3 (used to be 2) Cmovies I’m dying to watch

The Great Magician:

IF by some most evil dark magic every sino-actor drops off the earth and I can only keep one,  I'll have a hard time btn Tony Leung and Sean Lau.  Both of them are in this, plus I like PD Derek Yee.  I do not seek out and watch everything Zhou Xun is in, but she's one terrific actress who almost never sell out doing crap.  And I ended up watching everything she's in anyway.  From everything I've seen/heard of, this is an exact replica of Illusionist/The Prestige. Innovative, I highly doubt it, but a fangirl is gonna fangirl!  This will appear on screens across Asia mid Dec, AND it may appear on screens worldwide soon as well.  *crossing fingers*

2. This:

PLEASE, WKW *BEGS*!!!  Enough of it already, just give me GRANDMASTER, whatever cut, scraps on ur editing room floor or toilet!!  I'm going to not stare at the month that is in 2012, the lunar new year week and voodoo it to happen, but I'm not forgetting u leak out this 'tentatively'.  Don't tease, it's been not funny since last year.

3. The Flying Swords of the Dragon Gate 3D
I swear I'm not going to watch this unless every breathing human being I know tells me this is excellent.  I ADORE Tsui Hark for more than a decade, everything he did since the 80s till mid 90s I LOVED rabidly.  If I have to come up with my top 10 HK movielist, half will be his gems (Aces Go Places, Shanghai Blues, Peking Opera Blues…and I've fallen in love with Nicky/Prince4 for the first time in The Lovers, still my fav crossdressing (doomed)romance).    Then last decade, I swear and am witness (in my head, with hard evidence to build a case) he had an artistic lobotomy.   I'm shell-shocked in disappointment watching some of his works lately *I use the word 'Dee' as opposite of 'Glee' *
And I've told myself numerous times I'll be strong and stay away even if it's starring four of my likes, ChunKun!, ZhouXun!, GuiLunMei!, JetLi!.  ChunKun playing the hottest eunuch ever!  GuiLunMei in Chinese Goth with moonswords!!  But I'm still with PTSD over DetectiveDee.  The trailers looked so goood!  BTS awesome!! and posters, gorgeous!  But $$$ will be wasted in all that 3D shit and the paychecks of the Alisters….. the last straw to kneel me over: artwork, an artist's impressions of the characters in the lovely HK manhua (manga) style.  I've been painting since 5, so if you use Chinese brushwork on anything, my eyes will linger, mesh it with manga-style flare.  SOLD!


Jet Li

Mavis Fan

Chen Kun *ZOMGGG!!!!*

Li YuChun

Gui LunMei

So Pretty!!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “3 (used to be 2) Cmovies I’m dying to watch


    1. Sean Lau and Tony Leung? God please tell me I don’t have to choose. Tho I know who’s the baddie here.

    2. Tony Leung as WC grandmaster.. still a bit worried that he might not get the moves right. But heck it’s TONY LEUNG!

    3. Incredibly pretty posters! Chen Kun! Yipee~~ and Zhou Xun, and Gui Lun Mei~~~

    1. Re: TRIPLE YUM

      haha but I have a patent for swooning over bad interesting hotties.

      The trailer!!!! You still have doubts after that trailer on the MOVES?!?! it’s WKWxTonyLeung, they make even raindrops all WingChun kickass awesome.

      I’m really taken aback by Tsui Hark and 3D tbh, but ChenKun as baddie hot eunuch…there is nth I crave more

  2. I can’t explain it but I have always hard time with Tony leung. I can bear actors like Andy lau, francis Ng (he had great chemistry with Cecilia in “white phoenix”) ect…but Tony I just can’t explain it.

    1. Maybe because of his characters?! Maybe also the style. WKW has once commented Tony Leung can act with his eyes alone, it will take interaction fr the audience to grasp his nuances. Andy is very outward in his expressions, but it’s all show and not much depth imo I absolutely can’t stand, Francis Ng is an awesome actor who chose to be in extremely lousy shiz and sometimes will act accordingly to go with the flow so to speak. But he can bring his A game on when the movie is worth it.

      1. I think my reaction toward Tony is physical. Because I can surf the internet searching movies because of Francis Ng, Lesly Cheung even supposed “non actors” like Donnie Yen or Jet li (their 90’s movies), or else… but I never act like that for Tony Leung no matter the many praises he recieve as an actor.

  3. And I feel the same with actors like Ekin cheng, Eason Chan, Dicky cheung, Daniel Wu and the other Tony leung because he looks like a Psychopath.

  4. “Tony Leung as WC grandmaster.. still a bit worried that he might not get the moves right. But heck it’s TONY LEUNG!”

    He studied the moves for so long and I have every confidence in him getting it right – even if WKW chooses not to show it!

    Tony Leung CW is the actor I’m a total fan of. And not only he is an extremely talented actor who can do comedy, drama, melo art house equally well but also he is a good, kind hearted person. His good looks and easy charm are just bonuses 🙂

    1. Yup, I so agree with you the time Tony spent on Grandmasters (we’re counting in years that is taking up more than a hand) and knowing how much of a perfectionist he is, there is no way he’s not mastered the moves, may not be practically useful in fights a la Donnie Yen, but I’m actually quite sure it’ll look much more kickass pretty than true kung fu masters coz Tony (and WKW) just knows the camera so impeccably well and the camera loves him back just as much.

      haha and yup, after Tony mastering it, there’s still the final ‘QC’ of WKW’s keen eye. The movie may never be everyone’s cup of tea, but they will put out a genuinely new chapter on what ‘wuxia movies’ should look like.

      I’m a total fan as well! ^^ Good that I do love almost everything he’s been in esp last decade (exc RedCliff, but I let that slide on Tony’s judgment coz he did it out of buddy duty to JohnWoo). He’s absolutely riveting on screen and I find him insanely attractive (it’s his eyes). The only other C actor that honestly have that effect on me, making me marveling his acting nonstop is Chen DaoMing.

      Hey have u heard of the Magician themesong he sang? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZNpOlgY_f0

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