Me thinks Major WTFery is cockblocking my drama! *RAWR*

WTF!??!!!???!?!?!  I'm watching 3 currently airing dramas. Office Girls, Homeland and Ad Mania.  The first 2 r 1 ep/wk kinda show and I was counting on AdMania to tide me over but its airing is 'indefinitely delayed' per the stupid cable TV station that is broadcasting it since last Friday.

Some majorly yucky news is hitting the HK/Cdramaland today.  Benny Chan and Joe Ma are caught in public, in a restaurant in WengDang, fondling and harrassing a 19 yo HK starlet, Rose Chan. The pics grossed me out and the sleaziest part is Benny Chan tried to first deny any mishaving on weibo, almost passively jabbing on the victim for misunderstanding and making a big deal.  When pics r on frontpages, THEN he said he's sorry for his drunken stupor and he has no ulterior motive other than regarding Rose as his younger sister.  Joe Ma 'apologized' just now on weibo saying he's sorry for not stopping the offense right in front of his eyes, he's drunk…blablabla when he's also photographed forcing kisses on the mouth on the poor girl.  These r married douches old enough to be her father, JoeMa has kid(s). WTF!!!!

I hate Benny Chan as an actor and a person, he should be torched in hot fire.  Joe Ma, I do like his acting, and I don't really care for how actors behave offscreen unless they did sth criminal, but Joe has a reputation of being sleazy, this crossed the line and is as douchy as can be.  The girl has already reported to the police and we'll see if these aholes get justice served.
(news report:

Ad Mania is abruptly taken off the air after airing its first 2 eps with NO explanations, not even Brandcore's Alan, the boss behind the production, is uttering a word on why when he's usu quite nice and accommodating with fans (and he's #1 YH fanboy)

If Joe Ma being indicted has anything to do with Ad Mania being pulled off the screen thus me not getting my Loverboy dose, I'm doubly RAGEY!!!


5 thoughts on “Me thinks Major WTFery is cockblocking my drama! *RAWR*

  1. They’re the guys from Journey to the West, right? I’ve been out of the loop on Cdrama for a while.

    “My later actions to soothe Rose Chan were misunderstood so I’d like to apologise for that. I have already explained things to Rose Chan’s manager,” said Ma in a micro blog post on Tuesday.

    WTH?! How about explaining things to HER and apologizing to HER, you idiot. She’s a person too, not just her manager.

    “You (Rose Chan) are a younger sister to me, I have no designs on you,” said Benny Chan in a micro blog post on Monday.

    Yup, the problem is she might think you’re into her and want to date her or something, not that you were forcing yourself on her. Gahhhhh!!!! Maybe these people should talk to a lawyer before opening their mouth.

  2. I haven’t watched anything in full by Benny Chan, but I rem he’s the monkey in a Journey to the West adaptation. Joe Ma is a TVB actor.

    Weibo, like twitter, is really NOT a place for these douchey celebs to let their mouths run loose. But oh well, they only have themselves to blame.

    The pictures are disgusting the young actress is cringing and in so much distress and these 2 scumbags just take advantage of her. *sigh*

  3. Wow.

    Yeap I read this over @ asianfanatics. And WOW. The pictures showed everything. Got me wondering why nobody had stepped in to stop them or to help Rose? She was obviously frightened?!

    Geez, entertainment entertainment..

    1. Re: Wow.

      I know it’s a game of lesser of 2 evils, but when we’re talking about HK showbiz, the paparazzi is seldom wrong. And if they didn’t have it all photographed, there won’t be a case at all. It’s pathetic and gross nobody helps though, paparazzi included.

      Bystander effect? Good Samaritans r often ‘punished’? it’s CN, even when u help out someone ran over by a car, u can later on be accused of the original crime when the offender is not avail.
      These 2 scums are decently famous and have been in the industry for a long while…and I think a lot of CN artists have ranted usu HK/TW household names get superior treatments and pay scales. And this must not be the first offense, even Gillian is directly ranting on weibo BennyChan is a repeat offender.

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