Happy Chinese New Year!!!

It is pictographs of: Dragon, Horse, Sperms and Jesus/God.  haha combined it's an idiom/new year well wishes for great health and lively spirit.

Auspicious wishes Y'all!!  It's lovely to know you, share bits of life, thanks from the bottom of my heart for keeping me company here ^^.  I have a little bug clinging to me still today,  but some very comforting homemade dumplings are lovely comfort food for my soul. Am sharing!!!! ^^

nomnomnom-ing while watching A Bear named Winnie. A TV movie with Fassbender, Suchet/Poirot, Steven Fry and the obviously insanely cute little black bear Winnie.  Story is inspired by the orphaned bear fr Winniepeg circa WW1, it bonded with soldiers en route to war front, later resided in London Zoo, and it's the inspiration for Alan Alexander Milnes's Winnie the Pooh.   It's a perfect, fuzzy little children's movie to watch with children this cold rainy night.  Bear for the toddlers, the perfect dose of Fassbender with a babybear!awwwwwwwww~ when I'm intoxicated under his spell.  We can never have too many animal movies starring very hot dudes.

8 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  1. 恭喜發財 ah chinggu! How you celebrating the Lunar NY?

    LOLz at that idiom.. thought they would have gone with the dragon instead of the dino for the first one.. LOL but cool!

    Looks like you’re Fassbender-ing huh? I’ve only seen him in First Class and Jane Eyre, but boy is he a HOTTTIEEE

    1. muakmuakmuak Happy New Year Dear!! Wishing you 順風順水,(前)錢途無限,龍馬精神,萬事勝意! Virtual Red Pockets to you~~!!

      haha because I’m THE horrible auntie, I’ve shown it to kids and they can figure out the first 2 as ‘lung’ ‘ma’ right away and immediately the rest of the idiom, but very confused with the respective pictographs. Then I have a ball with explaining.

      New Year for me is always a ritual of obscene amt of food, but other than that it’s nowhere near how we celebrate in HK, it’s lots of mahjonging, visiting all the aunties. My folks always have a veggie cleanse for the new year day. I’m sticking with it. My hubs is half ‘northerner’, and he got his way and had a homemade dumplings party for yr end dinner.

      Fassbender is head of my manrem atm. He’s very Hollywood leading man in his mainstream stuff but when he’s doing edgy, he’s shockingly CRAZYGOOD. I find them all insanely thought provoking, but very difficult to watch. It’s Fish Tank that did me in a few wks ago, then I watched Hunger, goner. It’s him invisible in his characters that do me in. I figure I need to see Shame desperately, went with a friend of a friend I dun really know too well. She’s very cool and it ended up opposite of awkward watching sth quite graphic and mentally disturbing.

  2. Happy New Year

    I remember this Canadian TV movie from awhile back. I cried during the movie; combine a war movie with a cute bear and watch water works!

    1. Re: Happy New Year

      Oh yes, I rem seeing bits of it visiting my family in Canada! I did tear up as well, that bear is just soooo cute! I didn’t expect it to ‘bark’ so much, it’s like it’s saying its lines. 🙂

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