YH, YH wherefore art thou Loverboy?

I had an awesome wkend by the lake.  Hopefully I've burnt off half the fat I've horded over Thanksgivings and make some space for the coming wks of stuffing myself.

Hope the wkend has been eventful all around! ^^

haha actually I just wanted to post this following pic, as usual, the rest is just a big o' lump of rabid fangirl blablabla.

Tell me, who wouldn't fall for a hot talented  ~30 yo actor who not only loves Totoro, but will adorn his body with ALL the Totoroes his fans just gave him while strutting a pose like he's shooting a mag spread, AND is so moved in gratitude he's asked his homie/roomie/bromanceforeverbff to snap and post this with a sincere tweet of thanks! in the middle of the night.

The last time I've been in a playground MickeyD was  decades ago, I fondly rem the colored plastic balls I would collect in colors and make collages out of them (was a weird toddler).  IF anyone has told me YH will go make gifs of himself slamdunking in a trench….hmmmm….. I can't look at a MickeyD playground without having this visual.

I AM the one and only SF PI (Silly Fangirl Pixiedustsnorting Instigator) so this can only be proof of HXM(or GuoEr fr RoCH) is an offspring of one of the most popular BBJX CP 4+13 (or YangKang fr LoCH) :

Or else how can you explain why hot 30ish/40ish dudes sel-caing themselves as Totoro or panda or their mutant Totopanda?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?

And I'll spare the world fr my crazier than ever HongShi CPdom at the 2011 Esquire Men of the Year Awards where they were honored as most popular stylish male and female artists.  You didn't hear it from me coz there were just too many fans and reporters' accounts of him chatting constantly with his ShiShi as they were conveniently seated together last night.   Nor did I mention YH still finding the time to RT a pic of SS, gushing how drop dead gorgeous LSS is and hollering 'Wait for me (my love~~~ <)@weibo  [袁弘新浪個人認證美得呀[鼓掌]等我啊,马上马上!] , minutes away fr his own red carpet twirl.

The handholding, his prince13 in shining armor to hisRuoXi way and being absolutely attentive to her everything including more aware of her dress as to  any potential for tripping his precious, more so than LiuRuoXi herself.

I love the fancam^^. and he did a wonderful sweet witty speech, using handwarmers as metaphors for his adoring fans warming the cockles of his heart in the cold and through the years.   @2:12 mark, the camera is suddenly panned to HXM in the audience,  and he must be so excited and mouthing, ' Look it's my gorg parents! they are presenting awards to my Mummy and Dadgy!!  YangKang+NianChi FTW!!!!' and even ChenKun is looking so happy for them.  I can either admit I'm delusional, which is very likely, or my world is populated by much more HongShi shippers in their closets.

These are the happy faces of ChenKun and HXM during the acceptance speech of YH/LSS. 

And I suddenly wanna make collages of the dozens of HongShilicious pics out there:

So, who's the fairest awardee freezing his/her pretty behind off at Beijing's TsingHua University?



Hu Bing

Deng Chao




Huo Si Yan

Newlywed CoCo Lee

Zhang JingChu

Yup, I insist on this lj YH and LSS r both most gorgeous esp when sharing the same (freezing) air they r breathing.

4 thoughts on “YH, YH wherefore art thou Loverboy?

    1. MTE! Everytime she’s out with YH at an event, she is in a whitish one shoulder goddessy number. Maybe it’s her stylist slacking, or turning a blind eye because on my loonie planet, YH once tweeted to SS she’s out of this world gorgeous like a goddess in sucha dress,
      http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e175/mookiehyun/YHLSS/01edfe68953c5bac79cbe108.jpg, unless herLaoYuan will stop spazzing how drop dead gorgeous she is in it every single time, my bet is she’ll keep wearing it

  1. But I notice they flashed mainly his Qing roles on stage? BBJX (of course), Shang Shu Fang, Tian Di Min Xin… I don’t think LOCH08 was that popular…and YH’s Qing roles seem much more highly regarded by the industry than his Song roles. So looks like you have to see more of him bald onscreen, if the good roles that come his way are the Qing ones, heheh! E.g. Chun Wan, touted as The Next Big Thing on Hunan TV for 2012.

    HongShi now seems much more well known as 13th-RX in the popular conscience.

    1. keke sweetie, good observation! I don’t think LoCH08 was ever broadcasted on CCTV, and its audience is limited to the younglings. My folks and inlaws wanna throw things at TV with all the rewriting they did on the untouchable LouisCha, they didnt give any of the good acting any chance. I am the only YH fangirl LURVing him in Qing queue ^^ AND I do agree he’s at his best in his Qing roles (my fav is TianDiMinXin), but it is by mere coincidence….those projects are more serious CCTV fares instead of the usual TR idol fanfics.

      I’m very cautious with my expectation of ChunWan now that HunanTV has slated it as Next Big Thing for 2012, haha my memory is intact enough to rem that title belonged to New Princess Pearl…. yikes. MY only redeeming hope for it to be decent is although Loverboy has openly begged to be done with periods and try out modern dramas, he STILL signed up and for a second lead.

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