Drama Winning Streak 2012: still un-jinxed

I'm not watching much at all, work has been good busy, I have an extremely sharp intern this time around YAY!, I can't slack myself…*ermmm…nay?!*   Cousin is living with us this semester after some roomie issue, we're still getting used to the company.  I don't think it's wise to watch things I'll make strange squeaky noise at in her vicinity when my house is cramped.

So what rare delish things r on my drama plate?

I've finished Shinya Shokudo 2 and rewatched SS1 whenever I'm eating at home and having a hard time deciding IF there's a better one btn them. Imo no, they r equally precious.  I'll be an eternal fan come Season300. There is just enough of food porn, always neatly tied in with the most succinct slice of life storytelling of eccentric characters.  Every episode feels short because it's so good and there's not ONE extra line or draggy scene to be found, yet it's just right, full of the J brand of understated joie de vivre, every character has their little unique stories to tell.  It's not served up conveniently on a plate, but told in a thoughtful pace in each half-hour episode. They feel so vibrant I have a worsening habit of staring at the folks sitting closeby on my trips to any neighborhood food digs, esp if it happens to be an izakaya water hole.  And yup, I've been checking out all the cooks and owners looking for the hottest sweetest yet coolest BAMFojisan lookalike of Kobayashi Kaoru.

It'll be a sin to post food porn this time or any time of the day, here is a screencap album if interested *gulp*:

Then there's the current season's Kodoku no Gurume/ Lonely Gourmand, the followup drama of SS2.   This is an unapologetic food appreciation of the highest order. Not 'porn', it's the romancing btn a human being and food.   There's no usual plot nor life inspiring thoughts fr this manga to TV adaptation, unlike SS, where the food is there as an aperitif for the meat of the story of the inhabitants, always with a big dash of enhanced sentiments flavoring the watch.  Here it's simply a man in a cheap grey suit of an unknown job eating in no fuss real places, falling in LOVE most romantically with the food item, we're not given much about his story, nor his day,  but every episode, my eyes r opened to new ways to LURVE whatever it is our salaryman is putting into his mouth.  Spending the 20 min watching the most basic human bliss of savoring any food to its maximum capacity of enjoyment is delivered fr watching him taking everything in fr the visual, to him describing every mundane detail of his love affair with the food, to me physically feeling the butterflies of him crushing and falling in love at first sight/bite. It's sinful and priceless, and worth the hating oneself the morning after….after robbing the fridge post watch.

O WTH, I'm posting some to drag you along:

It's beautifully shot but not too gussied up even with multiple angles and zooms of a simple gyoza/ oyakodon.  You'll not feel too guilty to mentally devour it all because it screams accessible ordinary numminess.

I've started an episode of 幸福来敲门/Happiness Comes Knocking, a 2011 Cdrama mom randomly mailed me. It's based on the novel Stepmother by Yan Ge Ling, the author of War of Flowers *gasp ❤ on that alone*  It's the highest rated show of 2011 on the respected CCTV1 state-owned channel, it's won awards…blablabla …so it's surprisingly not love at first screen for me.  It is a bit clunky but still endearing,  I was expecting it to be the usual genre that never sux: the modern slice of life docu-Cdrama with zero bells and whistles, this one is leaning towards family drama/ romcom of a widower and a ditsy beautician a few years past her prime, but making it up with tonnes of makeup and styled hair, fine in 2012, gawdy and obscene in 1980s when the story is set, she's new to the neighborhood his mom-in-law is living in, taking care of his children while he works in the city as an artist/photographer…ie before the 'capitalist revolution' or boom of the 90s.  From the look of things, just coz the lady's hair is permed the perfect curls in broad daylight and she's wearing a garden variety lingerie lookalike sundress with bare lower thighs no stockings, she's to be gossipped by all the neighborhood aunties as wicked fox-to-be.  I bet just the fact she's a single lady in her 30s is 'unsavory' enough for them.  I love the lead actress Jiang WenLi, I'll give it another ep or 3…when my mind is not preoccupied with WR.

I still love WR despite many turnoffs.. I thought I should and could stay away but I'm kidding myself.  It's rooted a seedling in me and although I'm not hooked, when I get some alone dramatime, that's the thing I wanna watch the most, too bad by the time I dl'd next ep, time's up. The writing is just the best of the best kdramaland has ever offered me, it's making me,  one of most nitpicking annoying unpredictable peeps, not fussing over birdnest FUGhair, plastic faces, OTT spastic acting, trainwreck moronic PDing,  earworming brainfarting OST AND bumpy first few eps,  it's that crazy good even with all that funk.

On the Fassy fangirl front, his adorkableness delivers in the newest ep of Top Gear.. 

I'm a casual fan of the show, I've been watching it since S1ep1 so it's become a routine, a kinda funny yappity uncle presence.  I've rewatched Jane Eyre twice in last wks.  I guess that's the only 'kid' safe un-depressing thing he's in that's solidly good on its own merits.  News to me, I can never get tired of watching his Mr. Rochester, even when my shallow brain is telling me he's at his least phy attractive ever on screen as…Mr Rochester.
So Rooftop Prince, I'll watch you, and you can only be awesome, m'kay?


8 thoughts on “Drama Winning Streak 2012: still un-jinxed

  1. Fassy~~

    Oh I knew you’d mention Fassy somewhere in your post. I’ve been following you long enough to know it’d either be Binnie, YH or Fassy haha..

    I remember watching Jane Eyre with my sister, didn’t like it too much (maybe cos I’m not familiar with the novel and didn’t find Rochester and Jane’s love story too compelling). But I remember we were squealing over Fassy’s seexxxxayyyy voice in it. And weird I found him to be really HOT in that movie.. haha..

  2. Re: Fassy~~

    HAHAHA or all 3 +YooChun in one post? I’m a creature of strange habits. ^^

    This Jane Eyre is strange. As a stand alone movie, I didn’t LOVE it, but I’ve been rewatching it for the fact it’s very endearing seeing dry text coming alive EXACTLY as I dreamed it so many years ago reading. My Mom and MiL (and me as well) find the tedious flashbacks sticking out horribly, there must be better ways to blend it in, not interrupting the narrative so much.

    I first read a C abridged translation of it, it’s not anything I expected because instead of a romance, it’s more about feminism/woman’s rights, even the love story is about both physically unattractive characters. When I reread it after HS, it’s THEN I got it. The movie left a lot out but it did weave in chunks of original text, verbatim. Their relationship ‘simmered’ through a lot of real convo and soul searching very bare of the physicality of attraction. It’s left an impression on me and refreshing when I’ve saturated myself with too much shoujo manga by then 🙂

    This one did not do a good enough job in presenting how grotesque/Byronic Rochester is and his past. So it robbed us of the OMG of ppl falling in love really disregarding appearances.
    Fassy is at his least attractive here for me, but STILL he’s one hot piece of manflesh no amount of crazy hair and questionable patterned vests can cover up. He should be deformed, unrecognizable, and I would’ve loved the movie better.

  3. I sooooo can’t wait for Prometheus (sorry Fassy, you can only take second place after my great crush Idris Elba!). Not really liking how Fassbender looks in the promo photos though.

    Did you hear about Jonny Lee Miller (Mr Knightley) being Sherlock Holmes in the CBS show? “Hmm, let’s cast a British actor who recently did a play with the BBC’s Sherlock. That will definitely reduce the chance of a lawsuit!!”. I’m just … ROTFL. I really, really hope the BBC sues.

    1. I KNOW you of all people will be watching Prometheus largely because of The Wire Idris.^^ tbh, my expectation is so ridiculously high, I like ALL them cast! The blond and ConanOBrien do is making Fassy’s head even bigger, he’s a walking bobblehead.

      Do you like Miller? I don’t care enough to watch the CBS show to begin with but he seems so very vanilla BLAND to play a Herlock Solmes. I’m betting on Gatiss capable of harassing CBS some worse living hell than that involving lawyers if he’s pissed enough. There is a bunch of twats in CBS. Now that House is ending, they just have to do some show of one anally retentive autistic genius with sidekick solving things, make them a legally married gay couple and in SanFran!, throw in as much halfwit copycatting of Sherlock Holmes as their hearts’ desire and the ratings will be good enough, and I bet it’ll be so rich in SNL parody and so remote fr Sherlock, Gatiss and gang will be Snarky and happily play along with it. It’s dumb of CBS to be this shamelessly greedy. If they didnt scream it, it’ll not be hard for ppl to know the deal but they can deny their behinds off with it.

      1. Hihi. Sadly Elba hasn’t had a lot of great parts in movies (the less said about that Fatal Attraction remake with Beyonce the better). I can’t keep rewatching The Wire and Luther.

        Yup, Miller’s very bland (and not very swoon-worthy as Mr Knightley, which is a crime against Jane Austen as far as I’m concerned, LOL). Even in a show as crazy and out there as Eli Stone, he came across as the least interesting actor.

        OMG I completely forgot that’s how the producers sold House when it started, complete with the similar-sounding names!! Of course the comparison never made sense, since unlike Watson, Wilson doesn’t actually help House solve cases, House has minions for that. I’m looking forward to mocking tweets from Steven Moffat about Elementary.

        1. I still haven’t properly done my wifey duty and be marathoning The Wire, all I can rem of show is Elba so ridiculously attractive as the smartass ruthless kingpin. Then I saw him in an episode of Office, still very hot. If Denzel got sick of acting or being himself as a hero for the nth time on screen, I feel very ok with it with Elba in the business.

          For some reason, speaking of Austen, I keep seeing Miller as a Charles Bingley, but he had never played one? I’ve never been impressed with him, not that I’m obsessed with the pleasant but clueless Edmund in Mansfield Park but he’s so forgettable.

          1. He was in Mansfield Park? Wow, I don’t remember that at all. To be fair, I saw that movie so long ago, the only thing I really remember is a certain “suggestive” moment between Fanny and Miss Crawford that’s definitely NOT from the book, hihi. He would certainly fit as a Mr Bingley type, the dull and worthy gentleman. What is your favorite Austen? It used to be a tie between P&P and S&S for me, but I re-read S&S recently, and for some reason, Elinor’s self-sacrificing nature and endless patience annoyed me more than it used to. My sister is a huge advocate for Persuasion, but that novel feels too sad for me, maybe because I’m imagining Austen’s own regrets and second thoughts about her own life playing out in those pages.

            1. My fav will always be P&P, my first Austen, it is not rational, there’s no close second. She said more significant social commentaries in other works, there are more complex characters, but I love PP for its simple effective storytelling. I do love Persuasion for what saddens you, that extra emotions I have knowing it’s almost autobiographical, but I’m so different fr Anne, though I understand her (and Austen) and the confines of the Edwardian society well enough fr the book (gosh I so dread living in that time even with the finery), I can never see myself in her shoes, making the regrettable decision in the first place. I’m not sure I like how spiteful? Wentworth is, even though again, I totally get it, but it translates to pettiness in a man to me when a person ‘stops’ loving someone just because of refusal.

              PP love is also fueled by 1995BBCPP my eternal fav novel to drama adapt, again my very first Austen drama adaptation me and my classmates watched it when it’s on a few month after its UK airing and we were collectively soooooooooo insanely rabid screwing our bigdeal public exams and there, off in our fantasy land gushing and be super hormonal over ColinFirth/Darcy and totally girlcrushing Ehle. I rewatch it at least yearly and I’m constantly reminded of its place as my fav. *le sigh* I am still a stubborn Jennifer Ehle fangirl, the first ever thing of me hearing about Game of Thrones anything and stoked: she was originally Catelyn (and the imaginary chemistry in my head btn her and Sean Bean)

              I did try out A Gifted Man because of her, but it’s meh and Patrick Wilson is so tickling anything for me.

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