Hyunbinnie post (sorta)

It's good that I LOVE TangWei, or else I would've been so ragey with envy I want her blood.  She flirted with and teased him, and she kissed him till she couldn't bear it any longer (I don't understand what woman will stop the kissing at her free will, u can breathe any other times for the rest of ur life!).   She's done some promo lately in Beijing for ManChu, FINALLY getting an air date Mar 23 in mainland.  It's also a huge deal because I'm not too sure her 'ban' is completely lifted (or does it have anything to do with its suspiciously late CN release)

In the interview, she talks about her Anna, a woman closing herself off to feelings, jailed for 7 years when we met her, her heart has been put in a deep freeze hiatus, she's forgotten the outside world, and the rest of the world has forgotten about her….till she met HB's character, to her, he's literally a ray of sunshine, a warmth, an angel.  She realizes, shockingly, she is still able to love.

The first time she met HB,  he's wearing a baseball cap, very shy.   But they become good friends over the course of filming.

TW, 'He's very meticulous and attentive. He's thoughtful of any and everything.  But I want to poke him a bit off-kilter, for example, whenever we're doing an interview, I'll do or say something that I know he will be taken by surprise and will not know how to respond.  He'll panic a tiny bit, but that's when he's so adorable and so true.  Your heart can't help to flutter when he's like that, that's the HB I felt most real.  The usual HB is too cool.' And she tells the reporter, there's this one time when they were filming a promo video,  they were told to stare at each other intently, out of nowhere she tilted up his chin with her finger flirtatiously, he was so shocked he didn't know what to do but glared at her.  She laughs, 'I really loved these moments of him!'

There is a much talked about long passionate kiss in the movie.  'That scene was not in the script, the director added it last minute, telling us it'll be a release of all our feelings for each other in an explosive note.' She said the director was 'so bad', he didn't shout cut when filming, so they kept kissing and kissing till they 'couldn't stand it' anymore, that's when he said 'cut'.

In the article TW also mentions she wants to study acting in Sweden, she's already done an acting course in London, but she feels she's not gone 'far enough', she has so many farther places she wants to go.

Original article:   http://www.ycwb.com/ePaper/ycwb/html/2012-02/11/content_1319291.htm

On one hand, I can't believe it's a year since Berlinale 2011, OTOH, it means it's almost A YEAR he's enlisted and there is less than 300 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is still a DARN long time, toooo long. I miss him, bad.  T_T


4 thoughts on “Hyunbinnie post (sorta)

    1. WATCH IT, I’m sure once it’s out in CN, it’ll be avail everywhere on the interwebs. They have a very endearing lovely chemistry, perfect for their characters. There r parts of the movie I’m not sure about the directing and can use some editing, but it’s worth sitting through for them alone.

  1. I love her more because of that and how she pokes binnie to his maximum cuteness! 🙂

    Yes, it’s because of LC, and *sigh* only on her, she’s the only CN citizen of the three, but since then she’s obtained a residency in HK and her subsequent films (that see daylight) have HK connections. All her scenes fr the PRC anni celebration propaganda movie Founding of a Party r dropped on the editing floor, saying her scenes r ‘too explicit’ and the grandson of MZD ordered it. They didn’t say it out loud it’s a ban, thus didn’t have to man up on the outrage.

  2. It was really unfair for TW. I like TW in “Lust, caution.” although the sex scenes were a bit too much for me, but i think it was needed. I thought she was so cute esp when she teased Binnie at LA’s promotion hehe.

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