I’m pinching my cheeks: what r the odds?!?!? War of Flowers crazylove *shock!*

Scared, shitless, right now.  My good fortune in watching drama/movie GOLD since 2012 is on a winning streak and please please please don't jinx it, mookie, for screaming it out to the world!

But whatever, I'm brimming full of bone-chilling love, and devastation and goosebumps that are not denting even if I try hammering it.  I watched the movie in chunks since afternoon, at times, bracing for fear of sensationlized crap to hit me next scene, cause me to puke and hate and negating the awesomeness just because everything has been so powerfully perfect and well done, writing, directing, acting I totally thought I was in a dream, the most horrifying, devastating yet suffocating beautiful foggy grogginess.

And it builds on it and keeps hitting me punching me, pounding me in my innerds.  I paused for crying fists, I took breaks to literally hike in the woods to stop my mind spinning off in spirals.  I tried to eat and drink wines, teas and watched an episode of BigBangTheory to cushion my flailing, but after all the effort, I am one huge mess, sated, most satisfied, glorious, crying mess.

I'll keep writing about it for days, as long as I have this most intense love only the best movies can do to me.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh I miss you, my crazy moviefangirl me! 

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