posting while curled up in a ball

I started crying 3 seconds into the episode. 

John's face.  I can't.   TT_TT

As brilliant as BC as SH all along,  and I know this will be the last we'll see BC as SH for a while (Moffat,FYI, there may be doomday, we don't know for SURE like WE-R-GOING-TO-HAVE-S3-SURE!, so why don't you whip it out before we have to survive Dday will ya?! just a THOUGHTTTT!) I can't stop my eyes on John always and wanna hug him and and kiss him and feed him, will keep kettle boiling 24/7 to make him a cuppa when he's slighting wincing in bits of pain surfacing gahhhhhhhhhhhhh TTTT___TTTT I will do that for you John, but I quite need that treatment myself.  And I promise, I'm practicing my BC as SH voice and will coo you to sleep every night with, 'My dear Watson, I owe you a thousand apologies. I had no idea that you would be so affected.'

I want fur, fur on my face so it will take care of sopping up the tears.  They keep coming!! darn it!!!!! TTTTTTT_____TTTTTTT

I freaking need to rewatch Martin in Office every Sunday for therapy.


*sobbbb* ETA : You were the best man and the most human, human being I have ever known. And no one will ever convince me that you told me a lie. So, there. I was alone and I owe you so much. Oh please, there’s just one more thing; Don’t be dead. Would you do that, just for me? Just stop it, stop this.— John at hisS' tombstone. 

fr tumblr

Most. Manpain. Bromantic. Words. Ever.

I need to stop watching anything, specifically things that'll explode my heart and brain and turn me into a waterfall of tears every freaking Sunday.



3 thoughts on “posting while curled up in a ball

  1. I am still mental and messy and channeling tonnes of happy thoughts of The Hobbit to cope.

    I haven’t even DARE to hypothesize the hows and whys, but I read this thought on tumblr/the Guardian? and damn it, I swore out loud. I’m paraphrasing:

    ‘….the SH at end scene is Moriaty in disguise, the exact same one the children saw and the SH as we know it is dead. No miracle.’

    I so agree with the fandom Martin Freeman has already claimed his second BAFTA that tombstone scene alone, or even that ‘Sher-‘ the beginning seconds of RFall. Those lines, how he delivers them r so full of every tiniest detail that makes up his Dr.Watson. I totally see him wearing jacket 24/7 till the most anticipated moment in my TV history come S3, it’s their equivalent token of love of the ‘I wish I knew how to quit you’ *sniffsniffsniff* Brokeback Mt shirt.

    I’m sure John won’t let Sherlock go easy without spilling every tiniest details around the time he tortures him to a breath of his life till they meet again and we’ll find it all out then. Maybe Sherlock had lost faith in himself? Lost his marbles when John’s head was on the line? If Lestrade can distrust him, I bet he can’t even entertain the thought Watson may doubt him in his fragile state? So may as well ASSUME he’ll buy any of his farewell lying ode and be ‘less affected’?! There’s the relief then gloat, the fleeting loveliest tiny upturn of lips fr Sherlock when he hears John’s declaration of love to him as his tombstone. BUT, I still dun know how any human won’t just give John hugs and kisses and puppies and everything possible to make him feel just a tad better that very moment.

    1. ‘….the SH at end scene is Moriaty in disguise, the exact same one the children saw and the SH as we know it is dead. No miracle.’

      Noooooo, that would be too cruel!!! How awesome is that guy who plays Moriarty, though? Especially in that scene in the journalist’s apartment when he’s playing the victim to Watson and the journalist, all the while baiting Sherlock with evil-eye grin,I wanted to throttle him myself.

      Yeah, I can see him making that call and lying about being a fake detective to lessen the impact on Watson. (Watson, Mrs Hudson and Lestrade don’t know yet that he “killed” himself to save them, right?)”If he thinks I’ve lied to him all this while, maybe he won’t care so much that I’m dead.” But of course real friendship doesn’t work like that. And he’s sorely underestimating Watson’s faith in him. But yup, I don’t think I could have just stood there looking and listening without running to Watson’s arms as fast as I could – I’m not dead, I’m right here!!!!!

      1. I don’t find Moriarty that scary when he’s being the ‘normal’ in your face I’m a sick crazy bastard Moriarty, but that scene u mentioned, when he’s acting like a normal normal person, creeps my bejesus out. I’m too scared and wanna get out of room instead of attempting to do anything to him honestly.

        Did you notice John regressing to his limp at the very end??!?! I didn’t but I can’t rewatch now. I can’t TTT__TTT

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