A little BBJX related Xmas-y commercial

There's a surprise at the very end, a very pleasant one (for me)

7Up has a quirky campaign going on for a while in CN, bringing us short movies that r loud, bold, entertaining and not making a lot of sense yet mindboggling.

I don't know how they come up with this idea of sprucing up the good old cap reward, granting your wish to come true, and with the hotness that is timetraveling/BBJX, we start the commercial with every girl, mom, grandma (and dude) hoping for one of the princes fr BuBu (and even the odd taste of a grandma for one fr  Princess Pearl) to be their gift they time travel back to harass.  The middle part is blah, with the dude wishing to meet himself in different stages of his life…ending with the lesson of the day: ur true wish is not knowing the numbers of a winning lottery ticket but the simpliest thing u always wish lying on your bed every night before your sweet dreams.

'spoiler' : the guy was Prince13 in his past life.

How he made time doing it, I have NO idea, but wowsa, I finally got he's hit it big. Softdrink commercial is still a big deal in Asia, no!?  At the very end, he's asking us to be on the alert on what his wish is for at his weibo….hmmmm I can become a creepier cyber stalker, I CAN refresh his weibo every min!!!  I'm sure he'll come up with sth hilarious and dreamy the ad peeps can't even touch.  So this is a tie-in for Ad Mania?!?!?!  Please one of the things I'm desperately begging this Christmas is that drama to just freaking continue to air somewhere after the decent 2 eps!!

8 thoughts on “A little BBJX related Xmas-y commercial

  1. lol, that SKII endorsement is so random, he’s nice skin but after his stay at DunHuang, isn’t he too tanned and big nono for the clientele of said brand, seeing he’s surrounded by the taitais for endorsing that of all things?!^^ He’s cute in pink, I must say.

    I’m trying to forget the Gshock Christmas eve date…IF I don’t have to work through the hols I would be back in HKG and I will certainly take the short trainride there to harass him.

    I’m more impressed/shocked with him landing a softdrink commercial haha, that’s a 3 to 80 yo brand.

    1. Did you see the speculation news article about YH “dating” Elanne Kwong? He and Elanne immediately denied it in a joking way on weibo, and his homie Xiaoman also quickly publicly dismissed it as rubbish.

      But when it comes to speculation news about YH and his SS, it’s coy silence from everyone, hahahaha!

      Looks like YH may be in “Dong Gong” (Eastern Palace).

      1. Happy Winter Solstice to you sweetie! ^^

        It’s soooo hilarious how prompt and with so much emphasis he’s denying it, AS IF any human being with a functional head will believe any of it MUAHAHAHHAHA. I bet the writer himself/herself is loling btn typing it out with those descriptions of him falling in his ‘first love’ and he’s the extreme Densha otoko geek. But I think it’s the redbeanies who got the prize for collectively being witty and funny with how welcoming they r with this ohsofake ‘scandal’.

        Gosh, another novel I need to read!!!!!!!!!!! Is Dong Gong decent? haha I love how biasely huge his pic is in that collage…but r they really doing a weibo poll to pick the actors?!?!?!? that seems so…odd.

        I’m more interested in if he’ll be in the BBJX play…I hope I’ll get to know for sure soon. I’m seriously thinking of making a side trip to SH if time is ok and just beg and pay $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for a tic.

    1. Dearest! ^^ Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a lovely time with all your dear ones!

      I’ll be working through both holiday wkends but have the whole wk off for some cabin-ing and snowboarding with my friends. :)))

      Cheers to a better 2012! muakkkkk

  2. Merry Christmas Mookie!

    Well, looks like Tong Hua has a new TV adaptation by Zhejiang Garden of Fantasies TV company (which produced Sealed With A Kiss, the upcoming Ru Yi starring Hawick & YM, the upcoming “Chun Wan”). And it’s a modern drama with the trio (Hawick, Tong Li Ya, YH) again.



    1. Merry Christmas to you~!!! ^^

      Lets speculate some more. On one hand, he’ll get his wish to be in a modern drama. On the other hand this sounds sooooooo PR for ChunWan (which is rumored to be in some obstacles in early production?!) and if Loverboy has to be yet another ‘green leaf’ to Hawick, my head will self-combust. But then I haven’t read the book, is he a good fit?

      I dunno, I want him to be done with his projects and get a decent rest…and do some extremely proper, serious, if non-mass CCTV stuff.

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