TVB awards

The 2 big winners of the night.

This awards show started 1997.  I've never watched it, I don't care for award shows in general, I like what I like and can care less about the rest.  All I rem for the first one, my (still) fav Old Time Buddy was the big winner.   This year, I like 2 TVB dramas (3 if counting When Heaven Burns) and I'm surprised I can predict every single of the winners given how little I've seen.

It's such a relief to see Kevin holding the best actor awards in his hands (and lovingly teased by Sheren Tang).  He's my vote and imo most deserving but that's exactly the opposite how TVB awards work.  I'm not sure how KC bargained his win, but he must have had signed some slavery contract we'll know later on.  Lives of Omission is a well deserving Best TVB Drama.  Producer/Director Chik's fanclub has very snarky words to say on how unfair TVB is, airing When Heaven Burns just past the deadline for any awards contention.  WHB is the talk of the town but it's nicked a 'cult' drama whatever it means in TVB/HK lingo.

Myolie, I'm all for her to win for her job in Ghetto Justice, but for what she did in that PoS Curse of the Royal Harem?!  NOOOOO!!! That shiteous horreur makes Goong a watchable delight in my eyes.  The drama is crap, her acting, crappier.   But she's clearly very well networked amongst the TVB honchos, getting an acting award for her currently airing drama, a most loved character for her Kris Wong fr Ghetto Justice and one of the 2 favorite Star awards, the other went to her RL love Bosco.  It's very sweet, and everyone is chanting 'get married!' but it's too obviously milking it to the max. 

*Don't ask me what Bosco is wearing, it's exactly the vein of what Bosco always dons in public (this outfit is completed with thigh high boots @_@).  That's why I've shamefully saved his nikked pics the scummy paparazzi has snapped of him in the privacy of his apartment because he really looks SO much better naked*

The winner I'm most happy for:

Sharon Chan for her supporting role in Ghetto Justice.  She stole every scene she's in.  Bravo!

All in all an entertaining show just on the blatant hints of backstage shenanigans alone.  Francis Ng said the quote of the night: 「玩足咁多年都仲係孤家寡人,呢個先係高深學問呀!」 'Staying 'single' and still playing the field for all these years….this takes real skills!' Jabbing at how you only get any status in TVB joining the clans…. lolz

This list of winners:

8 thoughts on “TVB awards

  1. Congrats to Kevin!

    Did you watch the awards live? hehe.. funniest part was with Francis Ng doing the Sei Gor skit in front of Sei Gor himself LOL and also Boscolie’s sweet moment!

    1. Re: Congrats to Kevin!

      Forgot to mention Ben Wong too. His character Lat Giong was memorable and had more depth than Laughing, it was a pretty deserving win IMO.

      And the part abt stars taking a jab at TVB, I think Felix Wong and Lam Kar Tung hinted certain stuff as well. LOL

      1. Re: Congrats to Kevin!

        I like the writing of LoO more than GJ, but even when I’m crazily fanatic about it, I’m not that impressed with Laughing’s acting. Ben Wong is more memorable in it, but there r scenes he’s a bit OTT(more fault on the script going a bit unbelievable towards the end), but my fav acting jobs there r still Cheung Kwok Keung and Bosco in it.

        OHHHH I went and dug out their speeches HAHAHA. Felix has been fiesty at weibo all along, esp after his snub last year? (I dont care for that drama and I dun really think he’s all that as an actor) I’m quite shocked with how snarky Lam Kar Tung is with every line he said!!! Wowsa!

        1. Re: Congrats to Kevin!

          Felix and his series Gun Metal Grey was snubbed real bad last year if I remember correctly. It had great ratings and was allegedly better (in terms of script) compared to that Moses-Char (awful) joke Can’t Buy My Love. TVB ignored them and heavily promoted the latter instead (no wonder Felix was furious, it was sorta like his comeback to TVB?).

          And Lam Kar Tung, I have no words LOL every single line hinted how peepz were sucking up to the high execs in TVB. So blatant. haha.

          I actually liked Laughing and MT acting while watching LoO, but thinking back, it was more character-acting rather than anything else. Sheren Tang hit the nail on the head when she said MT actually went from actor to idol after his loss in the awards for Femme Deseparado (I loved MT there)back then, impact was too big to handle LOL

          You seen Marriane Chan Miu Ying’s intro? Thought it was pretty solid too. Obviously pre-rehearsed and polished, but she gave a interesting one.

        2. Re: Congrats to Kevin!

          This time, Kevin really deserves it for Ghetto Justice rather than a cuppa years back for Last Man Standing. I’d say he’s a late bloomer. It took him years till his early 40s to become top-class in acting skills that is worth his level of celebrity. Plus he looks his peak at 42.

          1. Re: Congrats to Kevin!

            Oh I didn’t know he won one for Last Man Standing, I thought it was forUnder the Canopy of Love. I didn’t pay real attention to TVB stuff since 2005. Not impressed with him in either dramas, less so with Last Man Standing (I just checked out an ep with TongHua’s rec not long ago and was scared running and screaming!!!! o_0)

            He’s most attractive to me the way he looks now, I think when he’s younger he’s a bit too conscious of his handsomeness, but objectively imo he’s most pretty during the Siblings days. The lines and age now suits him, but he can’t really turn back time and play young period heroes…BUT I would die happy(I think Koala as well) if Cdramaland gives us a KC Chu LiuXiang, that alone will cancel out my reflex nausea for the RichieRen+KenChu combined fugfests

    2. Re: Congrats to Kevin!

      Oh, you watched it live?! I tried streaming bits but I was basically glancing as background noise. My mom and cousin had been skyping me recaps as it goes and told me I MUST watch the Francis Ng part haha it’s soooooo hilarious and TV gold. keke I was expecting Patrick Tse to give Francis some tete a tete but Pat Tse was mostly silenced, jaws dropped by his witty jabs.

      I don’t really care for Myolie in RL because I also think she’s a bit too full of herself, hahaha tbh although I dun think Bosco is knight in shining armor PERFECT a person himself, but because they have sustained a RL loving relationship all these years, I gave brownie points to Myolie by association. I am still not a fan of her acting, she’s in the trying wayyyy too hard and almost always overacting bunch.

      I dun care for Linda more than Myolie just coz her dramas r more insufferable than Myolie’s usu, but strictly on perf in the role nom. alone, I will vote her over Myolie as I can surprisingly stand her. (haha I actually did vote and just biasedly vote for Fala coz I honestly like her Madam Jo the best as a character)

      Sharon Chan is completely wasted in TVB, her LEGS!!! Gosh that pair is so much more flawless than YEH’s. I really don’t know how they pick peeps to mold into stars by fatiguing/brainwashing us. She has been decent way earlier as a Rain Lee/Kelly Chan lookalike fr the get go and finally she’s allowed to do some acting in a good role. She’s soooo good in GJ, KC as well.

  2. Yeap, it aired on cable here. Watched with my mom too, and Francis Ng nearly made her gag herself. Haha.. I loved how he’s so spontaneous on stage. Esp when he said he couldn’t console Myolie cos he had no tissue LOL

    We have our opinions haha, but I agree to disagree ^_^ I thought Myolie showed tremendous potential in her Golden Faith days (where she played the mentally challenge sister of Gallen’s?). She played pure and innocent with such endearment it was hard not to like her. But her sudden transition from the demure/nice/sweety type to the noisy/loud type (I think after that show with Sunny, I forgot the title) wasn’t all that impressive. Guess she tried too hard to prove herself and somehow stagnanted whatever potential she had as an actress. And her RL personality, I can only say (from reliable resources), most TV stars are nowhere near nicey friendly as they project on screen. From what I’ve heard, only 2nd/3rd line actors are approachable. For the exception of Bosco I think, they say he’s really nice.

    TVB only picks stars who suck up to them. Rule.

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