hot! WAY HOT!!! The Other One…

in tears crying, tummy hurting XDDD

[fr tumblr]

…and I'm 12,  loling at Super Bitch and Chicken Lady. XDDDD


6 thoughts on “hot! WAY HOT!!! The Other One…

  1. Do you follow Saturday Night Live? I’m not a fan of variety shows but will pick up on selected episode cuts on YouTube if recommended, heh!

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed your TV this weekend. I’m so so proud of myself. I sat through 13 super-boring episodes of Ru Yi the last two nights just for YM’s sake, heh!

    1. oh I seldom sit through the whole thing, unless my bias is hosting! ^^

      13??!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!???!????? is it any good!?!??! haha I’ve lost all respect for YM since Goong and her dud after dud of movie choices.

      1. Awww, c’mon. She will be in Hua Pi 2 with Chen Kun, Vicki Zhao and Zhou Xun. You won’t be able to miss that.

        As for Ru Yi, Hawick & Yang Mi’s characters are of the same blandness as Gen Lin & Qiao Er in that series that shall not be named, heheh!

        1. nah, haha I dun wanna sound too bitchy but to compare Janine and YH (plus SS), those naturally beautiful ppl very pleasing on my screen with acting chops shown elsewhere but absolutely wasted in CtW and YM+Hawick OTT plasticity in same sentence?!?!!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! O_o CtW is a lame bland piece of crap, but lets put responsibility where it’s due and it’s not the prob with the acting or the actors involved. They were every bit the victims as we viewers. I have a pretty stern premonition I’ll find YM+H acting intolerable in RuYi, everything fr costumes, synopsis, writing everything… r my definition of intolerable cheapo, no heart Crap. YM was unforgivably screechy horrible in Goong and her HK movie outings, and Hawick… in everything. They will amplify the WTFery, IF I ever watch a min of Ru Yi, but I’ll spare myself fr the torture.

          I dun really care for Hua Pi tbh as a movie, it’s just CK and ZX delivering their awesome. I’m not a fan of Vicki, never was, I’m not really a fan of ZX either, she can act, and is scene stealing in HP, but I find her 50/50, she’s meh in Great Magician. Tbvh the fact YM will be there is a turnoff, I don’t want to shout it out, I’m progressively a YM-hater. She has to stop crappy acting in absolute pieces of poop absolutely wasting herself to the point she no longer rem her talent, period. I’ve seen a bit of BJ love story and her style of acting is one of the deal breaker, the main being the pretentious writing, (that and I can’t stand Chen SiShing being smug in an overinflated ego of a character)

          1. Hey Mookie, take a look at Yan Kuan and Yang Mi’s made-for-TV movie, Beijing Fairytale:

            This was back in 2006 when she looked like her naturally pretty Guo Xiang self and Yan Kuan looked really young!

            Don’t bother with Ru Yi. By ep 15, I’ve decided it’s about the same level crap+boring as CtW. And it moves even slower!

            1. Ohhhhhhhhh thanks sweetie!

              it got me squeeeing and sad watching. Don’t you wish we can turn back time and stop her from the PS

              This is the exact Mi that I fell for, such a natural on screen and can elevate a subpar script. There’s sth so endearing with her and she’s doing it with so much heart. Too bad it’s gone. T_T

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