A ‘sneak peek’ at BBJX 2 (I kid)

For the nth time, TR’s LB, just be down on knees, beg and say the word ‘PLEASE!’ for N times, kiss his feet and bring chests of cash till YH forgives ur silly bitchy ways and I bet YH will happily spin up a script for BBJX2 better than TongHua, just saying, but I’m so not kidding……

Loverboy has finished his months-long exile in the wildwild desert West DunHuang and is heading back to civilization/Beijing.  BJ is hit by a serious case of smog and flights to and from the capital have been nightmares.  Thanks to the delays and nth better to do but chowing cup noodles and wine and fruit cups, YH decided to make his anticipated entry to the annual Weibo short story contest, rem he gave a BRILLIANT entry with just FOUR characters , I was spazzing like my usual loonie self this time last yr (http://mookiehyun.livejournal.com/11486.html).  He got a showing in one of the highest RT and trending tt last year, and he’s doing it again today, this is RT’d 10000+ times and counting.

袁弘新浪個人認證#微小说#绿芜,若曦都走了很久了,四哥皇位日益坐稳,承欢也已长大,这世界于我已无牵挂,于是我决定穿越去未来玩玩。未来果然有趣,有电脑有汽车有手机,我爱上微博爱看NBA爱吃扶桑料理,还有自由的爱情。我甚至鬼使神差做了个演员。当然一切也不是那么尽善尽美有些事也挺扯,例如,他们让我演十三。  轉發(10758)| 評論(6817)

YH: #weibo novella# It’s been a long time since LuWu and RuoXi’s passing, Brother4’s rule is stronger than ever, Chenghuan is growing up beautifully, I have no baggage in this world, thus I’ve made the decision to time-travel for fun.  The future is really amusing, there are computers, cars and cell phones, I’ve fallen in love with Weibo, I love to watch NBA games and I love Japanese cuisine….and also the freedom of falling in love. I even haphazardly picked up acting as a profession.  Of course, not everything is puppies, rainbows and unicorns perfect, there are things quite exacerbating: They have let me play the role of 13.

*This precious thing is also gushing many times @ weibo how much he loves A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy CN version.   I vaguely rem there’s a pirated CN Big Bang Theory, they r missing a megahit not begging Loverboy to be Sheldon*

^His tweet is promptly RT’d by the official Weibo Novella miniblog…and cutely tagged one of my fav HongShi pic. ^^

As expected the BuBu gang joins every party 13 is hosting:

@韩栋:历史在进步,这里,电脑汽车和手机,微博篮球加料理,当然,自由的爱情…不可少!这里,你快乐的做着你的演员并鬼使神差的遇到一面容俊秀、才智过人之阳光美少年,他,爱生活、爱运动爱茶道、也爱穿越!他,竟然拥有一张和你九哥一模一样的脸庞…挺扯的是,他们竟然真的叫他演了那个 “毒蛇老九”…

Han Dong (Prince 9): History is moving forward, where we are at, computers, cars and cellphones; weibo, basketball and cuisines…and of course the freedom of love….all necessities!  Here, you are happily enjoying being an actor, thus serendipitously bumps into a handsome, intelligent, shining adonis.  He…… loves life, loves sports, loves the Tao of tea, and also time traveling! He, has the exact replica of your Bro9’s face…and the most chagrin occurrence of all, they really ask him to be the actor for the role of ‘venomous snake 9’…

Han Dong in RL is such a cute and pretty jokester and so easy going, he’s almost always the same prankster frequency with Loverboy.  He’s just wrapped up a period comedy with Prince 10, Ye Zuxin.  They have been playing along the still ongoing BL ship to the excitement of the 9+10 bromance fiends ever since BuBu.

And Of course things are just brewing:

袁弘新浪個人認證回复 @韩栋:九哥,当年我递给你的那个小瓶,原本标签是“穿越灵”,我把它撕了,改成“鹤顶红”贴上面,忘了告诉你了……

YH replying @ Han Dong: Bro9, the little potion bottle I gave you back then, the original label was ‘ Time Traveling Essence’, I torn it off, replaced it with the words ‘He DingHong’ *Crane Crown Red, the most mentioned deadliest urban legend poison in wuxia novels, arsenic has a reddish tint and maybe this is the reference* I’ve forgotten to tell you….

I would be one of those very happy fangirls if they pair up and play Legendary Siblings.

Then LuWu ‘arrives’:
Guo Zhenni(actress playing LuWu): Thirteen, will you still remember me after your reincarnations? If you are an actor, should I be a paparazzi?  I’ll be chasing after you for interviews all day…. HAHAHAHAHA
YH: LuWu, oh….you didn’t run away from home?!……

I’m basically grasping for air fr lulzing to tummyache at this point!
And to perfectly finish off the amazing, amusing BuBugang party for the time being, our main guy:

@袁弘新浪個人認證原来大家都穿来现代了[哈哈]四哥建立了一个熊猫国,八哥当了香港视帝,绿芜有个英文名叫Jenny,敏敏跑去大学学习,九哥美人依旧,十哥陷入爱里,遵照现代人乔布斯的名言stay hungry,若曦当了个吃货,也遵照乔布斯的名言stay foolish,十四弟当了个小新。

YH: So all of us have time traveled back to modern time!^^  Bro4 has created a PandaKingdom,(name of  his cute fanclub)  Bro8 has become the King of HK TVland, LuWu has an English name Jenny (muahahaha Miss Guo’s Eng name is really Jenny, but it’s also a play on her Chinese name Zhenni), MinMin is now studying in college, Bro9 is still busy loving his pretty self, Bro10 is deep in his own love story (he has a RL pretty and talented actress gf (JiangXin, HwaFei of  Zhen Huan Zhuan, so steady they’ve been openly gushing cute tweets since forever), Following the motto of a modern day man Steve Jobs: ‘stay hungry’, RuoXi is now a foodie/glutton (LSS is REALLY a foodie, and she’s just tweeted some pics of her chowing down a table of food with YH’s close girl buddy/ classmates fr SH Academy*seething envy… fr me for LSS’ slithe bode and fr YH for his classmate, obviously* , and also in regard to Jobs’ motto ‘stay foolish’, Bro14 is now ShinChan.

And the final no truer words by KC/Prince8:

@鄭嘉穎KC: Number 13 U r funny

The HongShi shippers have already posted numerous clever spins on his novella, one of them is just by adding their names here and there….like he went time-traveling to follow the footsteps of his true love RX…and there they can have the freedom to pursue their romance….but the most aggravating thing is they need to give the appearance they are BFF instead.  I may be a hardcore HongShi shipper, but I’m actually an even more crazy in the closet (most of the time) RedWhite/YH+HuGe shipper for real.  The wittiest most formidable PIs in the world ie the redbeans recall YH used to hate Japanese food…he didn’t mention the hate ever since his bromantic BFF HuGe started his own high end Japanese resto Fount in SH.  Fount is having a grand reopening tmr after adding on a bar.  What kind of sweet love prompts a smartass cutiepie to plant in some subliminal ad with so much thought and care and subtlety?! AWWWWWWW

Have I mentioned I love the Redbeans almost more than I love Loverboy?!  They’ve made a pic by pic storyboard of YH’s BBJDeux

I’m expecting MORE to come fr Shishi and ShinChan at least.  It would really be glitters over chocolate covered cherries on the sweetest cake if Nicky join their cutest silly weibo parties.

5 thoughts on “A ‘sneak peek’ at BBJX 2 (I kid)

  1. Did you see this weibo?
    看,介是哪个帅锅涅?@袁弘 @缘聚袁家袁弘官方论坛 粉丝们,准备好了吗?一二三,尖叫吧!想看偶像的秘密吗?关注@健康之友 杂志2012年2月刊 他说:如果将来有了女友,就跟她去京东肉饼过情人节,
    In an interview, he let out, “If I eventually have a girlfriend, I will spend Valentine’s Day with her eating Eastern Beijing meatloafs.”

    The HongShi shippers in tieba are lapping it up, as Eastern Beijing meatloafs is a Hui specialty dish. And who’s a Hui? Heheh.

    1. HE really is shameless, and knowing how resourceful his redbeans r he should know this is too obvious! I just read the tweet by the HOngShi fanclub wiki’d what is the mince pie thingy he’s talking about!!!!! GEEZ and it’s made with ~500gm of minced beef and lamb!!!!!!! haha I honestly think only one glutton in the world will think this is recipe for a romantic Vday date XDDDD

    1. My Chinese is only serviceable, I was a science nerd growing up and was just interested in reading wuxias and couple trendy novelists in Chin. I don’t speak Mandarin at all so a lot of the Northerner slang littered in his tweets I have to look up, but I’m the living proof just by fangirling/following his tweets my slangy Mando literacy has improved ^^

      he’s really a terrific writer/twitter/blogger. I didn’t become a fangirl until I read all his blog entries and now of coz his tweets r a sitcom in poetry/political satire/social commentary in 140 characters or less! *swoon*

  2. cuteness overload!

    Love this! Love how the BBJX gang are so united in Weibo and in their time traveling adventures LOL couldn’t stop laughing reading their tweet replies..

    And YH oh YH, his replies are GOLD. ^^

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