Iz still owned by MF

I think, I've watched one of the lousiest adaptation of Sherlock Holmes to date last night: the Case of the Silk Stockings.  And to flog myself more, half-way through the poorly told TV movie,  I realized I've watched it live a Christmas visiting friends. ARGH.  I don't usu mind diva Rupert Everett, but when he's a drugged zombie of nonchalance ie this interpretation of  'SH'?! *sobbbbb* How painful I'm missing Cumberbatch and MartinFreeman already!! Come back soonER solely for the sake of John, I beggggg you!  *silly tangent: I'm owned by the MFkers: MartinFreeman + MichaelFassbender.  My fangirl life has never been more heavenly.^^ *

And y the utter waste of time?!?  Not because I'm that huge a Sherlock junkie and any fix will do……it has Fassbender. I rewatched a Poirot: After the Funeral the other day….coz it's Fassbender.   And there is always that intangible serendipity with my creepy fangirling existence: I now realized I've seen 80% of his TV work, most I have no awareness of him being in it.  I was at my dentist's office just now, feverishly reading an Interview magazine like my life was depended on it: http://www.interviewmagazine.com/film/michael-fassbender/ 
I can't put it better than KK as to why Fassbender everything has been weakening my knees lately:
“You can forgive Michael anything,” says Keira Knightley, who costarred with Fassbender in A Dangerous Method. “It doesn’t matter what kind of character he plays. He can always put an audience on his side, which makes his work fascinating because it continually makes you, the viewer, question the situation.” 

And to be shameless, I love Josh Brolin more just writing these words: He is one of those actors who, through the subtlest adjustments in their physical appearance or demeanor, can appear younger, older, meeker, or more intimidating. And while Fassbender’s ability to morph, change, and disappear into characters may have been at least in part responsible for the early slow-burn of his career, it’s now one of the driving forces behind his newfound success. THIS, every word of it, is exactly what pushes me into the abyss of an actor's/actress' fandom 110% of the time.  It's also exactly why he's not memorable to me at all playing bit roles earlier in his career….because that's exactly his job.   And yup, I just love MF more for that alone.

He seems so grounded and head screwed on so right in the interview, and his way of words reminds me how he utilizes himself on film, there's a very personal, direct frankness, stripped bare of any 'pretentiousness'.  He jokes around, but means his words, yet didn't take himself too seriously. He cares most how he delivers the point across, and not a thought on his own vanity/ego/self preservation, nor how it'll reflect back on him as an actor.  When I'm watching him, I stop being conscious of any performance, I'm led into his character's psyche effortlessly on my part, when often, with many thespians, they emphasize on their conspicuous masterful interpretation of a role. With it, we are fed a judgment, a pov by the artist, which in turn, remove us a degree from forming the most direct, organic relationship with the character, without the meddling of the performer as middleman. It's a 'relief' he renders judging his acting technicality unnecessary. Hmmmm, he may be superhuman mutant with the ability to morph afterall.

"He’s a guy who’s unfamiliar to a lot of people and did a movie that’s really intimate,” an unnamed Academy member told the Los Angeles Times gossip blog, The Ministry. “That was a super-brave performance but … perhaps it inspired people to fantasize, and not actually vote.”

I see…. stupid, ignorant, blind and pull moronic fart out of one's arse about movies not seen/ above the capacity of one's pea-sized brain….etcetc r on job description of 'Academy member'.  Explain to me how Hilary Swank got her Oscars?! Was it Not on her performance but a household name?!  And I can't even think of any kind of sick bastardy pervert having the urge to fantasize after watching Shame.  Are you fcking kidding me in our day and age and planet when an actress is widely considered brave, serious and commendable/ vote-earning when her fine acting job is accompanied by daring to bare on screen whereas when her male counterpart show his man bits it's a big no-no objectification, a discrediting demerit, cancelling out his otherwise mindblowing acting job of the rest of his being?!??! This FuckUp is exactly telling me the mainly White Senile Dudes of the Academy had been voting with their bigoted impotent dicks all along.  My ragey rants aside, I hope he's still having drunken pingpong parties 24/7 with Clooney since his Oscar snub with all the rabid fanlove swarming the bloggerati-tumblrati-twitterati to keep him smiling his massive boyish grin:

And with Tilda documented screaming: “Oh, how fun! Is he there now?”  “But is it real? We should go! Where is he?” “Oh, he’s making jokes. What a shame. I think we should do it for real. How faaabulous!” and on singing Life on Mars with Serkis “That’s a dare! That’s an excellent dare. Okay, Patton, you’re on. Let’s get Andy and let’s go for it!”  I choose to believe this actually happened and Von Trier let a camera tied on his forehead and voila! Best 'most popular, vote obligating shiz/ award worthy masterpiece' 2013.

Checked MF's wiki and he's having amazing work 'parties' as well, working on such a making me very happy list of interesting projects.  The obvious is the (hottest and probably baddie)android in Prometheus:

fanart by Ikarop

AND….he'll be Harry Flashman come 2013?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Please make it happen definitely coz I can't unsee it in my head forever of him being the hottest BAMF!Flashman beyond imaginable.  I've read a few Flashman adventures in my teen years, it's a ball of fun and I've nicked him LouisCha's Wei XiaoBao in Victorian British Empire.  *and I'm rereading the first Flashman*
*Am a very thorough fangirl*


6 thoughts on “Iz still owned by MF

  1. Haha, Fasbender owns your life now huh? How I wish I’m not bogged down with SO MANY DRAMAS to watch (not that they’re anywhere sublime, great WOW or anything), so I can just check out some of his GOOD stuff. But alas, I just can’t stay away from my Kdrama addiction. T_T

    But again, he’s HOT alright. ^^

    1. I’ve been totally off the wagon with Kdramas, dragging any friend I could to go watch movies more than once a wk! ^^ I’m finicky and ADD, Kdrama will come back soon and possess me, esp after PP, WR and HoS end, I’m keeping ears open to what u guys’ opinions of dramas till the end and marathon my hearts out.

      1. Fassbender!

        You have no idea, I stayed up till midnight yesterday checking out on Fassbender. His interviews, clips, film trailers.. etc. And man, that VOICE (and FACE) of his. So darn deliciously squeeworthy and swoony.

        1. Re: Fassbender!

          *HUG* it makes me sad the interwebs as we know it is gone,RIP*sob*. but I’m sure our mainland comrades will find a cunning way around it. Every direct dl thingy is dead or blocked my end. I have to go bt, which I’m not comfy with, so I have to be more selective with what I’m watching. Have u look into 115/rayfile?

          I’m going to watch Dangerous Method tonight. Fassbender needs to stop being in tonnes of things I wanted to watch with or without him to begin with. With him in it, and absolutely blowing my mind terrific, I can’t stop at watching things once.

          1. Re: Fassbender!

            I’m using 115 to DL my other vidz, but Shame isn’t up yet I think? Think will have to wait for quite a bit until it’s out.

            How’s Dangerous Method?

            1. Re: Fassbender!

              I liked Dangerous Method, it’s much more subdued and clinical than I thought, but KK was absolutely the most horrible I’ve seen her. If not for Fassbender, she is the deal breaker and I might have walked out. My friend thinks it’s boring and not pulling out all the stops maximizing the source material, but she likes KK’s performance the best.

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