my weirding me out The Big Bang Theory meme

I dOn't know what possessed me to marathon TBBT, there r 90+ episodes(!).  I'm not a huge fan of sitcoms and never cared enough to go down the crazy rabbit hole of marathoning.  And I've always habitually cared less about any show that got overexposed/mass popular.  'Do normal human beings marathon sitcoms?!?!' *cringed* gf 2 wks ago when I was easing the idea in.  I told her …idk, normal is what my mental state thrives to be, but will never attain?!

It must be Yuan Hong

*really Santa, this boy is ALL I asked for Christmas this year, and just so You are reminded, ample time to do right a wrong and plan a year ahead, it'll be H.B. in 2012, be forewarned and THANK YOU.  BTW THANK YOU for looking HAWTTT moping over maybe ur piece of coal for not putting a bow and be at my doorstep HBINNIE*

Specifically YH being sick and the cutest whiny flirt on earth begging for his fangirls @ weibo a while back to sing him 'soft kitty' and I snapped!  I first was jumping around hysterically catching that in a Sheldon is sick/whackadoodle scene so many years ago when TBBT a little show only the nerds in my family (ie my fam) is watching.  We were newlyweds and when I told Hubs the following anecdote, he found it one of my cutest moments.  Anyone not married to me though, the visual of me jumping and screaming OMGs over a random silly scene on TV and re-inacting the following is disturbing or more so damaging…

What I was dancing to then was I KNEW this song fr Kindergarten days I was not conscious I formed such memory.   I knew it as 'warm kitty', I can't rem any of the words but I have an eidetic memory of tunes, and what we're MADE to do along, ingrained.   I was a clumsy and chubby toddler, and for toddler aerobics back then, we sang along this song, curled into a ball like a kitty holding to knees face down and the teacher will roll us around and we'll just keep rolling around the mats after the initiation in our little ball of kitten selves.  I can't roll myself being too pudgy and is super ticklish.  I must be repaying my abuse of them to be rolled around like a ball of human playdough for my teachers back then.

This is fr a precious ep of TBBT S3ep8:

I didn't bring gadgets with me on vacay, but a random scene reduced me to explosive geyser proportions of tears. I saved a mental note to pour my hearts out once I can touch my laptop again:


Any guess why this opened floodgates?!

My *poor* bestie, whom I've known since…kindergarten, who lived through that episode with me and another 2 totally weird out gfs, spent the hour following calming the whole cabin down fr every emotions possible, in the end, I'm not the only one sobbing.   She rounded it up with her usual deft conclusions, 'You know, I think knowing u is good cardio, I survived every episode of ur crazyshit with a Kryptonite heart'  (she's not a nerd, thus ALWAYS mistaking Kryptonite as what put the super in Superman)

OK, it's not this exact moment I burst,  but the very next when Penny does sth to the puzzle box/Mr. Moonpie's flash drive keeper.  My circuit is shorted over its demise, my other friends had a hard time not moving away fr me in WTF.  It's a harmless episode of a SITCOM, not particularly hilarious or memorable (unless u  were me) and  I was sobbing, my friends unable to make out if I'm in euphoria or physical pain, unable to speak for good minutes.
The thing is, it may be a flashdrive catcher for some, but mine is my most precious trinket.   It was 2003, April Fool's, a hot spring resort overlooking Mt Fuji, my first trip with my then bf.  I randomly picked up a puzzle box that required a sequence of manipulations to open,  by pure luck, I opened it without any cerebral muscling, strict happenstance. 

After the vacation, I was drowned in work+flu+jetlag for a week.  We're living time zones apart and I didn't have the energy to call him, but I was not that losing it to note he had not call me that whole week.

A week later, I finally started unpacking, and saw that same puzzle box in my luggage.  I didn't recall buying it nor paying for it, but I forget things daily.  And again,  I opened it without any voluntary mindwork and inside was a ring, and his sweetest note.  He later told me he had the most rollercoaster wk of his life up till then,  staring at his phone every minute.  I literally fell on the floor with knees/legs failing me in shock, collected the pieces of myself much later and called him to say my 'yes'. 

Here I am, reliving myself watching a harmless, frivolous episode of an US sitcom, and snapping a pic of my bkshelf:

… most memorable drama-tic moment in 2011.

I've given up making sense of my world. but why is Moonpie Jim Parsons on TWO late night talkshows tonight just when I'm at the peak of my obsession over him?!?!  I can crawl into bed now and pass out for a day.

ETA: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST randomly turned TV on and TBBT rerun is the first thing appearin on screen and IT IS THE TRAIN EPISODE AND JUST THE EXACT SECOND WHEN PENNY IS HOLDING BOX!

Seriously I'm alone and very spooked with all these coincidences.  Am I living in and stuck in my customized TARDIS atvm?!?!?!

ETA:  SERIOUSLY MY MOM JUST TOLD ME MY BABYBRO HAS PROPOSED SUCCESSFULLY TO A GIRL I HAVE NOT YET MET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “my weirding me out The Big Bang Theory meme

  1. The story about the puzzlebox and proposal is such a sweet one – thank you so much for sharing.

    As a fan of TBBT and Sheldon I really share your feelings (spooky and otherwise 🙂 )

    1. Thank you~! *blush* Happy New YEAR!

      Oh gosh, I’m soooo in love with Sheldon and I felt I shouldn’t coz he’s 99% of the time an obnoxious alien but the other 1% when he’s being sweet without knowing it…

  2. I once marathoned two seasons of Seinfeld in one weekend, LOL. Can’t even remember which seasons it was now, one of them is the season when George’s fiancee died after licking the cheap envelope.

    Congrats to your brother! 🙂

    1. Thank you!

      Get out of here!!! ^^ I am a sick Seinfeld fan, it’s the fault of college. It’s the only sitcom still cracking me up any random episode with no diminishing returns in lol! But the thing is, that quartet of meanies ever change to better human beings and we don’t want them to.

      The sitcom that was so massively popular but I was kinda bored every time is Friends. I can’t get hubs to watch any SitC haha it’s too cruel to him when he is so shallow as to think SJP looks like a ugly horse.

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