Hong Shi picspam

H&M China has sponsored Loverboy in one of his numerous magazine spreads, it's just tweeted asking readers which one of the 2 looks YH modeled is better, in the hottest pieces atm fr Versace for H&M.

IMO he rocks the hot pink number and I think other than Aaron Kwok, guys should stay very far away from it.  This is the notoriously hardest to pull off look (frankly I think the whole line, other than a few black dresses r only acceptable on Halloween)
See?!  L to R: YH, model, sad normal dude

and haha Princess MinMin shares my opinion, she tweeted, 'of course the top one is most befitting his temperament!'  To which YH joked, 'how come?  Isn't my temperament usu described as pure, clean, sophisticated, gentile, refreshing? 袁弘新浪個人認證为什么?难道我的气质不是纯净,清澈,书卷,婉约,小清新吗? muahahahahahaha the redbeans r quick to remind him he's the one shouting out in weibo he's aspired to be the biggest CN casanova. *my HongShi silly head is screaming, aren't those adjectives most befitting for your ShiShi?!?!?!?!*
I love these magazine pics of ShiShi the most out of the 2 trillions out:

It suits her aura so well and see?! I think they are screaming 'Pure, clean, sophisticated, gentile, refreshing'
But I'm most looking forward to the spread and interview of SS with TongHua in the Dec issue of Cosmo:


 *squeeeeee* and my HSdar is working.
In HS we trust in just bringing any hints on keeping their CP alive by REALLY openly winking at each other with words on weibo.  It started with the TangRen ladies showering praises on YH. Yoyo tweeted, 'although we'll all ignore ur own opinion on what u think u embody, I love how u r always in sth cool and casual like the bottom outfit at parties, but dress to the nines normally…and I know you do so intentionally!  The other TR lady/stylist tweeted,' You really rock the outfit!  All the flashy guys I saw the day its out, wearing it fresh off the rack looked hideous.'  And SS, trying to distance herself fr her LaoYuan by a few of the tweets of these ladies tweeted, 'The top outfit really matches your inner beauty~ *gifting him a virtual bronze medal of 'shuainess'/handsomeness*
My Loverboy won't be who he is IF he just leaves his SS at that.  He hammered on, 'What do you mean?  Is it: my inner beauty is tantamount to the clash of two intensely pure, scintillating colors/traits? Or I'm very sultry?' ( he used 悶騷 a transliteration of 'man show', I'm not familiar with the slang but baidu said it means someone very reserved, calm and collected, with intense inner charm and passion that he/she only shows when appropriate)

I'm pretty sure whenever SS sees ANYTHING hot pink she'll instantaneously think of her LaoYuan.  Well played Loverboy, to have monopolize a color in your girl's psyche.

And I'm moved to tears seeing how sweet YH's homies r visiting him on his set @ DunHuang, these are stolen fr their weibos:

Some more official stills of his ZhouYu:

These are from the scene he arrives at the army encampment, riding his donkey.  Donkey meat is a delicacy there at DunHuang (*sob*) and this one year old cutie is literally hours away fr slaughterhouse when the crew bought it to be Mr.Zhou's  companion.  Zhou Yu is a nerd, but he'll use his book knowledge saving his copatriots at crucial moments.  We'll get to see how he develops into a competent general both in brains and swordsmanship in the drama.
[source: http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/m/2011-11-22/12083487322.shtml%5D


6 thoughts on “Hong Shi picspam

      1. Looks like there’s another hint of a new production – famous author 辛夷坞 (Xin Yi Wu) hinted he’s closest to the character of Han Shu (韩述) in the upcoming movie or TV adaptation of her novel 青春 (Youth). Hee hee! So fun to guess his upcoming moves. You guessed Nalan Rongruo right! It’s such a treat guessing what his next role will be.

        1. o yesyes, I’ve just dl’d the book and will glimpse it. I haven’t read anything fr author, but some of my cousins r fangirls.

          I’ve read hints of HanShu being a baddie rapist?!

          1. Oh dear, and Ms Xin said she sees him as Han Shu?!

            Have you read “Chun Wan”? To pacify red beans angry that he’s male2 again, William Peng (who’s also one of the scriptwriters for “Chun Wan”) said the drama will expand Nalan’s role significantly and he will have as much screentime as Hawick’s Kangxi. Whereas in the book, Nalan is second fiddle to Kangxi.

            I remember some red beans also sighing that YH is the nerdy male2 in Mulan. They wanted him to be the brawny prince/general. But I like Chen Sicheng…MUCH more so than Hawick. Really looking forward to both of them Mulan.

            Actually I’m often a male2 person. I was a lot more charmed by Kevin’s 8th Prince than Nicky’s 4th Prince, and I’m a Nicky fangirl!

            1. But I do see him as Han Shu as well ^^, only a chapter in this is Ms Xin’s description of an ideal day of Han Shu:

              Very extremely Loverboy, don’t you think?! haha I’m not sure about the rapist part, I just lurked at the baidubar of Hanshu last nite right after I’ve stopped jumping in glee with Ms Xin’s tt and some dearie is asking if some of his ‘actions’ amounts to rape. 韩述 seems like an aggressive hottie with a badboy vibe.

              I’m only a chapter into Chun Wan, not much depth into any of them yet, but fr everything I’ve read of it, yes, Nalan is basically a very charming side character, not really even Guy2 status it seems and towards the latter half there really is not much of a love triangle situation at all. Scriptwriter has already ragged the loonier redbeans there won’t be a ‘double leads’ scenario ever, at least not what she’s scripted. And she obviously LURVES Hawick since their last collab like crazy. She said she likes YH a lot as well and is beyond excited she can work with 2 actors she adores. I’m pretty sure they (writer+Mango) would have to be extremely stupid if they do not use Loverboy to his fullest! Afterall, in our opinion and many of the insiders share the same observation, there really is no one his generation matching his mastery in Qing scholarly roles.

              Have u tried out Sealed with a Kiss? I dun really HATE Hawick, but I can swear I will never be his fangirl just on shallowness alone, really if SwaK is his surprisingly great work and I dun see it, it really takes a huge miracle for him to convince me as KangXi! With or without Loverboy, I’m advance shipping Nalan haha, lets see, maybe Hawick will surprise us! I’m not betting on it, but him awful won’t damper my enjoyment of ChunWan esp now that Loverboy is playing the dreamy poet! *swoon*

              I actually checked out Wallace’s Nalan way back when it’s out coz of my Nalan love, and I think Wallace is a rare one looking better in Qing queue. But still, he’s decent, but didnt wow me, and in that aspect alone, I’m disappointed in him.

              Haha we’ll stand strong in our excitement with Mulan then! Imo it looks kickass and I’m planning on checking out PD Tian stuff SOON! It just looks like a seriously passionate crew and production all around. At this point, Loverboy is doing exactly what I think is smart, pick roles wisely and try out EVERYTHING to avoid typecasting, he’s already terrific as YK(sorta brawny prince) and YLX (hot general), it’s a bit stifling to repeat those roles. TBH haha I’m all for him to play a silly moron or a full out rapist. Screw recruiting fangirls, that’s for idols. Go the Chen DaoMing route!

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