End of my HongShi drought

This is just a 40 sec teaser of the whole ShenZhen Cable TV program which I know nth much about other than Loverboy Yuan Hong and his bff fr HS will be babysitters to some of the snarkiest, funniest toddlers *I lost tiny hope and am extremely hopeful for mankind simultaneously* I am still looping it and giggling like a loonie yet smirking at how YH is totally played by a 4/5 yo yet going dawwwwwwwwwww over the collective cuteness that is HongShi + snarky fangirl/HongShi shipping toddlers.  And let me just be annoyingly obvious, if you r shipping a CP so obvious even to a 4 yo, it's a pretty solid one.

Little girl:  I want to ask if you are a good friend of LSS?
YH: *nods* Of course.
Lil girl: Then, do you have her phone #?
YH: I have!
Lil girl: Can you please give her a call?
YH: *grinning* Now?  *grinning madder* Give ShiShi a call, now?!
[Whatever loverboy, y the need to be so elated calling your SS?! Y U No keep it urself?!]
YH: OK, if I give her a call, you have to talk to her for me, alright?
Lil girl: No way.
YH: Then no, I can't give her a call.
       *leaning back* You have to help me, help me talk to her.  Can you?
Lil girl: Why?
YH: Don't you like LSS jiejie(big sis) very much?  Tell her yourself.  [hahaha pure speculation, did that little thing ask YH to say 'I like/love you~~!!! <33333' on phone in 'her' place *winkwink* muahahahaha I don't care, I'm having a good laugh visualizing such a cunning itsy bitsy thing outplaying YH every step]
Lil girl: But I'm not her good friend (unlike someone)
YH: Tell her you are my good friend.
Lil girl: I'm not.
YH: *loling embarrassingly* ['How pathetic!' –pink words flashing on screen HAHAHAHAHAHA]
YH: You have to help me with the talking, I can't say it out loud. I'm sorry.
Lil girl: OK then! I'll do it. [hahaha that cutiepie lil boy in the middle, witnessing all this is grinning wide….so cute!]
YH: You say it. *dialing*
YH: *handing phone to lil girl*  Here, you talk.
Lil girl: Hi! Liu ShiShi Jiejie!
LSS; Yes….

*Excuse me while I continue my dancing and singing and drinking and be merry~!*


5 thoughts on “End of my HongShi drought

    1. Most of the lines the kids r saying r scripted, but that fascinates me more: that little girl is a genius actress, or else how do u get a 4 yo to say all these lines at the perfect timing to make it seamlessly ad lib?!?!

      It’s more me watching it through a HongShi rosy glasses ;), It’s the whole hotness of BBJX and I bet there r more kids fans of LoCH08 than adults. Rather than the kiddos being HS shippers, there must be a writer there being a serious HS fangirl, PLUS I will bet good $$$ the producers asked YH who is his lifeline to call and SS is numero 1 or 2 on his speeddial.

  1. i saw a whole video omg even though i dont understand and i hope and hope and pray that you will somehow later translate it? but yeah HongShi is totally utterly adorable even when they’re on the phone miles away….gosh why cant these two just marry and have kids already? hahahahha

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