2012 resolution #1: quit basic cable TV

BBJX has just started airing on my local TV channel, and so my friends and moms/aunts/grandmas/cousins/nieces of friends r collectively watching it, I'll be shocked it doesn't break ratings for the channel.  It has a 100% hit rate on its demography just on peeps I know alone.  I think we chatted 30 min on BBJX alone at party yesterday, boring the men to their first taste of apocalypse 2012.  Some of my RL friends don't have a clue I'm this huge closeted drama addict, and I'm not going to out myself scaring ppl I'm not close enough with, but when I told them I've watched it live and was a few wks of perpetual sobbing scary mess…I've retold bits of my BBJX experience, ad nauseum, on new year's day.

And now, I'm sitting down tonight and is watching regular TV for the first time in weeks, a random early episode on basic cable with my 2 newly addicted friends over dinner.  It's the arc of making the case of a never meant to be 10RX ship and the budding 8RX (I would firmly stand its 8RL in roleplay) with tiny bits of 4/13 mixed it.


I dunno, since this is a rewatch, the scene progression is imprinted, leaving me too much ample energy to nitpick (my fav thing to do, apparently and am not amused).  I've lost the feeling of liking Nicky's job here, it comes across to me as lots of posing, constipation and sorely lack complicated furballs of conflicting emotions I want to see for his character….I just dun see much under the mono-emotional surface,esp now that I know it's attraction in first sight for him.  LSS looks insanely fatigued in HD, at times her eyes r so puffy and circles so dark I feel so bad for the poor girl, and sorry, in a double take, she's trying too hard most of the time.  I still love my 13. KC, whom I thought did the greatest till the bitter end….is now having an undercurrent of pervie uncle wanting to get in pants of his niece kinda deal.  AND there r cheap sets and CGs everywhere unresolved (I naively thought no freaken way TR is going to SELL it without fixing those jarring booboos)

The experience is made more aggravating with my spoilerphobe friend firm on 13RX is the OTP, love at first sight (yes, the same scene that we're supposed to be the first fateful meeting of 4RX yet it's 13RX/ YHLSS sizzling with chemistry) even when friend is still unable to rem Yuan Hong's name after the 19th time I've mentioned it in one episode.  And her 13RX analysis r so right on, I can't bear to break her shipper heart, coz frankly in rewatch, there is little to nil sexy chemistry btn the OTP.

THEN when I can finally stop holding breath in fear I'll break out the news of the OTP to friend, a commercial is on for a new drama showing an hour earlier starting in a week.  IN TIME WITH YOU!!

SHOOT ME NOW!!!   I'm already getting nonstop eyetwitching on the fact that the same audience that's bombarding me with their new BBJX love will be harassing me with their ITWY obsession and both frenzy will be in a hellish 'synergy',  I LOATHE ITWY!!  It's my worst drama experience in the longest time.  My acting is not good enough to fake niceties when forced to fakecare for ITWY.  One wk is too short to emotionally prepare for my social perfect storm D!O!O!M!

I'm contemplating unsubscribing cable and be obnoxious and refuse good friends over for dinner and hanging out in the foreseeable future.


6 thoughts on “2012 resolution #1: quit basic cable TV

  1. Haha, this is a really interesting and peculiar problem to have! Thank goodness I don’t have too many RL friends who watch dramas. When I went to have hot pot with my Chinese friend, she was like “yeah, I’ve been obssessing over this Chinese period drama. Its crazy popular in China right now”. And I’m like “BBJX?” And I see her boiled pork piece fall off her chopsticks and her eyes go wide “you know BBJX??” and I was like “Yeah, it’s also crazy popular over LJ and just drama fandom in general” (even though she doesn’t know what fandom is, lol). But I told her that I didn’t like that drama too much and never actually finished it (I’ve admitted this elsewhere as well, so I hope no one is gonna come after me with pitchforks) and then breathed a deep sigh of relief when she told me she didn’t actually like it either (especially the OTP) but just couldn’t stop watching it. And I recommended her Office Girls and she’s been marathoning it and thanking me for introducing her to Roy Qiu! xD

    1. hahaha I sparked that meat almost fall off chopsticks eyes go wide on couple Aunties, whom I usu see once a year during the holz with the leaking of how much I care about BBJX or fluffy dramas in general XDDD

      OG is totally losing steam for wks now and I have no urge to catch up. It started soooooooooo fun and cute!!!! I will be a completest and finish it with tonnes of ff.

  2. To be very honest, I enjoyed watching BBJX when it was first aired because of all the publicity events surrounding it and *ahem* the weibo saga between OS & William Peng. Heheh!

    Anyway, sorry to nitpick. But that wasn’t the first 4RX meeting. RX first met 4th when she ran out into the streets after recognizing the face of a guard as the modern day foreman who quarreled with her before she stepped on that fateful electric cable. Your friend is watching the 2nd 4RX meeting which is also the first 13RX meeting.

    Wait till she sees the electrifying stare across the balcony scene…heheh!

    1. And Mookie…I’m also going to echo the sentiments of others who stalk your blog. I actually decided I DO adore ITWY!!! Hahah!

      Also, Bolin & Ariel’s “Love Sick” movie single-handedly rescued me from first-2012-day-at-work blues.

      1. OH GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I absolutely HATE HATE HATE ITWY HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE IT! haha no # of ‘hate’ I type out can release my RAGE over drama.

        IT was so ridiculously draggy and silly and going around in circles without any true feelings with the whole anything DLW and in association even Bolin’s DaRen got so wimpy and moronic not seeing through that charade of an engagement… both characters didn’t grow one thread of maturity, I was banging my head at wall when DLW cheated and thus YC can chicken out and everything tied up in a neat little bow. (but then I’ll be spare another of her pretentious aria of speeches! YES!) and we r talking about marriage and still clueless with feelings. YC is a whole bunch of multiple personalities thrown together without any thought and hope some will stick, and feed her with pretentious airy lines and fake the sum will make one genuine character. Major fail!

        I’ll settle it with I’m a 30+ cranktankerous auntie.

        haha sorry, I hate sth like I love sth…with a passion.

    2. ME TOO! I think it’s the exact same scenario for me, it was sooo fun and emotional a ride then. But now those hormones running havoc r all gone and my head is screwed back on, flaws r showing.

      I still think it’s a very true to book adaptation and 8 is elevated by KC’s acting, just very far fr perfect, esp in the production. And in this rewatch, I felt I’m much more affected by the 4RX ship in the novel, and in closer look Nicky and LSS has no sexy chemistry whatsoever! Am shocked coz I thought they have enough to coast by when I was watching live.

      oh yeah, but for my friend it’s the ‘love at first sight moment’ for RX over anyone, haha according to her (and I concur) in their first meeting Nicky did nth more than be constipated as in his interpretation of being regal *hide* haha and RX just is dumbfounded in shock this is THE Y!Z! she’s still clueless to 4RX as OTP, part of me wanna scream it out, part is snidely enjoying the moment she holler ‘GET OUT OF HERE!’ at the ‘Mongolia tundra’

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