MORE Rooftop Prince!!!!

will be the death of me.  I dont know whyyyyyy every little thing about it is like my catnip. MEOWWW~PURRR~RAWRRR~!
I bet I'm the last one to get to these, I'm just dumping it all here so I can come back and re-lick it after my errands r done for today.

The drama can now be crappy and I'll still love these trailers to bits.  Does the production make the BEST trailers or what?!  A taste of the fluffy romance in all the lovely spring pinkblossoms, then hit us in our guts with all the funnies and dramatics. All in 30~s this time.

Another preview:

All fr weibo, thanks to the lovely original posters/Cassies!^^

I used up my phone battery just staring at it w/ Puss in boots eyes, I should never wish time goes by faster, but darn it, now we need to wait ANOTHER WK!??!?!?! HOW?!?!? I need my own  waitin' for RP support group.

YooChun, today, in Argentina (oops!! Chile, my bad, sorry I'm more a pure, unfiltered, unpolluted, all natural YC fanahjumma)…. please…dun…I have a pathological fetish with specs, I've not dated anyone not wearing specs.  SO Just DONT!

The scene making me LOST it and have a hernia fr loling too hard is when they r like 4 cute penguins with the aid of a fire extinguisher maneuver by HJM. 

The only thing I'm going to behave SBS, is u keep churning out one of these trailer every freaken day till we HAVE RP, the real thing.  And I'm totally kidding when I say I'll be ok if drama sucks, I'm a scornful bitter craycray woman when pissed.


20 thoughts on “MORE Rooftop Prince!!!!

  1. OMG, I’m such an idiot! I only realize it now, after looking at that pictures of HJM in modern clothing. She was that cute-as-a-button kindergarten teacher in Great Inheritance!!! (Don’t judge me too harshly for loving that drama, Kim Jae Won was my Binnie before Binnie, so to speak, hihi). Okay, I guess I won’t hate her character as much now for stealing PYC from JYM.

    1. O!! GI was the second thing I saw HJM in (the first was Resurrection)…hmmm actually I’ve seen a lot of things she’s in. I don’t mind her, but I forget about her the instant I’m done. πŸ˜›

      I can’t wait to see JYM being FIERCE and bratty!!! while sweet and lovely and demure as his Princess.

      haha before binnie UTW was my #1, he still is up there, but he’s some blemishes with Queen Snoreduck and Dr. Champ, I watched wayyy too much 1N2D for him…and now he has another Resurrection/Mawang-esque tense drama out Mar21. *sigh* I’m beating myself now…I had the chance to switch up my schedule and have my off day be on Wed. Now I’m just praying for King2 to be more awful than it looks (to me) so at least I only have TWO MUSTwatches.

      1. According to Wikipedia, HJM was also in Dae Jang Geum, but I don’t remember her at all from that. I kinda lost interest in KJW because he took so much time off after Hwang Jini, and not just to do his MS (almost 5 years).

        Awwwww, JYM looks so demure in hanbok, shy smile and all. The modern-day version of her character will probably be mixing it up with the murderer, heh. I’m just floored by how young HJW looks in K2H; I really didn’t think the pairing would work, but from the pictures, it doesn’t look like older-woman-younger-man pairing at all. But then again, she made the romance with JGS(that kid!!) looked natural in Hwang Jini too. What is your secret, woman??? Weirdlu, I thought she looked older in WHIB, maybe it’s the hair.

        1. Oh she’s JangGeum’s bff during their Medicine Lady apprenticeship days in later half of DJG. She actually looks recognizable, considering it’s quite a while ago.

          I saw Resurrection first, Damo was my v first Kdramalove than Samsoon later, and exploded into a bona fide addict. I saw DJG much later than the world and in Cantonese dubs!

        1. I rem u r a numero1 UTW fangirl lurking in ur lj!^^

          He’s the ONLY K thespian who has absolutely no haters I know of. Actually the peeps I know who will remotely watch Kdrama likes him…even my grandma who saw him for the first time in Snoreduck. haha it’s more shallowness is in our blood and she doesn’t care for mane of glory/bidam.

    1. And really, I dun care the judging and I know there’s a population out there who doesnt get it, but often, in these tiny lil moments he’s not even trying the slightest, he’s the prettiest cutest, hottest thing I’ve set my eyes on.

    1. Taking up this role is already proving to me PYC has a brain made for this biz. So shrewd! IF he follows SKKS with this, it’ll open the gate for haters to whine: ‘yoooo~! this is SunJoon2 *yawn* that’s all lil idol can do’ And frankly it’ll fatigue me out a bit. But he spaced them out with a Ripley in btn and he held his own enough. THEN he gave us sth we missed more now and it’s our first love affair with him on scrn. And this is a more advanced SJv2!

  2. This was the only kdrama I’ve been waiting for this year, the other dramas I’m waiting on are all chinese. My first time watching the trailers, and I can’t get enough of them. It’s so situationally hilarious, which is the type of comedy that I reallly love. I’ve never watched a YooChun drama, so this is like perfect timing. I hope this drama keeps it’s cool throughout it’s entirety or else I’ll be really disappointed because the trailers are just too promising.

    1. Me too! I’m still watching an ep here and there of Wild Romance and Salaryman, it’s not even the drama itself is not good, but I’m just not rabid.

      Every lil joke they r teasing us so far though fr RP, I love them all. I do not rem me ever so addicted to the trailers alone, but I’ve dl’d them, replayed them constantly for a tiny pickmeup.

      Ohhhhhhh….u need to at least watch a bit of SKKS!!! I think it’ll add on the fun IF u fall for his char in SKKS and fanfic him time-travelling.

  3. Since you have one of the presscon pictures
    …i hope you dont mind since its a PYC post (sort of :3)

    The fangirls in JYJ’s South American concert managed to turn PYC into mush by collectively/shamelessly hitting on him all at once πŸ˜€

    watch from 2:16
    “MIJITO RICO lalalala”
    apparently it means “my handsome/yummy guy” (trying to tell him he’s hot)

    AND they managed to get him to dance la colita


    i hope you dont mind

    1. *SQUEEEEEEE* Thank you dearie!XDDDD hell no, why would I mind ANY of this?!?! muak!

      lolz I thought the fan who’s taping the vid fainted fr his yumminess!

      *sighhhh* but he’s really one cutest ball of effortless flirt and WMD for girls and some boys.

  4. I really love your fangirling over Chun! Haha. It puts my Chun-fangirl into shame, I thought I’m so so crazy for him, but here you are to show me that I’m not even halfway the fangirl that you are. You really haven’t dated a guy who doesn’t wear glasses?? Haha. That’s…wicked?? I can’t think of a much more appropriate word haha. Maybe you really have a thing for guys with glasses.

    The look on their faces when Park Ha was using the extinguisher with them was just so funny. Especially Chun’s, before they walked out.

    The last scene was also really funny, but pardon my stupidity, can you please enlighten me as to what Lee Gak is supposedly doing there?? I was thinking, maybe he’s just showing that he is the high and mighty Crown Prince Lee Gak, thus the super chin-up pose. Haha. But my friend told me, maybe he’s parodying Lee Hwon on Moon Embraces the Sun, because Lee Hwon also does that when he’s trying to copy a certain minister’s actions. I don’t really know since I do not watch TMTETS.
    Well anyway…I still enjoyed that teaser. One more week of torturous waiting.

    1. Oh gosh, no way, I’m too silly and ridiculous and a horrible fan. *I dont really listen to JYJ…plz dun disown me!*

      I’m so devastated hearing about YooChun’s dad! TT___TT RIP!

      My guess is…after being insanely yet cutely annoying to the nines and intruding our frying pan thumberlina’s life, she’s offered them her place to stay temporarily or did sth just nice to them or feed them chicken ramyun?! haha and he’s asking what he can do to pay back her favor?!?! and his head tilting is to savage ANY princely aura while being a snowed on penguin?!

      1. Oh that’s not a problem haha. You became a fan of Actor Chun, not the Singer/Idol one, I don’t mind you not listening to JYJ haha. As long as you love him it’s fine.

        Yeah, it’s really sad. Have you seen pictures of him crying? I won’t post it here since the fandom asked not to spread it. Anyway, it’s really saddening to see him crying like that. Poor Chun and Yoohwan. 😦

        Hahah. That’s a nice theory. He couldn’t lose face while doing something in return for Park Ha’s kindness right?? He must be the highly prince that he is…all the time.

        We’re all itching to watch this one, but actually if we think about it, it’s a good thing that the broadcast has been pushed back. They’re supposed to shoot for episode 3 today, but because of the recent events obviously they cannot shoot Chun’s scenes. I just hope they wouldn’t be rushed to shoot and Chun will be able to have time to grieve with his family. #BeStrongYoochun πŸ™‚

        1. I do have many DBSK songs on my ipod….

          A chingu alerted me late last night just when I was groggy and about to zzzz and I was sooo shocked and when I got onto the usual webby sites….it’s everywhere and I broke into tears and sobs and such a sorry mess. I need to wash my pillowcase first thing today, tmi.

          I know I was one very whiny thing swearing and stomping for RP to air NOW last wk…but with this tragic turn of event, I’d rather YooChun can just cuddle in his bed and cry his eyes out and have hot soup at arm’s reach and just let him be.

          I don’t need entertainment if it’s at his expense. It’s more cruel than slaughtering Bambi’s Mom and Bambi combined.

  5. I was actually thinking of suggesting to you to listen to DBSK, their music might suit your taste better hehe. Well you’re already doing it, nice haha.
    Apparently, they already filmed until episode 4, and they’ll be back on shooting on 19. Wow, I hope the 3 days after the burial would be enough for Chun to get back and be able to act out Lee Gak. I know he’s a good actor and he’s a professional, but he’s undergoing some hard time. Maybe he could use the emotions he’s feeling right now while acting out Lee Gak eh?
    I haven’t seen that Bambi film yet hahah but according to what I heard that’s one pure tearjerker, so yeah I get your point hehe.

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