This lj is hopeless

Saturday, we ventured to an unfamiliar neighborhood for our LNY feasting, arriving half an hour early, anticipating the no valet parking hell.   We're told the reservation would be 45 min later, figured math in head it would prob be > twice longer.  That very light-bulb moment, I saw, across the street, a block away, a decrepit theater next to an ice cream shop.   I coerced the others, immediately we texted them poor chaufeurs still circling for parking.

The theater still uses block letters physically spelling out S.H.A.M.E. Other than I've asked them whether anyone has any interest seeing it in passing last wk (nobody), I didn't give out a clue on how I'm absolutely craycraycrazy about the movie I've seen already, and just under my wrappings, a blob of FassbenderGoo with a kickass poker face.  Like any post-Shame sisterhood, I assume, we txted each other whole Sun morning and decided to abandon our families for an impromptu girls' afternoon for a big purging of thoughts on Shame and Fassbender.  I think this is my nirvana, where my RL closest gfs r ALL on the same page at the exact moment of extremely rabid, albeit vapid to the rest of humanity, spazzing.

Our sparkling confetti of Fassbender fangirling 'wisdoms' /Things I do for Fassbender:
1.  Do not watch Hunger and Shame in close succession.  It's rubbing erosive acids on an open wound. And it's really suicide territory to be smitten by him more after Shame, or Hunger, but it's a 100% hit rate.  I've just sinisterly experimented with my dear gfs.

2.  Be a toughie without standards.  There is no feel-good Fassbender movie, he almost never comes out without disabilities or dies horribly in optional clothing.  More often he's the villain u still sympathize no matter the blasphemy *le sigh*, even in a harmless TV movie for kids, he's separated fr his real Winnie the Pooh for life *sob*.

3.  IF Fassbender and McQueen are gay, please be merrily married ever after and be spiritual and life partners forever and ever, even if that is Doomsday in FassyPlz@#$^Me! fangirlville and the fact any subsequent work coming fr the marriage of their most beautiful, complimenting talent is WMD for responsible adulthood.

4. **Shame SPOILER** It has decided to get deep under my skin.  I've tried every means to curb the festering  It's a consuming addiction on its own, I‘m so affected by the entirety of the movie.  We swore we will never have the toughness to rewatch it as the credits roll, but we can't stop talking about it.  When forced to stay numb, we can't stop thinking about it.  It was so unnerving to sit through, more so in a rewatch, I turned away at a pivotal scene of a screen-ful of Fassbender writhing flesh, it's hardest to watch the scenes without dialogue (and there r a lot) when we're left unhinged with our imagination to creep into the psyche of Brandon.  After discussing for an hour, we think there must be an element of incest in their past, may not be btn Brandon and Sissy, but we can not be absolutely sure.   My theory is Sissy was sexually abused by a closely related father figure for a prolonged period: dad/uncle/cousin and Brandon witnessed it, but was helpless in saving Sissy, thus retorted to distant himself from her trauma and be a void bystander and there sown the seed of his absolute walling off of any human intimacy (all speculation).  His addiction is so monstrous he doesn't trust himself the most with Sissy under his roof,  there's always the hanging doubt of whether she's completely off limits when he succumbs to his urges in order to function.  Most of us endured nth of it, but his disease can be extrapolated to the broader human condition of the world we are living in, the eroding of so much of the nurturing human bonds, our lack of closeness or intimacy even within our nuclear family unit, yet excessive quick fixes of any gratifying stimuli r never as available to feed into addictions as present.  Surprisingly, we all think the movie's open ending is hopeful, he's still very attuned, he's clearly consciously fighting the battle, winning or losing.  An awareness is a beginning, a grain of hope.  We saw Brandon still not desensitized to the painful shame after the spiralling down, and it must leave a useful residue. I'm hopeful he has the agency imprinted in him to savage sth at some point, keeping him above water.  Now that I've seen the Artist as well (predictably good, but nth magical in the storytelling other than Uggie the dog, overrated imho and won't make a splash if not for shrewdest campaigning), what Fassbender did here is soo much more skillful and exquisite he's sucker punched Brad, Clooney, Dujardin and even Oldman collectively in one blow.  At any given point in the movie when we see his face as Brandon, it was another twisted well-developed layer on top of the moment we previously saw him and from scene to scene it's built up to an unrelenting, uncompromising yet ever-escalating drone…and all this mostly with a flicker of his eyes.  There is no backstory, no voiceover with very bare dialogue.  We didn't have to work, every expression he made in the movie instantaneously convey the smorgasbord of emotions that precise moment flooding through Brandon.  On this watch, I can insert a myriad of adjectives and ramble on what's going on in his head effortlessly, as if I'm unwillingly being Brandon.  The same with Carey's Sissy.  Her best freaken job to date.   And to draw these performances out, it's only logical McQueen is the very real deal.  He's a must-see for life.


A  Dangerous Method is very interesting.  It's not exactly what I expected for better, and for worse.  To my horror,  Keira Knightley is deserving all of her criticisms and more, she's insufferably hammy and unbelievably overboard in the first half when her character is in bouts of full blown neurosis.   She's always OTT imo, but it's always tolerable as a whole when she's shining in some scenes. I've always managed to connect with her character.  Here her excessive ticks and mannerisms r too much, esp next to Fassbender and Viggo, both very controlled and crisp with their approaches to impersonating the patronizing men Jung and Freud.  Their heady, fascinating clinical brainstorms of conversations would've sprung out of the real Jung's and Freud's mouths, I  can imagine.  Then there is Keira,  like she's a Transformer in a Michael Bay action bonanza.   I'm so relieved she's improved in the later half and she's lucky in too many ways to have Fassbender doing all the heavylifting of building up most of the insatiable forbidden lust/love and straining tension with his expressive eyes.   Fassbender still did the most brilliant job, gosh he's sooooo swoonworthy feeding the straight-laced spec'd doctor/prof fetish, Viggo is also good, but Fassbender is stealing every scene they shared. I wished there was more Jung/Freud.  It's almost like they r overcompensating the awful KK acting adding on more lines than nec for the romance.  It's so slyly humorous when the credits roll and top billing is KK, then Viggo, with Fassbender coming in third and last of the leads when he's in almost every scene and is the most fascinating character throughout.  I've never been a huge fan of Cronenberg, I always fail to connect with his works emotionally, no matter how precise and masterful his directing.  I think Cronenberg designed it to be filed with clever but dry, clinical dialogue, cramping down on the actors to do every scene almost to the cusp of expressive completion, restraining them to let out the last release.  But oddly, it worked for me, tugging the stifling society closer to my view.  The friend I watched with is a psychiatrist herself, though there's no alarming flaw in the content, she thought the movie extremely cold and underwhelming. She thought Viggo was sleepwalking and reduced to almost a cameo, Fassbender is only decent and praises KK transforming herself to unrecognizable.

6.  Fassbender Things to absolutely avoid: Eden Lake (a psychologically torturing goreporn), Jonah Hex (MF jabbed its suckiness himself), Hex (don't be tempted though he was a very hot eyeliner wearing FALLEN ANGEL in this stinky PoS Buffy wannabe like this):

7. It's a new low when you passive aggressively nudges your Mr. why he has never rewatched 300, claiming u have never said it's no place in harddrive, and will need to seriously watch it to reconsider.

8.  Do not go down the rabbit hole of youtubing, tumblring Fassbender.  DO NOT watch this Shame Q&A.

Despite the fact he's clearly never heard of sunscreens, facecreams and the likes and wont groom unless it's absolutely necessary for work he's perfect in every possible way.


4 thoughts on “This lj is hopeless

  1. Awww, LOL’ing so hard at the gif’s. Fassbender looks so different for each character, he’s good looking, but not in such a striking way that you always KNOW it’s him. Two words for Keira Knightley courtesy of a BBC film critic – Ikea Knightley. Ikea Knightley and Orlando Bland faking passion in POTC movies, how much more wooden can you get?

    1. HAHAHHAHAHA on the Ikea Knightley. She’s very ‘animated’ twisted wood in ADM, but sorry honey, perpetually twisted faces and flailing limbs do not nec equate acting. The C netizens r so mean, calling her a (crazy)llama (which is a vulgar slang) in her v first scene where she’s dragged to Jung’s hospital. She’s so scrawny and screechy there with unruly nest of hair. One of the Fassbender fangirl was to point of crying, every cap she’s made of the first half consisted of a hot stoic Jung!Fassbender sharing the space with a KK being batcrap nutso scaring children in EVERY one of them, and she went on posting 50+ caps as evidence. LOLZ in tears! XD

  2. It seems my dear mookie has got injected a dose of Fassbender virus kekeke…I still try to find a better link to dl for Shame and A Dangerous Method.

    1. How’s ur wkend dear?

      I can’t be helped, u know that! haha

      Those 2 r so different, Shame took me on for a harrowing, visceral ride. I felt like I don’t even remember to breathe, let alone dissecting, whereas ADM is not emotionally engaging for me at all, but it works in distancing me to maul over the dialogues and the theories almost clinically….as Cronenberg wanted exactly, I supposed.

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