Some TW Golden Horse Film Awards babbling

Sentimentally, I'm rooting for Eddie to win, but I thought it'll go to the actor for “Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale” (賽德克‧巴萊)  though I've not seen any of the entries.  But it goes to ANDY LAU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  NOOOOOO!  I do like his work ethics, and he's more than handsome enough, but he's too full of himself to ever be a great actor.  I've been itching to see “A Simple Life” (桃姐) ever since the awesome Deanie Yip won the actress award at Venice Film Festival.  Ann Hui has been the tour de force in docu-movies of showing HK in it's rawest form, giving a voice for inhabitants usu shoved to the edge of society for decades: Vietnamese refugees, lesbians, new immigrants living way below the poverty line and now an aging maid.

The trailer for A Simple Life:

And I'm nosy to a fault and checked out 10 min YZ's ChuHan/MingDynasty/Louis XVI/PrisonBreak unintentionally time/continent/genre traveling farce  as an exercise of how high my tolerance for utter crap…I made it to 14 min.  I'd rather watch Saw.

And to wash out the funk, I wandered @ weibo and saw this cap of ChenKun in the upcoming wuxia 3D extravaganza Flying swords at Dragon Inn.  Frankly, my expectation of this being decent, as a movie, is extremely low.  BUT ChenKun as the hottest eunuch EVER, I need to watch:

And DARN, Cdrama/movie world, since YZ is going to shit and puke on my fav wuxia novel of all time Smiling, Proud Warrior, and you peeps LURVE piling on duplicated projects/products, gimme a SPW adaptation with CK as Dongfang Bubai (東方不敗)!!! (only condition: NO Richie Ren).  Never have I thought I'll live to be witness a DongFang Bubai who can MAYBE decent enough for a discussion with Brigitte Lin's but…..that's why I love ChenKun.

4 thoughts on “Some TW Golden Horse Film Awards babbling

  1. A must watch movie for me : A simple life. Not bcos of Andy Lau, more cos of the movie itself. Have always love such kind of movie, mookie.

    Have a nice Sunday, mookie.

    1. *hug* Kim! Hope you are having a great wkend and wk ahead as well! *muak*

      We have an usually warm and gorgeous day today^^ I went running in the redwoods early on and it’s rejuvenating.

      Wasn’t sure if I’m emotionally strong enough for this movie, the subject hits too close to home for me. Ann Hui’s movies r never sensationalized entertainment, there’s an honest gentle humanity to all her works.

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