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I love this movie from its very first scene, and it gets lovelier and lovelier and lovelier from then on.   What works for me is the talented graphic artist in the director, it's bonus he's also an amazing writer/storyteller.  My brain stores events and memories in a similar fashion and the movie immediately hits me very viscerally with the use of strings of  single images sometimes accompanied by a few spoken words by Ewan to build a scene in an eccentric, effective collage,  I thought the writing and the lines are endearingly exquisite, it may be a bit pretentious 'indie' for some, but not me. It's my favorite original screenplay 2011.

The trailer is spoilerish, but if u like it, u'll love the movie:

It has an insanely lovely Jack Terrier, Arthur, played by Cosmo.  Fresh off Uggie stealing the show for me in The Artist, I had an Uggie screensaver for 3 days but sorry cutie, I've just replaced you!  Mr Plummer never lies, he said in the Newsweek Oscar roundtable they have a better dog. And who hasn't talked to their dogs like Ewan's Oliver, at least when we were little?!

fr tumblr

It never dampens the heavy subject matter with any histrionics,  On paper, Oliver is dealing with overwhelming events, unfortunately/fortunately all bombarding at once, and it's easy to hammer on his woes and manipulate our emotions.  This is not the case, we see the guy dealing with it pragmatically the very best anybody can, actually the way he deals with it is very similar with what I had thought in my mind if facing his demise, yet brimming with all the devastating emotions.   He uses safe comforts and small constants to cope and it's subtly heartbreaking yet positive, delicately putting a large smile on my face while I'm sobbing at the same time. It's not until I read up on the director that I know this is autobiographical.  No wonder every minute of it is done with visible tender loving care, with a script that is putting me in a love-spell.  I think Ewan has a harder role to play facing some similar issues as love and loss as Clooney in Descendants.  Here Ewan illustrated to me the divide between a talented actor and a good charmer on screen.  I'll repeat it any chance I can: if Clooney/the descendants is nominated, Ewan/beginners is SNUBBED!  Argh, don't make me hate George by giving him the award, I still want to enjoy him being a ball of fun as himself.

Last but not least, Plummer is PRECIOUS, give him all the awards:

fr tumblr

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