Wanna know my mood?! weeping pure tears of JOY!!

Two of the prettiest C period actors according to my shallow self, one of them my loverboy Yuan Hong (of coz), the other YanKuan. Not only know each other, but they go back EIGHT YEARS fr their hometown WuHan and the handsome YanKuan just tweeted this pic of them both in Elephant Mt filming their respective projects, pure sight of pretty:

and he's calling my YuanHong his didi/ 'lil bro' OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGZOMG!

6 thoughts on “Wanna know my mood?! weeping pure tears of JOY!!

  1. *faint*
    Yan Kuan is “pretty”? OK I did think he was good-looking when I first saw his pic, but his looks completely ran out of steam for me when I watched him in action in QSHF. Sorry…I just dun think he has the screen presence that YH has.

    And you have to admit – Yan Kuan is looking really old these days. Kevin Cheng is 10 years older but looks far younger than him!

    1. oh honey, nobody is as goodlooking as my loverboy :DDDDD but YK is my #2 pick, I watched some YK heavy Water Margin the other day.
      He’s very yummy in turn of century/uniform garb, imo.

      YK is my type of face and I’m not alone in thinking he’s the older facetwin of YH, kekeke. My love my older pretties, so never had it occur I like them less as they age. He’s looking older, yes older than KC, I concur KC must be drinking some elixir of youth. The same with Nicky, he doesn’t look his age, but the way he’s trying too hard to be younger these days, absolutely turning me off. 😉

      OH GOSH! QSHF is a piece of sorry trash, everybody looks worst (maybe exc the young bro guy 3?), even Wallace is wrinkly unattractive in it, fur and all, it’s the first time I think Ruby looks older than 35 and yet she has to pretend she’s a cutesy 16 yo, I didn’t get any further than seeing persimmons as some reoccuring thematic symbol, maybe half of ep1 max?! I’m just beyond delighted and sighing sighs of relief YH didn’t sign up to be any part of it

      1. I dunno. I just don’t think much of YK as an actor, so I lost interest in his looks. I did find QSHF pretty watchable (like most Yu Zheng dramas *hide*) and it actually made YK very popular. Yet I didn’t like YK in QSHF. But YK’s star status is higher than YH’s. I mean now YK has a No. 1 lead role in Hunan TV’s Heroes of Sui & Tang, with Zhang Han as his No. 2? And *horror* Du Chun as his No. 3? Now this I don’t find justified.

        Still, BBJX is a far better drama than QSHF despite its flaws. I’m not sure how Youku could give Ruby “Best Producer” award?!!!

        BTW, I just found out that Vivian Wu will play Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang in Chun Wan. Vivian Wu the American Chinese actress who starred in 1990s Hollywood movies like The Last Emperor and Joy Luck Club, and then Madam Chiang Kai Shek in The Soong Sisters and Founding of a Republic. Wow, I like her!

        1. Despite my recent grumpy rants, BBJX is objectively still very decent, extremely watchable Cdrama, the best of the shoujo/MarySue melo-romance novel adaptations there, I just have an overload of it and need a break. I can’t stand QSHF, it’s not just flaws I saw, but a stale production in every possible way. It’s a Goong equivalent for me in shittiness, but at least Goong won handsdown as the masochist’s guilty pleasure train-wreck.

          I’m shallow and before YH absolutely stole my Cdrama fangirl heart, YK is the most attractive ‘soysauce guy’ to me in his dirty sexy badboy way and I’ve known myself as able to fangirl them even with less talent/screen presence *coughRoyQiuPreOGcough* I’m extremely loyal a fangirl, once the boy is in my man-rem, I’m not easily letting them go, ever. Of course the injustice done to YH is unspeakable, but I do think if Wallace has been in leading roles, and although he’s pretty as well, he has even less acting chops and screen presence than YK, so I really don’t see why he can’t be in lead roles after being in bit roles for a decade+. We r talking about the industry allowing MrNostril and FSF, or even in the extreme case Mr.Hammy HXM, all of whom I think have comparably lesser acting talent and imo looks than YK hitting it big to HUGE already. I’ll keep an open mind as to whether YK can lead a drama with his SuiTang, but he really was an absolute scene stealer for shallow shallow me in everything I’ve seen him in.

          1. I’m not sure whether this matters to Mookie or anyone following Mookie’s blog, but I’m reeling from intense shock that YM is dating Hawick Lau and not FSF.

            Methinks better step back from fangirling HongShi too much. If a bomber like “FengMi is a non-entity in real life” is dropped again in the C-drama world, not sure if I can take the shock. Hahah!

            1. Just another reminder screaming ‘MESOWEIRD!!!’ haha And hon, u don’t know me at all, AT! ALL!

              I was just chatting with ockoala on it. And tbh I think both of us r jumping in pure joy for 2 young ppl in love and can care less about the rest, shipper be DARNED! lolz I don’t really care too much about Hawick or MiMi for that matter in RL, but still I’m crying tears of joy and it’s shocking to me the world is not doing the same thing other than mourning for Premier Zhou EnLai

              So by the strict definition, I honestly have no shipper blood in me, I see sth ridiculously cute and my loved ones happy, I spazz (ie HongShi’s/ YH+HG’s outings and many other fluffy things) and I honestly do not understand the negativity on ppl pouring vitrol on ppl they supposedly love and care even in a fan to actor/idol relationship.

              I’m one of the peeps who did not see an ounce of RL chemistry btn YM and FSF other than a drawing heart fanboy and the apple in his eyes and the girl playing along for decorum, so I should’ve shut it. It’s shocking they have the balls to out themselves, but other than that, what’s the big freaken deal of some 20sth, 30sth falling in love?!?! They r real breathing peeps just like you and me afterall.

              I will never ever not fangirl HongShi if they continue to be publicly chummy like nobody’s biz and nope please don’t equate them as the promo monkey show/fanboy infatuation that is FengMi.

              So I really can’t fathom any fan of Yuan Hong or LiuShiShi being ‘devastated’ if they ever openly announce their love declarations to each other or to whom it may concern, I will not allow the negativity to be seen here just because some ‘shipper’ hearts r broken. Fans must be too full of themselves to hinge anything on ppl their ship and regarding that to be the only feasible outcome for the idols (or puppets or muppets…for no better words) in the universe, when we ourselves can’t even control our own destiny.

              Sorry for the rant, it’s not directed to you per se, but I can’t say I’m happy to be lumped in crazyshipperdom.

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