As commercialized as VDay is for many of us normal folks, I still love it to bits. More love, MORE, can never be enough.  

A dove couple is calling my front yard home spring after spring.  This year, they're back, all feathers fluffing, albeit a bit early, considering out of nowhere we have a cold spell, freezing rain and even inches of snow just minutes away in the mountains.

I don't think it's random happenstance this day is the birthday of YH's official fanclub  It is its 5th birthday (6th counting it's before the Lunar New Year Day that year,and who but YH remembers these tiny lovely details?!?!)  Loverboy wrote an ode to his red beans, I doubt there's a dry eye there after reading, with his own poem and a song dedication at his weibo:

Lil''s Home is 5 years old, 6 by way of tradition, it's ~ a kindergartener.
This is a curious age.  We've been weened from the training pants/diapers, but we're still peeved by the business of shoelaces;  very vaguely, we know a little of the differences between little boys and little girls, but we still use the same lavatory; we haven't grasped what's the vast meaning behind giving flowers to the other sex, yet we'll be stressed over the teacher giving or taking away our little red paper merit flowers.  At that time, kindergarten is everything, our whole world is the kindergarten and the parents who picked us up at its door, are all aliens from another universe…to us.
I went off tangent, why does it feel like I'm talking about my own childhood?
Anyways, this little home should be a place never with complicated big problems, just occasionally little booboos, it's the time when we can just grow without a care of anything.  It's a time when ur folks are worn with all the worrying.  It's the Moms and Dads ( the oldtimers of the fanclub) who have been through the diaper duties, in tears and blood nurturing the blob into something resembling a human being, each with own story of frustration, at one's wit's end only a true parent can commiserate.
I'm someone who has never fantasized about the unattainable things, therefore, when I see a child this age, I can never say the pretty PC things of 'growing up to be most successful', 'from the looks of it, will prosper into the smartest of the smarts' or 'can be the brightest star/actor'.  I can safely guess, even with the possibility of facing my own children in the future, I'll only say a simple blessing of 'be a healthy child, grow, be safe, stay happy'.  for Yuan's Home, it's the same.  I can only hope, we can stay the same, innocence intact, like this, forever, with you…and hope you can keep me company here as well.  Keep our own free, simple happiness and grow together.

Thank you for being by my side all these years, here is always the warmest home for me and the Red Beans. 
I thank the moderators, the threadmistresses with the deepest gratitude~
I wish Yuan Home Happy Birthday, Happy Valentine's Day for the Red Beanies~
Last but not least, a lousy Haiku/poem for a heartfelt yet cheesy wrap.

Fate is destined whilst bond is in our hands.
Together, apart; wax and wane, the tide leaves a mark.
Our paths have crossed.  Six years, you and me…
settled here under same roof.

And he dedicated Bob Dylan's Tomorrow Is A Long Time to his fans:
'If today was not an endless highway,
If tonight was not a crooked trail,
If tomorrow wasn't such a long time,
Then lonesome would mean nothing to you at all…..'

*Swoon* I'll be obvious, how romantic is a Dylan's love song?!?!

All I can do is repost maybe the oldest love song in response:

It's a revision of folk melodies from The Spring Autumn period 7th to 3rd Century BC, flourishing in Han. The lyrics are from a poem 子衿 (lit. the collar, a poetic name of a lady's love of her life) from Book of Odes' 郑风.  A collection of the richest poems on love and romance of the time.


I've always spent V day thinking of all the loves in my life and count my blessings, isn't this heartbreakingly lovely?

8 thoughts on “LOVE

        1. Very busy, so sorry. Can’t even breathe. But some news has perked me up today.

          Elephant Hill weibo reported Eddie Peng COULD be in DMY!!! And given Eddie’s star status, it has to be at LEAST Guy2. OMG, Eddie & LSS!

          1. *huggzz* tctctc! haha I’ll grab you for a chat while I can. Ignore me! ^^

            tbvh I’m not too excited with TR’s adaptation of DMY. I really can’t see it going against the odds and be decent as BBJX, because fr the get go, I dont see BBJX as possible to be a completely fail like the worst surprise that is CtW. Here, TR needs to have every element just right but so far everything is just second ‘most convenient/revenue generating’ best.

            Oh I

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