Of ALL interesting things I was going to do tonite: rewatching bits of YoungYangClan, LoCH, kill some backlog of WR, Salaryman, doramas…and most imptly in fear of being disowned, finally start reading Yun Zhong Ge, I rewatched InTimeWithYou. *KILLLLLL MEEEE*

This is the last night of my BiL and SiL's visit and it'll be a sin to not be filial and spend quality time with them.  My hubs got the Jerk prize of the night when convo went on a tangent on childhood idols.  His bro's was Vivian Chow and the dumbo HAS to tell him we dl'd a TW drama starring a younger Vivian Chow being an aggressive cutie, singing her most popular mandarin song Scandal.  I burnt a hole on him with my deathglare.

I can't help but be a tad rude and surf the webby for treasures while rolling my eyes to blindness, luckily I found many sparkling pretty things to share!

All this rant on the DMY casting made me sad, here is my pick for JinYu, miss Tong YaLi.  This is an old pic, and not a particularly quality production, but this styling is so much more befitting even if this is not historically accurate (nth in DMY is historically accurate!):

I must've lived under a rock, I didn't know this pair is cast in a Cdrama!!!!

I've lost interest in Joe (yeah how dare me, I know) and I've never really cared for LDH, BUT this also has Koala's FungFung.  Even with PD 林合隆 (I can't stand any of his work), somehow I think Joe and LDH's style of OTTness trapping some real talent inside may bake up sth delish.  Interest is piqued.  LDH has just arrived in SH to shoot, she's lovely in RL and I can't wait to see her in sth that'll make honest good use of her.

A 兰陵王 Cdrama is given a greenlight!  兰陵王 was the ZOMG! prettiest warlord in maybe all of CN history during Northern Qi dynasty 5C AD, so femininely pretty he has to wear a mask at battle.  My 兰陵王 will always be Leslie Cheung, but ChenKun will be a good substitute nowadays.  Many fangirls of the historical figure has been dreaming of an early YanKuan, viral fanart was made:

I don't know who's cast, but he's better be drop dead gorgeous *hinthint* –>>

I can't follow what's going on with the YH fandom, aside fr the WTF, this is STILL v pretty:

I know it all started with Loverboy's facetwin babysis/princessMinMin posting this recent pic, but still:

The thing is Loverboy is a derp himself posting this selca:

and asking the world who has a cuter sleep pose, confidently stating his opinion he KO'd his poor doggie MeowMeow *sigh, this poor thing needs dog psych badddd* Thanks for a good tummyache of lulzing but what have I fangirled all this while?!?!?!?

While Red is PS'd tonnes of rouge by his fangirls, while he's rolling the sheets with his doggie, White is off being a badass.  I think HG is trying toooo hard *cringing nonstop at the sandals….debating whether I should ever wear my identical pair for fear I'll grow HG's facial hair and can't wipe off my imitation of his failed pervie gangster wannabe smirk*

Gossip is YangMi will start her own production co. and produce a pirated CN Gossip Girl!  muahahahahahaha I spent quite a lot of my freetime destressing loling at 'fashion' worn by CN starlets.  This has no basis whatsoever, but Bring it ONNN!!! MAKE IT WORK!

Ending on a highnote, ShiShi is GORG in Paris!

I think she'll look even more precious with much less makeup, but that black backless number is gulp! and her face is very come hither!  At the very least this is much better than the rest of the CN starlets' front row outings at Mode a Paris this yr.

ETA: just when I'm shutting down, this comes on my dash!

AAHHHHHH  BINNIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 thoughts on “Pinteresting

  1. I’ve heard LDH spoken Chinese once, she seems to speak fluent Chinese, not that i understand Chinese lol. Wish her the very best of luck.

    1. How have you been Dear!? *SQUEEZE*

      Oh her mando is insanely perfect, even if I study another 10 years I wont be as good as she is in conversational mandarin. I should be very ashamed hahaha. She’ll be saying all her lines in Chinese here and I already know she’ll have no hard time in line reading. Acting though…and the cultural shock of working with the most OTT slapstick yet unfunny TW PD out there…I’m wishing her a lot of luck!

      1. *hugz mookie*. I’m Ok, though my arm hasn’t recovered yet..aigooo, didn’t know it could take so long.

        oh she really speak well Chinese, awesome. She seems to have talents in languages. I wonder how Kyo’s Chinese speaking is, really curious. She seems to be more cautious, we will certainly find out soon, I hope.

        And…Binnie’s pic, handsome. Miss him. 1 year already, mookie. ah, times just fly away from us, in good and bad way.

        1. o gosh, speedy recovery!!!! Things just take longer to heal, we’re not 16! ^^ But we’ll get there.

          *sigh* I truly forgot it’s exactly a year, it was my DiL’s bday Mar6th and he was visiting us last yr and he talked about the celebration then, happy as can be on phone. but I was restless like sth impt I’ve forgotten to do all day and didn’t get much time to wander online till late and BAM! it’s everywhere.

          This year went by smoother than I thought haha but I’m sorta off the Kdrama wagon, maybe that’s my subliminal way of coping.

    1. Chingu! I was expecting u dropping by I was running around like a madwoman today and here u r!

      Oh the drama will be a dud. PD is hopeless, BUT this is Joe and DH’s forte and they’ll make it their show. I really dunno why but my gut is instantaneously screaming to me they’ll be an extremely matchy OTP as soon as I see the pic.

      Her mando is so much better than mine, serious. I can understand her mando so very well better than some with heavy regional accents (haha maybe it’s a foreign language to both of us). I think she’ll have a BALL with Joe and will be taken very good care of, he’s sucha warm fuzzy caring thing.

  2. Just wanted to drop by, and confirm the YM Gossip Girl thing, and it’s not pirated 🙂 It’s legit and supported by Warner Bros, as a partnership kinda thing.

    1. O YAY! pirate or no it’ll do the original justice romping in an excess campy gawdiness we can’t look away. I’m seriously looking forward to it.

      Will she be in it?! It’ll be a plus to see her being a Queen ‘B’ we can’t help but root for.

      1. According to Ladyboss’ weibo:
        《步步惊心》热播让刘诗诗、吴奇隆、#郑嘉颖#、林更新、韩栋等主演人气爆棚,唐人电影筹备拍摄第二部,已 向原班人马发出邀请,故事发生在现代大都市。加入热门的商战元素。阿哥们在风云变幻的商战中谈情说爱。初定 于今年8月开机。

        No mention of YH’s name in the upcoming BBJX2?!!

        Frankly I’m not keen on BBJX2 as the story sounds cheesy…the princes in modern day warring against each other in business. I mean, what’s the point?

        1. It’s just her normal bowel movements. Bless her fiber/crap intake and output.

          What kind of invite?! Asking them to be her slave and pay them change BECAUSE they are buds?!? She’s already spoken out loud directly screaming she wont be paying them their new higher asking price. I’m following the ‘sour fish veg’ thread in TianYa, although the KC rabid fangirl there is a bit too much but I do see her point in bracing this is all LB silly ad campaign for TR/BB/DMY, it WONT happen because KC’s schedule is insane, AND LB will very well blame it on KC screwing it up and the TRfans will stab him to death like YM and Wallace before him. Yes he maybe able to squeeze it in after 滚滚红尘, but howabout his singing career relaunch by EEG?!?!? AND he’s under EEG’s management now, will they NOT ask for every cent KC’s worth ha…I can’t wait to read about the must leaked mafiawar and megafail of K in THAT negotiation.

      2. Right now it’s only known that she’ll produce, but a role might be possible. It does say that she’s looking for fresh young faces for the leads though

    1. Re: Binniiiiiie!!!!

      Hihi Emma!

      And news today he’s wearing a quite high ranking uniform that is a step above his current rank…hinting he’s going to be promoted?!?! other than him naked, he can live in this white number, I don’t mind muahahaha

  3. Yay for Yang Mi! What a lot to accomplish at just 25!

    I know you don’t think much of Tangren, but I feel kinda crappy that YH won’t be in BBJX2

    1. I do miss the BB gang, I don’t mind them appearing on a variety show and be their bromance-oozing silly charming selfs for a few hours, but any more time wasting on sth futile, I don’t have the heart to put them through for my entertainment. TR has not churned out anything fr original script for YEARS. Their scripts have always been a weak link. Moderns r always much iffier to sell for good moolah and that’s all TR can see nowadays. K has already been yanking at any reporter who’ll listen the pay for the actors will be insanely high for her, nudging them all, on vid at that, to lower their current, very fair imho, asking price for her/TR/BB, better yet be her slave. Ha! She really thinks she’s their long lost birthMother?!

      Do you think BB2 is going to really materialize?! Loverboy is a super tactful wise person with his words, when K is jumping around like a stupid monkey saying everyone is on board he uttered, no illwill he hasn’t been approached AT ALL. There is NO SCRIPT. What kinda in the works, camera rolling in August is that?!?! I’ll bet good $ it wont. K is a fame whore herself, she NEEDS to somehow make a brand of herself being a feisty producer exec and gosh such a miserable joke at that. So she’ll keep spitting BB2 is in works JUST to keep the popularity of the brand of BBJX/TH adapt alive long enough till DMYdrama comes along with its own rabid fans. Do you TRUST K to discern a nonbrainfart script?! Her Chinese is so laughable a disgrace to the language even in tweets. AND we’ve proof after proof there’s no low she can’t stoop to spin up noise ie their usual ad campaigns and IF she got all of them under her wraps she’ll be mighty tempted to put them scriptless on screen for 30 eps, if she has a thread of kindness in her, have do an SNL of 30 hrs and just let them improvise. She’ll get the fanwars, the web hot topics, the stabbity outrages, the ‘drama’ will still be watched by the diehard fangirls, she’ll still make $$$ and bragging rights of BB is the best thing since sliced bread to Cdramaland. ha! do you think she’ll care about the time wasted, mess and damage to the actors involved career afterwards?!?! IF she has a care, she wont put HG/SS (and YH) through the stupidest TR game craps over and over.

      Nicky and KC r not spring chickens, they really need to wisely use the BB fame. I fear for Nicky, his postBB jobs r all quite stupid. KC at least have sth in his mix that r most probably awesome: Ghetto Justice 2, his black horse boxer TVBdrama, and a meaty remake of 滚滚红尘: this one I’m so following it every step of the way, I

      1. Ah so now I know the story about BBJX2 (or lack there of).

        TBH I’m more excited about the upcoming Prince Lan Ling drama that’s been given the green light. The history is interesting (although sad) and I’d like to see how it will be adapted into a drama.

        My whole family are big fans of Leslie and it would’ve been awesome to see him as Prince Lan Ling. I love Chen Kun! ^_^ Yan Kuan definitely looks the part (not only pretty but also tough enough for the legendary general). But rumor has it that Feng Shao Feng may be starring as the beautiful masked general instead.

        LOL I love all the YH photos! It’s amazing how pretty he looks. I never noticed much resemblance between him and Princess Min Min but after seeing you put the photos together, I can see it. They can pass off as bro/sis! XD

        Poor HG is trying so hard in the photos LOL

        LSS looks beautiful in the Elle shoots ^^

        1. I dun care for FSF’s face, there’s sth in his eyes that screams a countrybumpkin cuteness that is the opposite of hot :X I think he’s a sweet guy in RL and he’s a decent actor. But it’s my loss I’m very shallow and nitpicky. So for him to be cast as the insanely drop dead gorgeous LanLing I can only see a Leslie or for a reality check substitute ChenKun, I’ve completely lost interest in it.

          As much as I love Ariel in LoCH and ISWAK, she’s not pretty, period. I’m fangirling her sheer actress chops. Her looks nth like a Huang Rong tbvh, but because she’s extremely terrific in it I can easily let it slide. I don’t think her looks work at all in a real period. She’s more talented than Ady An, but if she’s going to play some great classic beauty, and selling me the magnetic alluring womanly charms she’s so trying too hard and failing in her latest hit ITWY (it’s my worst drama exp in 2011) I’ll have to overlook that.

          I’ll keep an eye on the production, but so far it is not screaming it’ll be terrific enough.

          1. Leslie ♥
            It’s probably why I have a soft spot for Ma Tianyu – he reminds me of a young Leslie… Watching Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, the whole time I was more focused on Xiao Mei because he looked and walked so much like Leslie OMG

            I’ve never seen FSF in a drama so I don’t really know him. He doesn’t scream “drop dead gorgeous” to me – that’d be either YH, Yan Kuan or Chen Kun (OMG ♥). TBH I was hoping Yan Kuan would be Lan Ling since I know Chen Kun will probably be too busy filming movies and won’t be in a TV series. IMHO Yan Kuan is definitely “drop dead gorgeous” because the first time I saw his face I was captivated for some moments =_=~♥

            I loved Ariel Lin as Huang Rong in LOCH08 even though she didn’t really look the part. I was impressed by her acting and overlooked the looks department. I think her looks suit modern dramas more than period dramas, especially when I see normal photos of her and compare them with her period costume photos.

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