probably.

          I’m forever a Daniel Wu’s fangirl, haha receding hairline and all. Shame on me, mostly it’s his looks, but lately he’s heating up his acting chops, when I think the guy is extremely hot, he only needs some improvement and he can possess me. I’ve just watched Overheard2 last night, it’s awesome and Daniel has improved a whole great deal to even my surprise. haha but I’m absolutely floored by Kenneth Tsang there. ‘Ginger is spicy when aged!!!’

            1. NTH, NTH, NTH will make me even borderline psychotic to check that turd out hahahhahahahahaha

              I’m serious, I’d rather stick needles one by one into my eyeballs than watching YZ crap ever, even if it’s starring Loverboy, I just can’t.

              I’ve read of all the silliest crap that is going on with YZ’s new PoS one ep in, and have a throbbing headache just reading.

    1. That is Luo Jin and he is playing Liu Bang in Yu Zheng’s upcoming Beauties of the Emperor, which looks horrifying except for him. For once, I am Team Liu Bang with that one 🙂

  2. Conquering the Qin Dynasty with his hotness since 207 B.C.

    User referenced to your post from Conquering the Qin Dynasty with his hotness since 207 B.C. saying: […] crack-dealer have just posted a few pictures from the upcoming Chu-Han Contention (go check them, […]

  3. OMFGggg!! NOOooo! ><

    Is he still 100% committed though? I cant believe myself saying this, but at dire times, those casting silly shenanigans is my last hope…of things falling through and this not getting a chance to happen, ever. I can't see him jumping back to the qing half bald braids with all his opportunities in moderns…I mean there is quite a chance he'll steal the Siwon WLD drama and runs with it *I hope*

  4. love love love Peter Ho. My favorite and most attractive actor. I really like him as Xiang Yu, so powerful and passionate. He’s not handsome when you first see him, but after watching him, I’m hooked.

    1. While he will never be my cuppa in looks, I can understand his hot bode is very attractive to most. However, I am extremely disappointed with ChuHan the drama and he is still proving my impression of him as an extremely very limited actor who loves to emote with his nostrils in my books and I find his Xiang Yu a lot of posing without true conviction. He is a very nice guy in RL, so whatever rocks your boat! XD

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