Sound of Music will never be the same

My first musical, Julie Andrews, lovely singing Nuns and children, raindrops and kittens, Captain + Edelweiss made up my very first rabid obsession. I scratched up the VHS tape watching it too many times.  My mom manipulated me to piano lessons saying I could soon play every song in S&M (it's Mr Plummer's invention out of his 'hatred' for being the forever Captain Von Trapp).  I learnt my DoReMis to the song:

 And to this day, I will still play and sing a lousy 'So Long, Farewell' in my imitation of the children's voices by memory when I'm tipsy at family gatherings after a rewatch.

Lets be honest with our Catholic girl kink, when the piano practicing, the HW for Bible Studies was less interesting than chewing cardboard, who didn't persevere with a will of steel because of the aspiration to be a rowdy nun in an Alpine convent so hopefully one day the Sisters will ship you off as governess at a widowed Plummer-lookalike Captain's fancy mansion?!?!  That said, I've never had any remotely crushy thoughts concerning Mr Plummer. He maybe the Freudian origin of my forever falling for the Darcy type, but no, I formed a super fond sacred memory of Sound of Music many years before I was hit by hormones.

To pull myself out of my shameful Fassbender flailing, with Beginners still so very fresh and beautiful in my head, I thought obsessing over Ewan or Mr Plummer will be a way out.   Ewan was quickly ousted, he's just Fassbender's less dangerous, younger looking but older bro and I can't rewatch Trainspotting nor Phantom Menace.  As sick as I am with my grandpa crushes, I cut off at 70 yrs old.  Mr Plummer is a lovely 82 years young!!! Watching the most innocent Sound of Music is so clever of me, right? SURE~~~


So from now on, every rewatch of Sound of Music will get me very hot and bothered coz I can't unsee Mr Plummer and his facetwin Fassy. And Fassbender said recently he wants to be in a musical.  And Hollywood is probably dumb enough to remake a Sound of Music before I kiss the dust. 

*sigh* *throwing in towel* I TRIED!

[everything stolen fr tumblr]

6 thoughts on “Sound of Music will never be the same

  1. Oh wow. There must be some connection in the gene pool somewhere …. the lips, the eyes. Finally saw him in After the Funeral – sleeping with your cousin, Fassbender, really?? I got distracted seeing Sir Anthony Strallan as the lawyer, suddenly I’m seeing him everywhere these days, he’s also in Emma as Mr Weston.

    1. oh yes Sir Anthony Strallan! So I’ve seen him playing sorta amiable mousy well-to-do guys a few times, but somehow he looks a bit pervy creepy to me, even as Mr. Weston.

      *sigh* and the useless facts I kept in my head for Fassy, the Emma was the lead in Angel(very annoying), Fassbender first substantial movie role and Jane Fairfax played the Buffy wannabe in the worst turd, Hex.

      1. OMG was Angel a bad movie! I saw it because of the director. How could the guy who made a movie about death and dying as subtle and unsentimental as Time to Leave made a movie this OTT and just plain weird? Dude, just stick to directing French movies and leave the British period piece alone!! I kinda like Romola Garai as Emma though, but mostly in comparison with Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie.

        1. oh MTE! I checked the movie out after Emma, I liked Romola’s Emma as well. I’ve only seen 8 women and thought it was a riot. I didn’t rem much of Angel, just a mental note never to watch it again. It’s not until I checked Fassbender’s IMDb I realized I’ve seen him in it.

  2. Sound of Music fan here 2!

    OMO, I loved loved SoM! I loved it so much I watched it too many times I ruined the only tape I had of the film. 20 years ago and I can still remember the scenes so vividly. The songs, the hymns, ahhh…

    1. Re: Sound of Music fan here 2!

      SoM is my mom’s first awareness of my dangerous rabid obsessive tendencies, I think she’s traumatized by what an ugly gremlin I can be if denied my SoM fix. I still love it to an unhealthy degree, but I felt like my childhood and innocence are sorta poofed! now that I have a new serious crush by association on Captain/ Mr Plummer.

      I don’t want a SoM remake ever, coz there will NEVER EVER be another Julie Andrews. But maybe Fassy on SNL, and him snarking at it as Plummer and sing and dance? I know he can’t pass up any opportunity to sing at least.

      Have u seen A Dangerous Method?

      No, my FassyFrenzy it’s not going away any time soon, my hubs, back fr grocery shopping, got me a shark pillowpet and he said its name is Fassy, just to poke fun at me. :/

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