Transcending love

Long trailer fr Rooftop Prince 1 is leaked by SBS *thanks  ^^* and OMFG…… I clicked despite of being a spoilerphobe.
This will be a LONNNNGGGG 10 days.  How can it have so much hint on plot I adore!!!   There’s some meat to the story and tragedy and angst sooo early on and our Prince has sorta died twice min in?!?! and yet when I see them as fish out of water FOBs in Joseon garbs in the back of a truck.  OR all seriously bodyguardish against a thumbelina-sized HJM (even with the weapondry frying pan) I burst out in crrying romps of LOL.

ETA: GIMMMMMMEEEEE!  SOO FREAKING CUTEEEE!!!! I’m following presscon live, yup, am this crazy.

[fr weibo and JYJ3]

As a child, my dear grandpa’s passing and my grandma’s shortly after were explained to me as they’ve reincarnated into another happy lifetime together.  IF the love is strong enough, it’ll transcend time, and the purging MengPo soup of forgetfulness…everything (including gender, this I add to my firm belief in HS).   I was soooo fascinated by this concept, I still am.  That’s how I take my melos, and I didn’t cry my eyes out during the first time I saw a rendition of Butterfly Lovers, I seldom cry during any of the usual Kmelos of yore (part is imo they were manipulative duds).  Even if I’m moved by the doomed romance, I don’t think our existence (and what goes along with it) dissipates with a physical end.  And it is the main reason I think love at first sight is hokum.  It’s not ‘first’ if you’ve spent lifetime(s) tog as kindred spirits, no?

This tangent came along because I missed WhiteRed, ie the HuGe/YuanHong bromance and subsequently….went on a Butterfly Lovers binge.
TR is criminally moronic not putting them in the first Bromance in CN idoldramaland ever:

And TR has done sth I thought impossible, fuging up HG in period garb. I thought everything DMY looked FUG and cheapo and I denounced myself a HG fangirl, but the second I saw these, *SWOOONNNNNN*  All recent pics, what a feat to make this gorgeousness ALL gone?!?!?  *None of my word is needed how gorg my loverboy looks even in BTS, the female staff, stylists and reporter ladies working for the magazine/whatnots r all dropping like flies, literally crying and fainting while tweeting how drop dead impossibly gorgeous and perfect he is in person*

But really, there r no 2some as drop dead gorgeous in their own skin in Cdramaland atm and as relevant and talented.  Humor me if you can think of any pair.

I’m a loud and relentless HongShi shipper just because they r insanely cute and I can’t escape them when they do their ‘Gosh!Get!A!Room! shippy things.  WhiteRed though, they r truly what I see as a love so deep and genuine transcending whatever definition we have, I’m not kidding.  And it’s not helping when somehow YH is dragged along when Eddie is trying to hype up the slash in DMY by a HG love declaration for promo by HG saying blatantly, ‘YH will have a problem/be jealous’.  Even SS is happily joining the LetsSlashDMYup! campaign, saying she’s just the third/fourth wheel/scenery in the bromances…’and the boys all have (their true love) YH *gigglesgiggles*’ <her true words in front the reporter’s mic *le sigh*.  I love they all love YH so much as to having him always in random mentions, yet it breaks my heart a bit it’s quite tactless to keep using him in a sense at a presscon/promo.  Yup, I’m still very bitter DMY won’t give me my ultimate ship of YH+HG and for the nth time since YH has no chance whatsoever as HQB, I stopped caring anything DMY.  Shocked with the casting silliness, yes; do I freaken care a tiny bit?! Not really, exc I really don’t want Eddie lowering himself to this coz I smelled badfunny things long time ago and the more we see/know of the production, the crappier it’s hinting.  *Really for freak’s sake TR Kboss, ur pet husky looks NTH LIKE A WOLF!!*

And this is an insanely perfect fanvid of them to the song of Denise Ho’s 勞斯萊斯.   The words of the song and the pics chosen r seamlessly meshing.  Genius fangirls r genius.

Is there an Asian pop song so daringly on BL?!  It’s not only on BL but it’s a perfect love song about love transcending time and gender.  I have a muscle memory of the words, it has never left my ipod since 2006.  And its original MVmovie is the 6 min of Edison Chen that’s his best job ever on celluloid in all seriousness.

The song is one of 18 songs fr Denise’s 2005 album (my absolute fav of hers I pulled out listening whole wkend), the soundtrack fr her musical 梁祝下世傳奇A what-if? continuation of the lovers through reincarnations…when our heroine is now a guy.  Three songs out of this album became great hits: 《化蝶》/butterfly metamorphosis、《勞斯.萊斯》 ‘Louie Lawrence’  and 《汽水樽裡的咖啡》 ‘Coffee in a coke bottle’
If interested: The lyrics of  勞斯.萊斯 in Chin and Eng trans

勞斯和萊斯 都是花樣男子
勞斯 原是個校隊的優秀種子
萊斯 只喜愛讀書
偏偏他倆 早見晚見
每日著住同樣 純白襯衣
羅曼史 開場於 相鄰的桌椅
不過二人 不敢放肆

能成為密友 大概總帶著愛
但做對好兄弟 又如此相愛

暗裡很享受 卻怕講出來
兩眼即使 移開轉開
心裡面也知 這是愛

男子和男子 怎能親密如此
勞斯 難面對 卻跟她勾過手指
萊斯 偏偏那樣痴
終於一次 她撲過去
四目對望然後 除下襯衣
迷惑中 的勞斯 此時先至知

能成為密友 大概總帶著愛
但做對好兄弟 又如此相愛

純情何事會 讓這悲劇揭開
他真的很意外 想起相識以來

日日也親暱如情侶 底牌終揭開

為何還害怕 若覺得這樣愛
尚在計算他又是誰 可否愛
旁人哪個 接受這種愛

明明絕配 犯眾憎 便放開
永遠的忍耐 永遠不出來
世界將依然 不變改
可要像梁祝 那樣愛

Louie and Lawrence were both good-looking boys
Louie was the popular one, while
Lawrence only loved reading
They were, however, inseparable
alway wearing that those innocent white shirts
This romance began in proximity
yet they did not dare let their guards down

To be as friends, there’s more or less love involved
But to become brothers, and to love as such,
Bystanders would certainly not accept them

If they were to hug, even by accident,
one of them would surely shy away
However enjoyable that might be, they’re afraid to admit
Even if they avoided making eye contact
Deep down they’d knew love was involved

A boy and a boy, how could they be that close?
Louie couldn’t deal with it, but he did promise her
Lawrence was just as infatuated
Until she finally took a leap
Their eyes met as she took off her blouse
It was only then did Louie realize
he had never thought of his close friend as a girl

To be as friends, there’s more or less love involved
But to become brothers, and to love as such,
Bystanders will certainly not accept them

Why does true love always end on a sad note?
He is truly surprised, as he thinks about the past
of how they used to shop, study, and stare at the sea

They’re practically lovers, as the cards finally did reveal

Why be afraid, if you feel that this is love?
Why calculate who he is and wonder if it adds up in the end?
Which bystander will accept love as such?

Perfectly compatible but against all odds, just let it go
To be in denial and not come out
The world will then never change
As there will only be more tragedies as such
Or do you prefer to love like the Butterfly Lovers?

33 thoughts on “Transcending love

  1. Hihi, they looked so scared sitting at the back of the truck. So the second male lead is basically a murderer?? PYC is growing on me, maybe on account of the dorky tracksuit pictures, I didn’t really like him in SKKS (my heart was for SJK alone, alas, poor neglected third string character).

    Eeek, JYM, what are you wearing??

    1. Isn’t it a pleasant surprise with the layers going on with the Joseon boys?!?! I didn’t know of the murderer buddy at all and I was going OMO~!

      For some reason PYC here is reminding me of a young Stephen Chow. That straight face with the just right amount of boyish cuteness in the silliest situation is cracking me up EVERY single second of it.

      You didn’t like PYC in SKKS? Blasphemy! ^^ He was the main thing roping me in the drama itself and somehow turned me into a irrational fanahjumma of his and now I wanna pat, hug, harass, feed and pinch his cheeks the instant I see him in anything, but I do love SJK (and his character) the most, and he did the bestest job by a long shot out of the bunch.

    1. Ah thank you!! *hit replay* Is this the best 7min trailer or what?!?! I was oohing and aahing and giggling throughout the whole thing.

      I know I should reign in my ridiculous expectation of RP but everything I’ve seen is one upping itself!

  2. My favourite part was when they knocked on the palace doors only to be met with sirens

    i hope they watch a sageuk on TV

    1. XXDDDDD I’m loling so bad with the visual of them watching a sageuk hahahahhaha and we can bet of that happening for sure, no?! *pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease TPTB*

      I don’t really know what mental illness is with me but I’m loling in every tiny scene, even when PYC is just posing all princely with the backlit sun gathering the rest of his F4 or that executioner dancing a sword dance of bloody death. I was CRYING XDDDD with them flying to the moon a la four timetravelling ET or by CN mythology Chang’e I’m sure I’ll be hysterical with everything Joseon F4 in modern day Seoul, EVERY scene is gold, prince lusting after the ramyun is GOSH tummyache and I felt sooo spoiled by the funny goodness in this 7 short min.

  3. Rooftop galore!

    Yipeeeee!~~~ I knew you’d do this post, checked your blog right after I finished watching the trailer. And it was AWESOMMMMMME! Reminded me how much I loved and missed Lee Sun Joon

    1. Re: Rooftop galore!

      You KNOW me too well, Chingu~! *hug*

      But Lee TaeSung will be a HAWT! murderer/schemer. I love all them leads more here than I’ve seen them everywhere else.

      AHHHH I love everything/everybody I see in RP down to the cop and the smartlass cashier.

  4. 1. I’m so onboard RP it’s not even funny. I can watch that 7 min trailer over and over.

    2. They fugged up HG so badly in DMY it’s not even funny. It’s a travesty. The whole thing still turns me mildly homicidal. And Eddie looks equally as fug, but I’ve always thought he just doesn’t fit period attire, PERIOD. He is so adorable and gorgeous in modern clothes. Some people can do period, some can’t. It’s just a fact. Eddie looks like a munchkin badly photoshopped into his general garb. And him being shorter than all the other males leads (HG, HD, QH) is just wrong in the context of this drama.

    3. I don’t see anything wrong with the DMY cast talking about YH, because I see YH being fine with it because he’s just such a good guy and such a great friend. He’s happy if it makes them happy. All the DMY PC talk about slash frankly bothers me, because as a story that novel has ZERO slash potential. For SS to even join me makes me just lulz at what the hell is going to come out of that filming. But seriously, what a way to turn hottie HG into an effete ahjusshi overnight. Am so so bitter still.

    1. Pasted link for M and I hit ‘play’ again, and again, for the nth time. I’ve memorized those 7 min.

      *HUGGGG* Some dearie said HG’s 9er looked more like Penguin fr batman than a pirated Wallace fr QSWF and I’m still nodding like mad. Now that I’ve calmed down, actually HG is ALWAYS fugged up in anything TR. His Li XiaoYao reminded me of Lawrence Ng in the TVB HSDS2000, so not a good thing. From that teaser/making of the costuming is shameless straight copycat of some YMM upcoming crap that is no longer looking as his usual PoS anymore by comparison! GOSH. Is K trying to make a turd so stinky just so TR and YMM r on ‘same’ page?!

      Yeah, Eddie’s face is not made for period brooding hero, he doesn’t look the part, I was holding out hope before presscon the costuming will be knocking my socks off and aiding him with role (same with SS), but that’s stupid of me. He CAN be made serious brooding manly in modern, thus imo he’s not nay impossible in period garb esp I thot TR can do costume porn like no other. They’ve lost the care even in that, and we should not care no more.

      *sigh* but Loverboy is the last person to mind, being used left and rt. I was fuming reading how they r sticking his name everywhere as ‘possible’ Guy2 in ZhaoWei’s PDing debute just to spin up fanwars and against HanGeng’s nasty fangirls at that. But yes, it’s all the slash joking that is so bothersome, at the very first presscon, in sth TR is lying through teeth it’s a BIG DEAL next TH/BBJX for MONTHS, and fresh off that casting soap and ALL interesting chatter is Eddie romancing HG with the side of YH as some jealous wifey?!?!? It’s screaming Trouble.

      I dun see usual SS’ vigor in it, she needs to be so much more alive come presscon as YuEr. Her wolfgirl look is soooooo horribly aging, all I see is K doppelganger and beggarahjumma in the teaser/bts. The nail in coffin is when she weibo’d us actors will try our best (winkwink the rest, if crapping is none of my biz)

      I don’t think you should watch/read a wink of anything concerning that drama sweetie.

      1. I don’t want to see anything, but it’s like a train wreck I can’t look away. SS looks more and more awful as Jin Yu. The one where she looks like a beggar girl with all those slashed up threads was O___o. Her hearts not in it, even I can see that. That’s why there are all these slash jokes left and right, because every single person involved knows this is going to be the next WeaverPoSGirl.

        If it’s decent like BBJX I’ll eat my shorts, but I don’t see it from the costuming, the casting, the energy level. Frankly – the heart is not there. Had they gotten HuHuoShi, who knows if that would’ve clicked everyone into place.

        For K and PDLi to confirm that HG was all cast as HQB but then with Eddie onboard he switched over to M9 because he wanted to play him just rubs me all wrong. Either have HG cast as M9 from the beginning if indeed he always wanted to play him (stop stringing us along), or find the right guy to play M9 instead of finding Eddie to come back and play tickle toes with HG under the table between takes. Which is all they are going ton do, you know that right? I’m happy they cast is such good friends, but from a drama making perspective, this is just creatively a dead end.

        I try not to follow but people apparently keep insisting I get updated with the latest news. *barf* I thought HG was cute at times in CP3, I just hated his character. But in some stills he was adorable. Not hot, but not fug. He’s uber-fug in ShittySword, and I cannot even talk about fur-collared HG with that granny hairstyle as M9 in DMY. Eddie also cannot do a period outfit with some sort of hat piece around his head and neck, because the string around his chin just highlights his round baby face and I cannot take him seriously as Great General Huo Qu Bing.

        I think it’s bullshit that HG thought M9 was a departure from his normal roles and HQB similar to what he played. Both are vastly different enough, and it just came down to what make the most business sense. From a creative standpoint, it feels really empty, like I’ve just watching Stephanie Meyers write the adapted screenplay for Pride and Prejudice and then handed the movie to a hack like Bill Condon to direct, and then cast Kirsten Stewart as Lizzie, Rob P. as Darcy, and Taylor Lautner as Wickhim. Like, WTF, right?

        1. He’s uber-fug in ShittySword

          Nooooo! *cosmic wail* Oh well, more for me 🙂 For some reason, I am finding the dreads thing uber hot. Something is clearly wrong with me 😛

          1. Hahaha, I’m not a dreads person, though he does pull it off. He wears the dreads, it doesn’t wear him. But he looks rather gaunt and unhappy, I just get the sense that filming wasn’t exactly the best time of his life. So in the stills and trailers, he just looks rather sullen and not into it. So in that way he’s not hot even in the all black get up. If you look at him in LoCH, he was styled horrifically but he was really cute because he was happy and kind glowy. I dunno, If TR keeps doing this, I fear they’ll just milk HG dry and then the adorable boy will have completely disappeared.

            1. I just watched LOCH and yeah the Fabio braids looked pretty horrific but even then HG was really cute underneath all that, which is why I almost didn’t even recognize him when I saw the trailer for Xuanyuan Sword the other day because OMG what happened to him?? His face looked so sunken and the tightly pulled back cornrows only made it worse. Actually now that I think about it, they managed to fug him up in Xuanyuan Sword pretty bad too, almost comparable to how much they fugged him up in DMY.

        2. hmmmm Eddie doesn’t have a round face, his doe eyes r close set giving him the chipmunky look and hence the lack of seriousness/poise as HQB. Every human being will have a rounder face than HG though. And I’ll be fair, HG in Eddie’s get up would be screaming Yang 6 lang and I can’t take that seriously either, esp when he’s being a silly slash selling clown.

          I’m not attached to HuHuoShi at all because SS is even a bigger miscast as Eddie, to me. For instance I love Angel Dong more than SS, they shared similar aura when SS was NianChi and I would still be bleeding bloody tears screaming Nooooo! Dong would be a horrible Jin Yu. HG will be a decent HQB sleepwalking, he looks more the part than Eddie, tbh I dun see either HQB or M9 THAT challenging to act out for any of the contenders, but the essential insane sexy chemistry with SS, I have TRIED mightily but didn’t rem seeing any of the necessary HuoYu even in CP3, their closest to having some. I would bet more on Eddie+SS having sth just on the fact it’s an unknown. I do not get all the insistent chatter on casting when we need previous ‘proof’ of tested CPness, unless in the case of ShiGe when I’ve seen they having nth going on involving rolling in the sheets. At least I’ve seen Eddie having natural comfy chemistry with a girl way more often than HG, but they both need help in costuming and upping their game. I don’t mind HuHuoShi, but Wallace is weakest in all the potential leads in acting chops. He’ll be fine amongst HG and SS though, not much of a discrepancy in abilities there. The funk turning me off the project for good is the day we heard ‘confirmation’ of the trio because they didn’t really come out falalaing they have dream cast CP3 reunion much earlier (which they would if there’s any however tiny REAL possibility per TR’s braggy casting style) but just the usual hinting and throwing carrots at fans THEN the Wallace2 fiasco. It’s too clear he was outed as YMM’s LHC just to shush them TRbitches using him, knowing too well they were not even close to any deal and TR bitches were using him just for promo’s sake to hype up the project so as to hook an Eddie. I bet if TR didn’t play it so silly and ridiculous, YMM would prefer the LHC casting be a bit more guessing and ‘surprise!’ I just can’t see a glimmer of hope even if we have a GeShi as HuoYu and Eddie as M9 after that point.

          M9 is a departure fr his ‘normal role’ in TR though, so in that sense he’s not batshit lying. And he’s never uttered he will be HQB ever. I take it as he’s passively warning us his HQB will be a LiXiaoYao3/4/5 with a bit of Yang 6 bro thrown in *yawwnnnn* There’s no way he is clueless to it all, even our guess this will be the crappiest PoC we’ve seen fr TR. We know TR long enough if they’ve talked about sth they r doing as soooo good ALL the frecking time, they r blatantly telling us it IS a worst WeaverPoS. This looks way stinkier than Weaver at the same stage. For Weaver they only stayed on blowing it up as a production they have worked on for YEARS and it’s K’s labor of love pet project vision of a CN DJG *chuckle*. The costumes r gorgeous, YHLSS is selling us the apropos shippy innuendoes. It ended up being lame and forgettable, but the main actors got away unscathed being next to nobodies, I think SS gained some stretching herself as a livelier than usual bratty princess. I seriously fear for those attached to DMY. Even when PD Li was not saying things will look crap, we had 80s CGIs and constant highschool production detailing. For DMY, he’s ALREADY repeating himself he’s not even going to try with the wolvies, things r too ‘hard’ to be done and they will just try hard to be ‘honest to the book’. I just can’t figure how pitiful a budget they must’ve designated on DMY. ShiGe r their SLAVES/partBoss. Eddie is a last min thing the sun will need to rise fr W for me to believe they anticipated leaving a chunk of green for. The costumes r direct reuse of what the costumer did for other current projects…I guess TR r paying such a joking small amt she’s fugging it hell up for revenge.

          1. XDRAMAsX has uploaded all the episodes of Young Warriors of the Yang Clan on YouTube after Maomaoge deleted them, so I’ve been going back to my favourite scenes. Now YH’s Yelu Xie – THAT is HQB personified! And all the reference to the wolves in the beginning with Guan Hong…somehow, his interactions with her are so smothering sexy like it is with HQB & JY (more from YH rather than the Guan Hong actress). Imagine, a Yelu Xie redux but with loads of sexy make-out scenes with a wolf girl. But alas, not meant to be.

            I like HG, but I’m fine about a more talented actor (Eddie) being cast in the lead role ahead of him. It’s only when a much less talented actor is cast (e.g. Wu Chun) over HG, that’s when I would gripe majorly. Things like this happened too many times to YH during his Tangren days that it’s real heartbreaking.

            1. Gf! GOSH I’m JUST starting a rewatch on YLX only bits (prompted by a dearie JUST watching YYC and needs to make a pic of YLX is a villain and should not fall for)

              *sighhhh* You r basically sprinkling salt on open wound. I’m still weeping inside, so I guess I have unresolved issues with the whole thing. I tried to lie to myself I don’t care but in reality there’s no combo I’ll be fine with unless there’s Loverboy in it, as HQB, no compromise. I guess when I got my copy of DMY, word was YH=HQB, HG=9er, I would much prefer YaYa as JinYu but give me YH=HQB he’ll have palpitating smexy chemistry with a real piece of wood as JinYu. I didn’t read the whole book then, was stalled after first few chapters. Koala has HG in her mind when she’s reading, I have YH and I’m as firmly on it as she is. I do not care what TR is doing with it, that’s all I can see, in other words I have stopped to care the day YH left TR.

              And now that they have a sure bet in their calculation of a $$$making trio, K will cease to put an ounce more of $/care/effort on the rest. I dun want actors I care about working for scums and TR is the same as YMM to me atm, just with prettier wrapping paper.

    2. Eddie’s not as short as Nicky…and everyone was fine with Nicky amongst all the tall princes in BBJX.

      Eddie’s listed as 1.8m, only about 1.5 inches shorter than Hu Ge.

    3. You took the words right out of my mouth! I look at how gorgeous HG normally is and then I look at him in the DMY photos and I’m weeping tears of blood. How is it possible to fug up sth so badly?? He looks old and tired and gaunt and much older than his actual age, unless that’s what they were actually aiming for….!

      Eddie looks gorgeous in modern clothes but for some reason the DMY photos of him just look off. LSS looks lithe and youthful in all her normal photos so how is it possible that she looks old and frumpy in the DMY photos?? That pink costume and hairdo doesn’t even suit LSS. Actually HG and Eddie’s hairdos in DMY look horrific too like WTF are the stylists thinking??

      If you’re bitter about HG’s effete ahjusshi transformation than I’ll be bitter right along with you. Everytime I see those photos I want to curl up into a ball and cry effing rivers. In a way I’m so glad YH isn’t in this. I don’t think I can handle it if they fug up even YH too.

      1. It’s not just old and gaunt but he looks sooooo pervie druggie as M9 and this is sth depressingly new and so wrong for a M9.

        And SS…*sigh*… I hope this will go kinda under the radar because I can’t stop seeing this as inviting antis and nasty critics left and right. JinYu needs to be a CN Angelina Jolie equivalent. I dont think AJ is insanely pretty but she carries herself and has an out of this world commanding presence, or else how do you command thousands of wolves? and impress Madam Rouge at first sight..and these 2 yummilicious heroes?!?! Here she looks like a Han dynasty Stepford wife. It’s not even the aesthetics of pretty or not pretty, it’s just so not helping the characterization.

        I’m so with you YH is not in this. haha but biased fangirl will be biased, he’ll look more ‘harmonious’ than Eddie in his outfit and he’s more chubby than HG…him in M9’s do will be the opposite vibes HG is giving me.

        I still do care about the trio now attached to DMY, and I still weep for them to be in this stinker. HG keeps saying he wanna move past being an idol and be a serious actor, he tried but it’s not helping when he keeps going back doing this stuff without establishing himself outside of this box.

        1. You said many good points and I’m so with you on that! Before anyone accuses me of being a bitter Hu Ge fangirl and an Eddie-hater (I LIKE Eddie, OK?), I’ll just state that Hu Ge wasn’t even my first choice to play HQB – I’d pegged either Peter Ho or YH as HQB first, but then realized that there’s no chance either of them would be in DMY because (thank goodness) they’re involved in other series. In my mind HG can fit the part of both HQB and MJ (HG has the Roman God features of HQB and carries the ancient armored look well, but he’s delicate/pretty enough for MJ too), so it’s not so much I’m offended HG isn’t playing HQB, but the way TR is screwing things up.

          Now that the cast list is finalized and the cast photos released, I feel compelled to offer my 2 cents as an audience member. I totally understand about how you still care about the DMY trio, because I care too. Why else would we be criticizing TR if we didn’t give a rat’s ass about the actors? After I got over the initial shock of the crappy styling and the underhanded publicity stunt (I have issues with the way TR manipulated the fans’ emotions to garner publicity – yes, PR is important and all but the way they did it was cruel to the fans and audience who supported their dramas for years), all I could do was shake my head in dismay.

          I absolutely agree with you about the CN Angelina Jolie. Beauty is not the important criterion, but the commanding presence is. How else would Jin Yu capture the attention of HQB, MJ, Hong Gu, YZX and command the wolves to follow her? What bugs me most about LSS’s costumes/make up is the way they lack the wild, passionate, exotic commanding presence that is characteristic of Jin Yu. I saw the first few press photos of LSS in her non-Han outfits and my reactions were o_O. I have no words about the orange knitted cap thingy (WTF?), then that shredded costume that made her look like a senior member of the Beggar Sect, and OMG the other one with the Japanese looking hair and the white outer robe that looks like a bathrobe….! But that pink frumpy one OMG. It’s even thicker than HQB’s armor! How the heck is she gonna run in THAT?

          Yes acting skills are important, but why do film/cinema awards have a “Best Make Up/Costume” category? Why must we dress to impress for job interviews? It’s a cruel but it’s true: people judge from first impressions and first impressions last. Part of the reason Zachary Quinto got the part of Spock was because he LOOKED like a Spock in the auditions (and it helps that he bears an uncanny resemblance to a young Leonard Nimoy). IMHO an actor that looks unconvincing as the character must spend the rest of the film/series trying to convince the audience with his acting skills, whereas an actor that looks the part already has half the work cut out for him and if he has the acting chops, will create an even more memorable character. My best friend is a ballet dancer who works in dance/drama productions. She tells me that every time they put up a production, the casting directors are very picky about who they select for the roles and a LOT of effort is spent on make up and costumes (which shows in their concerts). Skills are important and they are what will get you far, but the actors’ looks must fit with their roles or it will be difficult to be convincing to the audience.

          1. wordwordwordwordword haha we’re like talking to ourselves, no?

            When HuHuoShi was announced I was still gullible believing this is K’s attempt in doing this any justice. Not my thing, but it’ll definitely work for a lot of fans. IT’s when the whole thing plays out in HOURS like a silly prank that had my alarms going berserk. I can’t believe they r treating this like the joke they r forcing us to witness yet still harping this is one serious production. No actor can be randomly allotted any of the 2 characters so diff as HQB and M9, no matter how talented. HG will make a decent HQB, but I was only lukewarm with his MengYi @ Myth. I was DYING for him to take up a M9 role since CP1 days. Yes he’s typecast in the cutesy hero, BUT his face is delicately gorgeous and in my head, I cant shake the potential I saw in him when he’s allowed to flourish in nuances and angst and be better at it than forcing himself into the mold of a slapstick hero for the tweens.

            IF this was a YMM production, I may call it OMG gorgeous! It’s still objectively yards and yards of pretty shiny silks and hand embroideries BUT coming fr TR, when it has never ever half-assed their most appropriate costuming, it’s really beyond any trainwreck imaginable. I’ve never had anything to rant with their pretty, when it’s a game adaptation for the babies, it’ll be cartoonish and fun, when it’s sth like BBJX, it’s darn fabric poetry. DMY is telling me it’s the beginning of an end.

            Wind is DMY hasn’t even got the official censor bureau greenlight and already there r web campaigns to ban it. Mainly it’s because of it’s historical fabrication, but it’s also the stupid stance TR is taking, crying out to the world this will be a ‘verbatim’-esque true to source adaptation…when the source is a well-done shoujo novella using real historical heroes.

            In hindsight, BBJX really was screaming it’ll be one of TR’s best works to date. Both Nicky and KC were actually on a rebound if I can call it without offense. Nicky was fresh off the bigdeal CCTV ChunWan year end show. KC was the hottest sizzling spring chicken in TVBland the whole of HK is freshly in love with him, still. Both of them, being in this industry for so long, wont ‘risk it’ if the script is not up to par. And in all honesty the drama script is almost flawless. AND mamaTongHwa was tweet after tweet praising the befitting cast, imo she’s genuine and honest with her opinions/praises of them. That went on for literally months. DMY?! NTH!!! other than a courtesy tweet or two and with no substance at all.

            Wallace has led dramas way back, he’s been guy 2 as recent as QSWF. I don’t think it’s a matter of whether he’s guy1/2 but a premonition the writing is crap. I love M9 as well as HQB and it can be an awesome character and it’s not like Wallace had a late track record of picking superbly fine writing nor tonnes screen time.

            1. I’m SO glad to have found someone who’s on the same wavelength! ^_^ ~♥

              The shit that TR pulled to gain publicity is abominable. My friends who work in stage productions were all disbelieving when they heard the crap TR was spouting and insist that actors need to do A LOT of preparation for their roles, so it is as you say, absolutely ridiculous to “randomly” cast an actor as 2 totally opposite characters! Honest to God, I knew from the moment Eddie was confirmed to be involved in DMY that HG would play MJ, judging from how much physically fitter Eddie seem to be than HG (there were all these rumors of Eddie doing physical training and everything), and I was seriously hoping for HG to play MJ anyway – to break out of his usual roles and get out of typecasting, at least.

              HG’s face IS deliciously gorgeous! His face has one of the finest bone structures and features I’ve seen, which is why it’s practically criminal that the TR stylists are fugging him up so badly! Seriously, what a feat to turn someone so naturally beautiful into a fug old ahjussi! And HG is more than just a pretty face – he can act and sing too! I LOVE HG’s usual heroic characters like Guo Jing (OMG one of my favorite Jin Yong characters ever and HG totally nailed it ♥), etc., but I was gunning for him to play MJ because I really think that, given the right role, HG can beautifully express the subtlety and inner depths of a complex character, taking his acting to another level. This is one of the reasons why I’m so annoyed that they’re detracting from HG’s potential breakthrough performance by fugging MJ up.

              You are exactly on point about TR’s DMY heading towards trainwreck land. CP3 had questionable costumes (Xuejian’s costumes looked half-modern and I have no comment about Jing Tian’s costumes) but I didn’t complain about it because it was a game adaptation, so even if it looked a bit strange or cartoonish here and there, it’s OK because it’s all in fun. For BBJX, I confess that I spent more time checking out the costumes/hair and the sets than actually paying attention to the plot, but fabric poetry needs appreciation and it made me really enjoy the series. At the same time I was awed by how well everyone in the cast acted – Nicky made a huge and lasting impression on me and I was so pleasantly surprised by how much LSS improved. Kevin was awesome as 8th Prince and showed the various sides of his character very well. YH’s 13th Prince and LGX’s 14th Prince were the darlings of my heart. So yes, in terms of cast, script, and production, BBJX was definitely a memorable, top-notch drama series.

              I agree about Wallace and I like him very much (LOL I look forward to seeing Wallace as LHC). IMHO 1st or 2nd lead doesn’t matter that much if it’s a GOOD role. I think playing a lead 2 in a great production/script is better than playing lead 1 in a crap one. Case in point: Kevin’s popularity exploded after playing 8th Prince in BBJX (lead 2 of a great production). Kevin has played many 1st leads in previous series, but none of them have made nearly as strong an impact on his career as 8th Prince did.

              I didn’t know about Tong Hua’s tweets for BBJX so thanks for telling me. ^_^ I followed Tong Hua’s tweets about DMY and I was suprised by the lukewarm level of excitement on her part. As you say, just a few courtesy tweets and not much after that.

              Yes I heard about the censor bureau too. I read Koala’s wonderful, wonderful translations of DMY and while beautifully written, the story reads more like a classic shoujo than a historical novel. I didn’t know that TR hasn’t got the greenlight yet and I’m quite surprised to hear about this since they’ve started filming already and it’ll be bad news if they run into trouble with the censor bureau. Web campaigns to ban it? That’s intense! But I guess I know where the purists are coming from since HQB is a famous historical hero and having him abandon his country to run off with a girl is bound to offend some people….

        2. Detrimental characterizations aside, the aesthetics bother me too because I honestly think they can do better, given how much they’re hyping up this production (Han Dong was the only one who looked decent in that press photo). BBJX had nice costumes and even the big Qing style hair of the ladies looked elegant. LSS’s hair in the press photo looks like they stuck thick hairpieces on and then sprayed it with a can of hairspray to set it, and ends up looking like a big plastic mold stuck to her head.

          As for Eddie, I love his cutey sunny boy self and yes I agree that he’s a good actor (yes I have seen him in Jump Ashin and he acted well in that, but the movie itself was SOOOOOO BOOOORING), but he really doesn’t look like a cold, commanding general from the all the press photos I’ve seen so far. Even the unarmored, casual cornrows look didn’t convince me (he looked more like Tang Yu in that shot actually). I’d expected Eddie to carry the “armored general” look quite well since he has a very fit physique and is quite tall, but in the photos he looks like a modern city boy playing ancient dressup for a fancy costume party.

          What they did to HG as Meng Jiu is just T_T (yes that’s me weeping bitter, bloody tears). I don’t even want to talk about the hair because that’s just effing tragic. Now that you mention it, I can see the “pervie druggie” look too, which is just sad and so, so wrong. As for the fur, it’s not like HG can’t pull off the fur look either – he was in lots of fur in Shangri-La and he looked great. Like you said, costumes/make up are there to help the characterizations. The furry costumes he wore in Shangri-La ADDED to his character as the leader of the horse thieves. The characters in BBJX often wore fur during winter and those costumes were beautiful. I have no problem with them adding a furry bit here in the outer robe of HG’s Meng Jiu costume, except the way they added it here just looks like they slung a dead animal neck rest (you know, the kind you use to help you sleep more comfortably on long train trips) around his neck.

          I really like MJ in the novels and I’d love to see HG step up his acting skills. HG has said in all the interviews so far that he’s trying to shed his idol image and emerge as a serious actor. I’m all for that and I have confidence in HG’s acting abilities, but I’m just disappointed that the fug style will reflect negatively on Meng Jiu’s character.

          (…Oops I didn’t mean to write an essay, but um, yeah.)

          1. Tbvh, pre Wallace fiasco, this casting would’ve piqued my interest. Eddie has proven to me he’s actively a growing actor, every subsequent work I’ve seen him in, he’s improved in some way and I can feel his enthusiasm in his craft oozing through the screen. HG has always been my pick for M9, it’s a role I WANT to see him in, and he looks absolutely the part (in my head), if done right he can really nail it, it’ll be a character he’s born to be in and OWN it like nobody and we’ll all CRY and want us a M9, leaving HQB with YuEr. My gut is telling me HG as HQB will reinforce so many lazy habits he’s acquired through the years playing hero extraordinaire. SS has been in several very different things postBB, she surprised me a bit in her improvement as well in BB, so I’m not screaming HELL NO!…yet

            The costumes r FUG! BUT I have most prob with what she projected with her face, she looks deader than dead and the makeup is either too demure at the presscon or GARISH (that what not to wear as beggarbaglady look is close to my shock seeing ChenQiaoEn’s bellydancer/stripper costume as LuZhi in YMM’s ChuHan turd.) Same with HG, when I see M9 has a clarity to his breathtaking beauty, I didnt see any of it in his eyes/face. But worst is Eddie…*sigh* why?!?!?! HQB, like JinYu needs an almost predatory commanding presence, and all I see Eddie doing that day is being a dork who loves his slash. I really don’t know what’s the point of putting out a presscon and dolling up when the won’t be in any hint of their characters. It’ll reflect even more poorly when we can’t wipe this first impressions of them in costumes totally not helping yet we’ll see in drama.

            1. The Wallace fiasco is just another totally uncool thing that TR did. *shake head*

              I totally agree with you about Eddie and HG! I was hoping for LSS to wow me just like she did in BBJX, but I didn’t see that “spark” from the TR cast photos (where’s the passion, the fire in the eyes, the wild and untamed spirit??). Eddie was having more fun dropping slash hints here and there and HG just looked tired.

              Have you seen the latest cast photos from TR? Eddie’s HQB looks like a rip off of CP1’s Tang Yu (still not feeling the HQB vibes…!) and HG’s MJ has his hair down to look more like the MJ from the novels, which would’ve made me happy except the way they styled it makes HG’s face look ridiculously long (SIGH). Urgh I know I’m picky but the proportions just look wrong.

              The more I see the photos the more I’m reminded of The Myth. I don’t mind that DMY and The Myth’s costumes/hairstyles would look similar since they’re from around the same period, except Yushu’s hairpieces looked like hair (not plastic) and the pink Royal Consort costume looked much lighter (the material is softer and not bulkier than HQB’s armor). When Yushu walks, the material flows along with her movements, whereas Jin Yu looks like she’d have trouble walking fast in her pink costume. Same for HG’s MJ too, but his costumes/make up in The Myth complemented his features way more.

              Allow me to illustrate:

              1. O MY LADYGAGA! How is it possible for them to get even FUGLIER than presscon?!? and they just did, in STILLS!!!!!!!!!! Whatthe…. I see PS, loads of PS and every bit of it is used to fuglify them more. I’m disturbed. Really.

                Now I’m trolling in all the DMY playgrounds and it just gets WORST. HG said sth quite mindless but will be totally sliced by the Ban DMY fraction. *sigh*

                I think he looked his best in The Myth. Although I do not care for the drama itself, the costumes r totally in the line of pretty I was expecting fr DMY.

                I need a post in place of alcohol to down the pain of my EYES.

                1. How is it possible for them to get even FUGLIER than presscon?!?
                  IKR? Hard to believe, but they just did. O MY EYES. T_T
                  I seriously wonder if they’re trying to fuglify them on purpose. Like, maybe they did it for revenge on K or they’re doing it for the lulz….

                  Oh my news isn’t very updated – what did HG say?

                  Yeah The Myth dragged on a bit too much for my liking, so I got a bit bored half way through. But the costumes and make up were very nice on the eyes so at least that was good. ^_^

                  You poor thing. I’d supply with alcohol if I could, if only to commiserate and drown our sorrows together.

          1. ahhhh r u the same dearie anon chatting? ^^ I’m in the middle of nodding and agreeing everything writen above, but let me ans this simple one first b4 I head into my wordy chatterbox mode.

            Hong of YuanHong is a cn equivalent of homophone to the word ‘red’ He’s cutely nicked ‘lil Red’ (Xiao Hong) by his fangirls. And that’s why his fans r called Redbeans

            haha and HuGe said it he himself multiple times he can be quite spacey in RL. The word bai/white is a slangy way in saying someone is brainless and he’s lovingly nicked XiaoBai/lil White. Really back when these 2 jokesters first started weiboing, there’s seldom a day or two when HG didn’t let out he did sth so hilariously stupid/cute. I think he once cinched an eyebrow/some hair because he can’t find his lighter and thus use his stove instead?! And YH tweeted a pic of evidence. And there’s a very lol anecdote of HG lost in Ikea a Fri nite, and later someone HAD to leak out YH was with him.

            1. Yep yep I’m the same anon, that’s me.

              Thanks for telling me about the WhiteRed and their LOL anedotes! HG is really too cute and YH is such a great bro. Whenever I hear stories of these two and their epic bromance, it makes me smile and grin like an idiot because their sweet brotherly love for each other is just so heartwarming……

              Aww… (what a nice way to take my mind off the frustration with DMY!)

  5. Awww…c’mon. Eddie’s an awesome actor and has earned his stripes for it the long hard way. Unlike *cough* LYF whom some sour grapes idiot on Koala’s blog tried to draw comparisons to Eddie with?!

    This griping about Eddie is plain sour grapes jealousy from HG fangirls. Because back during CP1/Young Warriors days, Eddie was firmly Guy2/Guy3 way behind HG, and now Eddie has the ability to relegate HG to Guy2 for the first time in Tangren history. I’m going to sound unpopular…but Eddie’s able to do so because he’s simply a better actor. What was previously an imbalance (i.e. the more talented actor is Guy2/Guy3 to the less talented Guy1) has been righted in this case.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love HG’s gorgeousness. But in the acting department, he’s not on par with Eddie IMO.

    It’s not as if HG hasn’t had his chances to make it in C movies – Jingle Ma’s Butterfly Lovers, 1911 Revolution – but he hasn’t shone in any of his movie outings. Eddie shone bright in Jump Ashin and LOVE through pure ability and talent alone.

    Mind you, Eddie has a Cannes movie (Jump Ashin), LOVE and the upcoming Cold War (the most expensive Chinese movie to-date) on his CV. Eddie has proven acting expertise in deeper, more HQB-like characters than HG or Wallace ever had.

    1. I dun think anyone is questioning Eddie’s acting chop and why is LYF dragged in convo?!?!

      I’ve labored through Jump Ashin, Eddie is trying mighty hard but the movie is boring my eyes out. And it’s back to our convo of Eddie is amazing in moderns, but his ‘western’ look is jarring in periods. There’s more leeway in looks in modern pieces, but for periods, I, like a lot of ppl, r much more critical. For example as much as I LOVVEEEE Tony LeungCW, he’s one of the stinkiest Zhang WuJie in looks no acting chops can overcome.

      And I think many of us r sadder with the fact DMY is hinting on this is so half-assed a production, only faking it as some quality product but just a milk cow in truth. I don’t think there’s any seriousness in bringing it to a reputable level of respect, so the acting only needs to be serviceable, as it’ll crap all over the place in everything else we’ve been teased of. HG will be decent, and it’ll be more than enough for a M9 or a HQB. And I’ll keep crying Eddie being attached in this and wasting his precious time and feathers, let alone the unsavory attack for sth as unworthy as a TR shitty drama

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