Oscars: Fassbender, come claim ur hugzzz and kissessss


I never follow any awards, noms or winners. I've been suddenly slurping up movies like air last few months and rabidly loving a few performances I thought r shoo-in, so I am cheering for Oldman and Fassbender most earnestly.  And as always, when I care, they will just F with me.  I'm happy Oldman gets a nom, but I'll trade his spot for Fassbender, yes, that's how tragic I'm a lost cause.  I honestly am not that impressed with Clooney in Descendents, nor Brad in Moneyball (I don't think I'll rem these 2 movies in another month), let alone in the same chatter as Fassbender/Shame.  I am even more impressed with Albert Brooks+Gosling in Drive compared to those 2 noms. I dunno, I'll out myself as the only member of Team BradClooneyROverratedMeh, I've only loved them in Burn after Reading.  I will go see The Artist this wkend, for my sanity, please be everything as mindblowingly amazing as I'm expecting.

*fr tumblr*
Fassy, my lurve, don't cry!  I bet the Oscar derps can't handle ALL of your Glory and r in collective penis/hotness/talent envy.  And too aware it's humanly impossible not jumping u, showering u harassing kisses and hugs come Oscar night.  I'll paint myself gold and imitate the stillness of statue as best I can when you cuddle me in your bed instead. 

Honestly I feel so bad for the guy, he's at the peak of his game, talk of the world, awesome jawdropping fearless job, maybe the role of his career, and he's royally snubbed.  I dun know enough of these awards to draw a comparison of how screwed up I feel of this injustice,  I can only jump to denying Brando for StreetCar or DeNiro for Taxi Driver because the fangirl rush that's overcoming me is so alike when I experienced my initial falling.  I fully expect him (and Oldman) not winning, but not even the recognition of a nod?!?! If you can have 9 or 19 noms for best pic (Did the Oscar peeps really sit through the whole of WarHorse!?!), why can't we have 7 or 17 for other categories?!!!! WHY!?!?!?!?

The only bright side is I can skip the telecast and spend those hours much better watching more Fassy/Gosling hotness.


6 thoughts on “Oscars: Fassbender, come claim ur hugzzz and kissessss

  1. Is Shame a good movie , mookie? Read the news here the reporter feel cheated cos Fassbender isn’t nomiated.
    oh, they also discuss Fassbender in Shame might out of the mainstream for Oscar and maybe much of sex scenes?

    1. I love Shame a lot, I have scenes still haunting me and they r not the naked ones. It’s more an intense character study than a well-constructed piece of storytelling. The movie itself is not best movie material, but Fassbender, compared to what the other noms’ job, deserves to be there squarely on the shortlist.

      It is NC17 here, the sex and frontal nudity is there, but not an obscene amount at all. It’s not as graphic as I was expecting but the point is poignant.

  2. I loved Moneyball, and think Pitt and Hill deserved their noms. ^__^ But that’s because I loved the book and follow baseball, and MB was a thrilling movie from beginning to end, capturing baseball jargon, nuance, style, and beat perfectly. Not a fan of the Oakland As, but a total fan of Billy Beane. And Pitt did him justice.

    I think Cloony is overrated in The Descendents. My 2 cents. XD

    1. I liked Moneyball, surprising myself, I’m just not a baseball fan. It’s more my bias throughout the years: Brad Pitt is my blonde Andy Lau. 😉

      You too on Clooney in Descendents?! I don’t get the love. He’s no Meryl Streep.

  3. If Shame had been distributed by the Weinstein brothers, I’m pretty sure it would get some noms, at least for Fassbender. I’m not their biggest fan, but I have to admit, they KNOW how to promote a movie for awards (how else could Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan?)

    And nothing for Drive except for Sound? If not the Gosling, at least Albert Brooks or Bryan Cranston for Supporting Actor. My only consolation is they didn’t fall so bad for Clooney and nominate him for Best Director for The Ides of March.

    1. Now you reminded me of all the travesties! Shakespeare in love turned me into a Gwyneth anti.

      I’m just shockingly sad on so many of these noms. I think HarryPotter 7.2 is utter crap, but I’ll be fine with a sentimental nod to Alan Rickman, at least he’s the only thing that kept me awake. And I LOVE Tintin. I didn’t see Puss in Boots, but KungFu Panda 2?!

      I thought FoxSearchlight is not that shabby on their campaigning. This may just be my taste but I think BlackSwan/Natalie was soooooo overrated. They r particularly savvy with their tinier films snapping up acting awards, so I thought Fassbender has a lock as the 5th nominee. Maybe they r scared of Clooney fondling him with words again. I’m fetching excuses for them.

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