Sherlocked! asdfsdfghasdgfhssasdf

Bliss is:  Monday, FML!Monday and its shitload of work, yet a 30 min food-less lunch with coworker firing nonsensical fangirl spazzzzzz over Sherlock was the best sustenance.   2 hours later, realized we forgot to feed and now giggling at our stupidity at vending machine and just punched out the crap that's under H+O+U+N+D columns. Seriously this would be the new diet fad if we have yearlong Sherlock every Sunday night and forget to eat (ok less the vending machine junk part).  THIS after a Sunday night of going unpreceded batshit AFDGSHJKGJFHDADFG watching Hound of Baskerville and flailing over it some more with hubs lying in bed and unconsciously falling asleep with TOO MUCH AWESOME!  How am I (and the world) deserving sooo many hours of undulated bliss stemming from an episode of tele?!?!?!?!??!?!

I screamed out loud, so many times, watching this episode.  I'm born a jumpy wimp, don't judge.  I was quite traumatized 'reading' Hounds of Baskerville, my very first Sherlock Holmes way too young because there exists, bedtime story picture books of Sherlock Holmes, and I have a fascination with puppies, even though on the cover, very fair warning, the hound looked feral and demonic.

Gosh I love the brilliant and numerous alterations they did to Hounds of Baskerville so very very much.  I geeked at all the pharmacology added.

I'm not even a Star Trek fan, but when Sherlock quoted Spock (who quoted 19thC Holmes) 'Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth' and John lovingly calls his loverboy out.  AFDGHFGGDFSsadsgffsaSDAFDGD   I can't.  Too much awesome as is. BUT when I'm so flailing for anything JimParsons/Sheldon atvm, and Sheldon is the ultimate Spock fanboy.  MIND IS EXPLODED!  I learned sth new last night,  I have loins burning crush on any Spock fanboy/clone with symptoms of Asperger's.

And Sherlock's Mind Palace is now the loveliest, smexiest place I wanna stay forever in. IF that place has a bloodied Sherlock holding a harpoon and a Watson refusing his pleas of 'Please, get me some/give me some!'  That is my dream heaven, one that I didn't know exist

And I‘ll stop myself from rambling ad nauseum on all the slashiest slashy lines ever on BBC1. '…. I just have ONE (bff/lover/soulmate/most precious being on earth)! *along with the eyesexing* OMFG!!!  Gatiss(Mycroft) you are always responsible for writing the yummiest slash ever.

Oh gosh, I swear this is the best I'mNotWorthy!TV.

And BTW, I have coerced a date tonight watching Warhorse (THERE WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH OF BC FOR THIS WOMAN!).  I'll make hubs wear a purple shirt.  I'm a sick bastard.


7 thoughts on “Sherlocked! asdfsdfghasdgfhssasdf

  1. He drugged Watson!! And watched him squirm on the monitor. He’d better make it up to his one and only, umm, “friend”.

    What’s with that ending?! Mycroft, why are you releasing a man obsessed with your brother? Aghhhhh, I can’t wait for the next episode. An dthen it’s over, nooooo, I need more!!!! This is the problem with getting hooked on UK shows, they have so few episodes each season.

    1. Sherlock WILL make up to his ‘one friend’. He did some experimentation on him, he’ll vice versa sth at 221B Baker St, like handcuffing him mentally fr his addiction…to nicotine?! or his thing for 7% stronger ‘tea’?! *gosh I sooo love that beginning scene*

      Thing is Watson was just as mad as a bf giving a little pat on the hand for a little too much shopping on a join credit card. He munches on his breakfast, makes Sherlock ‘man up’ to his booboo, and off they joke about excrements. Ahhhh, boys!

      I can’t believe the amping of bromance in that arm grabbing, eye-sexing I have no friends, I have one and THEN the rapid firing accolades of LURVE…and Watson was literally doing flips and flops in his tummy, gazing all dazed at his Sherlock making him a cuppa, like the first time ur cannotboilwater lover cooks a feast to impress you. HE NEVER MAKES A CUPPA! HE never takes it with sugar, but a glance, and he’s downing that sweetest cup.

      The surest thing is I’ll be in fetal position, shaking with withdrawal and the horrible pain of depression. Final Problem. Last episode. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~!!!!!! Good that the preview lets out ‘harmlessly’ little, unlike that evil tease Moffat’s tweet. (I was queasy after reading it, still is)

        1. Did u stay ‘good’?! ^^

          Oh, it’s really not that much (if u haven’t read that tweet) but RIGHT after HoB’s ending and him rubbing it in what’ll happen to the fandom in a wk (the end of the world as we know it?!?). It’s not nice but quite traumatizing!

          But here, just to put it down as a record of Moffat being a MEANIE!TEASE:

          steven_moffat Steven Moffat
          The woman is saved and lost, the hound is slain – now there is only the fall. You have one week to brace yourselves…
          8 Jan

          1. I was being so good until I read a review that casually mentions that the next episode is titled “The Reichenbach Fall”. Aghhhhhh!!! Aigoo Steven Moffat, he’s not really helping himself here with the “the woman is saved and lost” comment after all the brouhaha about sexism.

            1. He’s very stern on no intention, even subliminal, of him being sexist with his treatment of Adler, and I’m his camp. He has a very valid point fr his tweet on the matter, rephrasing him: if we were counting, she outsmarted him twice and him only once. He did save her, and by doing so, admitted to his own same failing as he accused of her.

              I must be a sick masochist, I haven’t reread Final Problem since highschool and am very tempted to do so…but I wanted to keep a safer distance at the precipice of the abyss that is Sunday night.

              1. “..if we were counting, she outsmarted him twice and him only once. He did save her, and by doing so, admitted to his own same failing as he accused of her.”

                That’s a great summation of what happened. I think people (including me,sometimes, heh) get too hung up with the word “saving”, it brings up all sorts of baggage about damsel-in-distress and knight-in-shing-armor and all that.

                It probably won’t be a literal “falling” like in the story, they’ve een really creative with subverting the stories with wordplay and such (HOUNDS being an acronym, for example).Fingers crossed, anyway. I’ve read that a third series is not confirmed yet because of BC and MF’s busy schedule. An ambiguous did-he-die-or-survive? ending would just drive me nuts!!

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