Need a sadddd chuckle or three?

My nomnomnoms, warm beverage, last rays of sun for the day, blankies and my gadgets within hand's reach.  Felt like a P&P kinda afternoon, watched till the infamous, '…you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry!'  Oh the lovely angst on Darcy's face!!! I always love to take a tiny pause here and marinate the pain for a while before things go so satisfyingly up from here on.  It's like adding salt to a slice of watermelon, makes it that much more sweeter!

And prompted by a dearie (you know who u r!) I slurped up every bits of the unfolding *beep* that is DMY.

First lets do a picture litmus test:

Stare at these official stills for 10 seconds each.  Do you wanna…..

A.  PRETTTTYYYYYY OH GORGEOUS!  OH MY HOTTIES~~~~~~! *hurry back to HG and Eddie's BaiduBar and be safe there with my kin*
B.  Feed the first 2. Willing to give up ALL your food and give every crumb to the needy …ie those 2. 
C.  Those r finery *put on my wuxia historician cap/clicking wiki:  Beggar's sect is founded in HAN dynasty, Y U NO KNOW?!*
D.  Hey do one of your miserable PS/weibostealing, gimme HG and EP horizontal side by side…in their eyesexing each other.

So A babes, *hugz and muakk* for your sanity's sake, this is too dangerous a dark place to hang.  Oh BTW, congrats!  U r of the toughest, most hardcore loyal fangirl stock! *patpatpat*
BCD dearies,  I'm dragging y'all DOWN!

D-ers: Here, take it or leave it.

but Who am I kidding, no one is touching YH  and my RedWhite ship.

I see CP outfit here, tsktsktsk, Eddie/HQB, so u HAVE been busy romping around ( that explain the shaggy rug you r convenient donning?!  My very pervie part of brain is giving me ideas said rug can be used for a makeshift lovebed on a sandy hidden mount, and the shagging is due to some boy(s) tearing it off ur new hot body.  )

BUT nth beats the luxury cruiseliner of RedWhiteship, ha! CP outfits?!  We have CP musical instruments! …Wait, get this, it's singular, not plural.  One of TR's mission statement is recycology, props will ALWAYS be reused, PR sillydramas r never old, even if recycled.  And, yes, leave it to RedWhite to throw in an indirect kissu so craftily and poetically.  *swoon~*

Ok my serious self is back fr all the screaming her lungs out and stomping on my poor bleeding heart, crying hysterically at ALL THE EXTREME FUG that is going on. What is with those very pervie ahjusshi eyes, boys?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??????????????????????????????????????????  Eddie, is this ur take on Manly General? Sweetie, no.  Wipe it.  NOOOOO~~~!  All wrong, give me back ur innocent doe-eyes as Bro7 mighty charming and grown into a true manly hero owning my heart the last stretch and burn that black cloth of garbage bag tarp around ur neck, or better yet be naked and let ur body talk and sing.

WHYYYY My dreamboat emo prince!!!?!??????????????????????? Yes, you were asked to wear cheapo rags, YES no self-respecting royalty will wear cheeseCLOTH! Excusesexcuses!  Wait…is this a very bad Madam Tussands wax figurine of you?  Writer TH specifically stressed in the book (since as TR preaches we'll be so true to the piece of literature) Han decorum puts a tonne of emphasis on clothes, Confucius teachings r sizzling in vogue and it's a social courtesy to wear the bestest textile, esp if u r HanCamelot and richest boss in town. 9Ye unless in mourning (doubt it even then, they have white silks) will not be seen potty-ing in this.

And furthermore, the blurry You in the poster/background is <3! and at least 20 years younger looking than the You in flesh forefront.  OK, let me get this straight TRpeeps/TPTB, r u royally screwing YMM and slyly doing some hybrid fanfic of DaYunMoJongGeYao?!  and M9 didn't…u know sthsthsth… and lived to old age, going nuts missing his YuEr so much he's been wearing the same furry outfit for DECADES so his YuEr can recognize him, if not his face, thus turning this dirty laundry/drainwater grey!?

And I dun care TR, since u r now copying fr YMM's costumes. (WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even if u r secretly married to YMM, Kboss, many married couples have separate bank accts…let alone costume designer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Let me shake some sense in you with hard proof of pics:

See, this is the same dude, the bottom left is a gorgeous CN adonis/general. So if you so love your braids on your hero, less is more, copy this, I stress bottom left, with the words 'ShinHwa' watermarked.   I dunno who the R bottom guy is, I dare not look twice. My eyes, they HURT!

And the general in the #3 still/ie third wheel in this bromance 3some (and the prettiest of them all) I know you are the fairest,  and bravo! Pretty HanDong, for floating above all the fugging. Yes, be lovely, u've proved yourself, and it's time to pay back the world for your insane gorg.  Here's how: so I bet you don't REALLY have to battle much with ur pretty, esp in your plastic armor. I'm begging you, help your Bros, just stand in btn them for hours every day and exhaust all means, I dunno, poke their eyes with your lil bun on your head?!  STOP them smizing, bouncing pervie thoughts of YH off each other.  PRETTY PLEASEEE!

And Kboss, lets come down fr all the bitchycraziness for a sec and talk, one crazy-ahjumma to another.  We can be cheapo and LURVE our bargains.  Listen to me, fire ur hokum costumer/makeupfakey.  IF you need to pirate and save up some pennies for your facecream, here:

Yeah, since u hate YH's gut now, why not put all his look on a HQB and have HG smizing more convincingly at the garments reminding him of his *winkwink*BFF?!

Or up a notch, have HG's M9 be in his own CP pirated outfit like Eddie+MingDao, I bet HG is jealous and itching to have one. 

I'm not saying Mulan is out of this world pretty and perfect looking and a model to abide by every Han/XiongNu warring drama.   But I love the style is simple, it's not too fuzzy and trying too hard and be what a drama production should be without reaching to the heavens and ended up being cheapFUG.  Most importantly, the peeps look HAPPY and GLOWING and befitting their parts even without context.

Or, see I'm giving u choices ie Options!  go the more shameless ambitious antis-attracting route:

OH MY!  Who knew what rainbowmagic facial hair can do!!!! HXM has never looked this properly manly HAWT to me. See, this is what carefully done costuming and makeup can turn around.  And it's just small swats of fakehair, there is even no need for a wind-machine attached to his hips that fights for space with Egos or the camera.

And HuGe, dearie, I know you r a very poetic, deep, eloquent person in RL, BUT when in front of reporters, you need to watch it, not everyone you r bouncing off is a YH, who'll save u like a damsel and re-word everything u said perfectly into a cute harmless if slashy joke.
He said: This ending is already the best for the 2 guys and one lady involved.  IF JinYu is with M9, it'll be too sad for HQB, because HQB is not someone who'll easily give up, if he loves someone, he has to have her, if he can't have JinYu, I fear he'll slice his own neck….' [胡歌表示,这个结局对剧中的两男一女来说,已经是最好的结局,“如果金玉和孟九在一起,对霍去病来说会比较悲惨。因为霍去病是不会放弃的人,爱就一定要得到,如果得不到金玉,恐怕他会自刎……] Source:

You can not really go and scream that to 'proper' reporters not knowing a thing about DMY. HQB, national hero HQB, will slice his neck if he's not going to get his girl, for real.  Yes, I know u r whoring a product, earning ur paycheck and u r referring to the fictional HQB.  But It'll be taken out of context and when the real HQB is considered a Han hero, ie the majority of Chinese belonging to the ancestry he's fought and died gallantly for, way too young…and u r saying he'll commit suicide if he doesnt get what he wants, ie a girl?!?! 


But tbh, this production is so hopelessly dead to me, I had fun stabbing it all I want.  kekeke


50 thoughts on “Need a sadddd chuckle or three?

  1. You’re watching the Firth-Ehle version, and not the Ikea Knightley’s one, I trust? Hihi. I have no idea who that guy in the last two pics is, but WOW, off-the-chart manliness! I think I’m swooning.

    1. oh what’s ur guess? ^^

      ….I didnt own a copy of the 2005movie… :X

      That’s Huang XiaoMing, he’s one of the top pretty men in Cdramaland. I would say he’s more a SSH equivalent, slightly more talented with wasted potential, u get my drift.

      So this is all v nice surprise!

      1. I Googled him, of course, hehe. He does not look like that in the other pictures, cute yes, but nothing special. Amazing what body armor and a well-placed sword can do to a guy.

        This unfortunately has Keira Knightley’s voice, but I think you’ll like the people on screen.

        1. OH MY GUINNESS!

          You r here to prove I’m such a shameless, hopeless shallow fangirl and when it’s Martin IF*kingWonABafta! Freeman’s face with KK’s voice, I’ll still lap it up, like a loyal tongue wagging puppy!

          Ahhhh I love it, u know it already.


  2. Han Dong pwns

    both HG and EP in the still, our very own 9 ye of BBJX!

    I’m not following the whole DMY frenzy, so I have no idea how the generals should look like or whatnot. While EP looks just okay, I’m not very fond of how HG’s styling hmmm.. Nobody can play flute as sekshi as 13 ye YH.. :/

    And WOAH on HXM’s last 2 pictures! *eyeballs drop* that’s surely NOT HIM right? Tell me? Cos how did he end up looking like Kwong Wah of TVB?

    1. Re: Han Dong pwns

      *ssigh* DMY is an epic romance novel. Both HG and Eddie should be beyond drop dead gorgeous. Eddie’s Huo MUST have a commanding sunshine hero aura being fr the most lauded blueblood general family, prettiness galore, dazzling eyes instantaneously. HG’s Meng9 is born with silverspoon, the shrewdest wisest business guru and young/kind/sweet with worth able to buy out the whole capital, ‘prettier than moonlight and all of womankind’, sensitive drop dead gorgeous fairy. Do u see ANY of it?!?!

      Most offensive is…… guess the age of the characters?

      The real Huo was DEAD at 24. They r in mid 20s most of book.

      1. Re: Han Dong pwns

        Wow, the characters are SO YOUNG! None of them look the ages o_0 EP can pass, but Hu Ge no. He looks older compared to everyone else.

        I love your descriptions of both HQB and MJ, makes me want to read the novel for good haha. But I’ll reserve judgment until I see them in motion (that is, if I ever end up watching this).

        1. Re: Han Dong pwns

          EP looks like a beggar delinquent ruffian! And possible rapist with those skeevy eyes!


          it’s epically romantic, the novel, and not lengthy at all. If u haven’t read a CN book for a while, it’s worth ur time (unless u r very hardcore history purist)

      2. I actually think Hu Ge looks pretty damn drop-dead gorgeous with his hair down playing the flute!

        I’m a big Eddie fangirl, but I am looking forward to seeing HG stretch his horizons in a role type he hasn’t played before.

        1. He looked…dropped (in a gorgeous gauntlet of scorching wax) DEAD.

          Really?! he looks Jaundiced and his eyes r hollowed globes of nthness. He looked frozen/waxed so much so his lips can’t even fake the flute blowing part and if lips r not in the act, putting a flute there is so pretentiously posing. VERY mehhh and grey and dingy. And that textile looked like used gauze :X And I am soo scared, how can he stretch horizons when he looks blind? And dead or this close to starving to death? I can go on. *hug*

          I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the shittysword stills r suddenly so v HAWTTT now.


          1. [/anon finally gets off her lazy bum and registers to post properly]

            SO TRUE about the clothes – I’ve used gauze quite a bit and the first thing that struck me about the clothes is how much they looked like hospital material O_O and NOTHING like the rich finery MJ should be wearing. Hello, what happened to the rich and beautiful merchant? He looks like he’s just gotten out of hospital….!

            LOL the stills make HG look hot in Xuanyuan Sword by comparison. At least there he had life in his eyes and pose….

      1. I LOVE Colin Firth’s version of P&P! What a classic! ♥

        Yeah I’ve been rewatching some old episodes of Young Warriors and if they must recycle a look for Eddie, why not recycle it from there instead of CP1? At least there Eddie looks like a general…!

        1. Oh, I may have to adopt you~!♥

          And see, we r not cranky picky women! We r so easy to please. *sigh*

          I’m typing so much DMY related ‘sigh’s! and ‘noooo’! I’m willing it to turn into a giant slap on Kboss face, every one of them

          1. Exactly! We’re not that hard to please! I mean, I actually got through The Myth even though the plot was meh and the fight scenes were suck. At least it was nice on the eyes….

            DMY just makes me *SIGH* but it’s like I have a morbid fascination with it and just can’t look away….

  3. Hu Ge looks like he smoked some weed before he did that photoshoot with the flute playing. And the messy hair? The sack cloth like material used for the robe of freaking M9 who TH goes to extremes to describe his attire as always flawless and gorgeous and eye catching and OMG so elegant. Epic fail, TR.

    Eddie looks like a drag queen Gai Bang member. What’s with the raised eyebrow, EP? It not sexy, it is sleazy. And go eat a couple of sandwiches. And to think MING f-king DAO looks better in the same outfit than Eddie. The mind, it boggles. He doesn’t look like a fairy prince – he looks like a slight drugged out skeevy lowlife with a penchant for flute playing.

    Han Dong I just want to airlift out of that cesspool of ugly. I can’t do anything about White, and Eddie can stay there for all I care since he wanted to jump in himself. He doesn’t look like an arrogant sunshine boy with powerful and insane charisma. AT ALL.

    No, the characters are in the late teens in half the book (15, 17, 19 for the three) and then early twenties (20, 22, 24 for the second half of the book). Those guys up there could not pass for that even if I smeared an entire box of BB cream on them.

    Why you post these, twinnie? It hurts so much to see these pictures.

    1. *sigh* your tears r my tears. Your pain, my pain.

      And I was STILL having tiny hopes at least the boys will lure me back with costume porn.

      Oh well, save us the hours of swearing at least watching the REAL thing.

  4. I considered watching it, but really can’t do that anymore. TR is gonna break Jiu Ye’s image. I really think the only person who could pull off the Jiu Ye feel is Wallace. I love Hu Ge and all, but this won’t work. I kinda wished they would have waited on this and put better cast in it. Maybe if I hadn’t read the story I’d be fine, but this is not the case. The only casting I’m happyy with is Pan Shiqi for Li Yan.

    1. I really dun mind HuGe at all as Jiu Ye, I thought he’ll pull this off and I think he’s potential untapped and wasted all these years. But he looked more befitting in Shaun of the Dead: the CN period spoof

  5. This is the first time in my life I have the urge to jump HXM and do naughty things to him. Oh lord…… How the HELL did C-dramas turn Yue Fei into a hottie? O__o

  6. He’s just report on set Mar 12? I don’t really follow it closely, but I will go rabid and must post the gorgeous whenever I come across a new pic.

    I can’t believe my eyes EVERY time I saw anything HXM as Yue Fei. I was soooo strong in my conviction HXM will be the only person I thought objectively pretty but such a huge turnoff because he’s soo freaken aware of it.

    But he’s toned it down into a slow simmer. And HOTDAMNNN~

  7. I think Hu Ge looks great. I think this cotton outfit is for the scene when they are in the desert – he’s supposed to keep a low-profile.
    I have no problem with the age of the actors either – TH makes it too unbelievable : a person below 20yrs of age can be an expert in medicine (even surpassing the imperial doctors)and have the maturity of mind that MJ has ?????????
    As for Eddie, oh dear …………. He had better be outstanding in his acting because he doesn’t measure up looks-wise to the HQB in the book – not even one little bit.
    Btw, how come they choose a non PRC person to act as a PRC national hero ?

    1. I think back than, people mature more early. In today days, a 30 year old can still be immature. Look at Li Yan, she was only 17 when she went to court and is also about the same age most ladies go into court back in those days. HQB was very young too when he brought thousands of young kids to fight Xiong Nu and that is real history account too. I think it’s a particular drive they have that causes them to mature that fast. Like Hua Tuo started learning medicine when he was 7 years old, Meng Jiu slightly over 20. His status and purpose also forces him to mature quickly. Still a bit unbelievable, but I could manage to steer my mind to think it’s possible.

      1. *sigh* very true.

        I have less problem with HQB looking older than his age, afterall he’s in battlefield and the sun damage in the western deserts!!!

        BUT M9, I can’t give them excuses, he is wheelchair bound and although he is a master in many things, fr the book he’s mostly indoors, basking in moonlight and be mostly in his rich, luxurious gilded cage and leave the hand to hand dirty physicality to his minions. So darkening the usually silkily fair skinned HG to a mustard yellow greasy glow. I cant

    2. I dun see much difference btn HG/Eddie’s look at all! It’s just a black or white with slightly diff patterns, a sorry patternless flour/garbage sag for scarves, sword or flute for ornamentation. So it’s puzzling me, sweetie, when ur opinion is so drastically diff. Both of them looked an inch fr their lives, jaundiced/waxy, with very scarily hollowed black globes that speaks to me nth about a sparkling youthful presence but with nefarious schemes, to me.

      We can’t have our cake and eat it too. This is all fantasy, this is a shoujo romance unbelievable fantasy and if TR INSISTS and keeps hammering to the world out loud they r going to stick so true to the book like it’s the bible, I’ll jab at it whenever it deviates so much.

      Ermmm…HQB is not PRC hero but Han Chinese hero, Han is an ethnicity, and the communist party started its rule in 1949, compared to the 2000+ yrs of Han Chinese in recorded history being the ruling majority in middle kingdom. I mean HG needs Xiong Nu blood in him to faithfully play an M9, and the pure Xiong Nu bloodline is believed to be extinct. Honestly I have no prob with the casting of Eddie and HG, IF styled right, TR/Kboss, I hate it with thousands burning suns. Oddly, I still have faith in their acting abilities, but the costuming and makeup is literally like chopping off all their limbs and gorging out their sparkling eyes and make them run with the handicap.

      IF this is the look in desert, he’s 17…he doesn’t look 17 (not even out of HS in present day!), not even 34. I’ve seen drawings/records of life back then and this is not the hairdo of a 17 yo. The normal HG can look younger than his real age, but this one looks like M9’s dad with terminal illness.

      TH is obviously like the rest of the world a LC fangirl. HR is an expert in everything and she’s merely 16 when she runs away fr home. Then she’s busy romancing her JingGege and didn’t really ‘study’ anything yet she beats all the big minds of her time 5x+ her age throughout the novel.

      That’s why it’s always a HUGE deal casting a LC wuxia and since TH went all the way painting us 2 super dreamcruiseliners with her words and that, in essence made DMY, we’ve read it, I liked it enough, TR is still selling to us they r putting so much into it to flesh out the novel, and this is what we get, I’ll stab it to death every chance. Afterall the book is ‘trivializing’ a REAL historical hero, so ingrained in Han culture, it needs to be more than perfect unless they r only catering to the idols’ fanbase. Then of course, everything is tinted a shiny rosy glory. And the shortcoming of TH esp compared to LC is…he played within the historical accuracy boundaries, she disregarded it yet said her novel was created after extensive research and CAN really be historically plausible. I have serious prob with her tone in this issue and stopped being her fangirl then.

      It doesn’t look clothing grade cotton, it looks used gauze on mummies they’ve picked up maybe scouting DunHuang, I’m not even really kidding *sigh*. TH spent paragraphs after paragraphs illustrating the social customs of Han and presentable extravagant clothing is top priority. As I’ve said, this is not even ok for potty-ing, unless his top is for wiping. IF it’s a low profile look thus the use of cheapest fabric, what’s the fancy looking jade flute doing?!?!! esp when HG is only posing with it, not engaging at all, no lips flexed…etcetc.

      And I trust you’ve seen his space odyssey time machine looking wheeler, that’s so not going to keep any low profile.

      Sorry for the superlong essay/rant. I make use of the blood I’m vomitting nonstop somehow…to type and rant.

      1. Tx, Mookie for the history lesson. I guess my mind was stuck in “he’s a Taiwanese, he’s PRC, XiongNu is a country – it’s all wrong, sigh. Keyword is ethnicity. Tx again. Btw, my cousin is a flautist and she doesn’t purse her lips. She looks like she’s smiling when she blows.

        1. *hug* I do get what u r puzzled about. I do agree with most Eddie look is too modern to scream national Han hero. And that’s exactly why I’m so fussy with the costumes. Because this is a performance and things need to translate on screen for the point to get across. I played the flute for a few years in HS, I was horrible and I lost interest, and I had no picture of me without contorted lips. That’s beside the point, I don’t need HG to be a convincing flutist, but it’s a still, a stage for him to sell a characterization by visual only and he looked as lifeless as the flute.

          The exact comparison I wanna make is the case of HXM as YueFei vs Eddie as HQB. Personally, I

      2. I think TR did alright with LSS’s pink gown droplet hairdo, that one I imagined it somewhat close. 9Y’s first meeting with Yue-Er was pretty blinding. I don’t think any other fabric other than white silk could reflect the sun that well.

        I was hoping they’d put as much effort into their clothing rather than overdoing something as simple as a wheelchair. That thing is too colorful and more suit for a emperor’s use.

        I’m reading YZG right now because I just can’t stop where DMY ends and just let it go. I wanna know what happens to 9Y. lol TH really is a LC fangirl. Her Yun Ge really strikes me as a Guo Xiang and Meng Jue is like Yang Kang on first impressions.

        1. With SS, my prob is her eyes, her very dead, zombie eyes. It’s not saying to me there’s spunk in her. 😦 JinYu/YuJin/YuEr is true to being the WolfGirl, her purest identity, and be prowling at me and captivating everyone with her aura alone.

          And actually, I’ve read a very well researched costume post on how very wrong in Han decorum it is with SS’ costume. Apparently her costume is a formal wear for praying it has a very specific name of a bird, and it MUST be embroidered with the bird (for poetic well fortune/status symbol) and it’s all done wrong. The color needs to be a bright red instead of all shades of shoujo hello kitty pinks.
          Worst yet, it’s only worn by the wife of the highest general…and JinYu didn’t get that title.

          And the shoe is a miserable joke. TR CLAIMED it’s so very true to history but it’s done so cheap and wrong a pirated copy…and again JinYu doesn’t have the social status to wear the finery (again with a very specific name) TR claimed it is.

          So the booboos r very alarmingly suffer, even if we can handle the aesthetics. It was beyond stupid of TR to underestimate how easily resourceful netizens can be, they thought throwing out big words will make them all sanctimonious. HA!

      3. I have an insane urge to deconstruct the colorful wheelchair and experiment with it. Han Dong and that wheelchair are most likely gonna steal the show. U_U

        I’ve said this in the previous thread and I’ll say it again here. HG and Eddie can both pull off MJ and HQB very well with their acting abilities – it’s that awful costume/make up that I have issues with. IMHO, nothing about HG’s stills shows an elegant young man with an aura of refined artistry, and so far none of EP’s stills show a young powerful general with a commanding presence, cold on the outside but passionate on the inside.

        1. MTE! I’m even seeing HanDong having more natural chemistry with SS while the 2 guys r busy doing their bathroom trips tog giggling and reporting it to anyone who’ll hear.

          The silliness with TR is…they r soo full of themselves, oblivious to any noise of constructive criticisms. I started out a few years ago a serious TR fangirl after LoCH08. I thought they did things charming and with heart even if not perfect.

          Eddie NEEDS to sell us a HQB, u can’t toy with HG’s fangirls all along and exc them to just take it lying down. And the identity we most associate with HQB is General Extraordinaire! Yes, he can have his downtime playing with his cats, but we don’t need to see a still of his an outfit of that as first impression.

          1. Even with the all crazy plot changes and everything, I still liked LOCH08 because it was just so much fun to watch.

            It’s not the fact that they made the actors look so much older that gets me so riled up. Yes the DMY characters are supposed to be very young so in that respect TR’s already failed. I think HG himself is actually maturing quite nicely: he’s grown from a young pretty boy into an alluring, charismatic man – something I really hoped to see in Meng Jiu, but totally not seeing (judging from all I’ve seen so far).

            1. I just rewatched all YangKang NianChi bits…

              Gosh, I think SS was much more comfortable and natural in it and her perf translate to some genuine emotions coming across the scrn and by comparison, she’s really trying wayyyy too hard in BB and it sadly shows.

          2. I want to see the aura of a kickass general oozing from Eddie’s pores! But sadly it’s just not happening for me here. Everything just looks so wrong, wrong, wrong……

            1. That’s exactly why it’s all bull this is a so and so outfit of whenever.

              This is a first promo still, we can fill in their looks in various scenes LATER. We need instant recognition of what the heck he’s playing in it, and it should appeal to a wider base than that handful of extremely hardcore HG/Eddie PLUS DMY fans who r not already pissed off and will keep inventing excuses for TR in their place, when TR clearly don’t give a F.

              IF HXM is spotting Eddie’s outfit as YueFei, it’s still as freaken wronggggg and YueFei is not in an armor 24/7 and he’s not a fraction as welloff as a HQB!

  8. I pick B and C

    Hi there Mookie, anon from the previous thread here.

    I had several reactions reading this post:

    1. OMG MY EYES!! What have they done to the beautiful Adonis from The Myth to turn him into the Wax Man Walking in DMY? *CRY*

    2. ROFLMAO @ how true your comparisons are. My sad tears from before suddenly turned into bittersweet tears of laughter.

    The differences in quality of the material are so obvious once you show the stills from another drama. The silky smooth textures with the refined embroidery is what I expect the DMY characters to wear. Aren’t they from the upper echelons of society/rich people? Why are they wearing clothes made from recycled gauze??

    OMG is it me or is YH getting hotter (as if this was even possible)?? Ooooooh~~~

    I love HG to bits and I just weep seeing what they’ve done to him. It’s not only the hairstyle which screws up the proportions of his face, but also the dead waxy look of his skin and the lifeless eyes. And this is the same HG who’s always so lively in all the other dramas and interviews. Oh how I weep…

    BTW thanks for telling me about the thing he said. I mean, really? HQB, the national hero? Kill himself just for a girl? Like what?! O_O I can see that he didn’t mean anything by it but *whistles* the antis are gonna have a field day with that.

    1. Re: I pick B and C

      I’ve been waiting for u!! U know u started all this eye scorching craziness, no?!

      The thing is with YH’s Mulan, it’s not even big on the pretty, it looks a bit rough around the edges and you and me tog, we can really go take a walk down a SH flea market and get those silks and stick some simple trims to them and make those outfits.

      *sigh* I really do love HG like a sick cutest puppy in RL, and I would even have an evil wish on YH this very moment to be still with TR and SAVE HIS WHITE!!

      1. I’m heartbroken! I’ve been reading that YH will not be in BBJX2! 13th Prince is the best and kindest amongst the princes and he didn’t get to be reincarnated as a human? Boooooo!

        1. U r sad?! I’m soooo DELIGHTED every time I’m reading he wont be in it. I’ve never ever entertained the notion he’ll be invited back, he said he wasn’t even invited and he’s tactful and put it open ended as ‘not yet’. But we know him well enough to read though the lines. K treated him like the most disgusting traitor piece of dirt when he’s still being his old self of cute and sweeet and nice to them, even when SS is just a guest on that Mango show, he tweeted support.

          Ha, wont K be scared to sleepless nights of wetting her bed IF YH is in it and stealing the show, esp ANY of the limelight fr her SS, her XiaoShin and most impt of all, cant be her rag doll to dump the blame of ruining the cosmic balance of ‘refusing’ to be in it IF this sucks?!

          I’m just begging it to greenlight, and praying for the miracle it’ll do reasonably well, I just dun want it to have any snag the usual TR dumb ways and give Kbitch any evil chance she has to transfer any p

          BB2 will be horrible, I wish it well really, but I dun see why it can be anything honestly good when K has no taste in writing and wont even think of hiring a real writer for a script with all her money making muppets in place. She knew and I knew if she can just get Nicky+SS+KC, they can all laugh to the bank, why bother?! So the gang will just be made to dance and fool circles around and be silly posing as they r in sth SERIOUSLY MODERN! And call it a day. Fans will be happily eating it up, TR fans will still turn a blind eye to the crappiness, nobody else will care, K will make her $$$, everyone involved is sillier and richer.

        2. I’ve read what u wrote in spcnet. YH said he’s not ‘yet’ invited in BBJX2 during one of his awards/trips during Mulan’s filming. He also said he would seriously consider it and happily join IF there’s a script.

          I’ve seen the interview, you can dig it, it’s around Nov/Dec?! ie before Kbitch made all those empty tweets and interview/vid whatever of BSing about BBJX2…THEN a day after a totally taken out of context spindoctor article creeping out claiming YH refused to join. The red beans had already do their PI, sniffed it out it must be Kbitch doing one of her usual evil low scummy things. IF bb2 wont get greenlight, which I’m betting GOOD $ on it, she can slying indirectly nudged on the notion it’s someone refusing back and disloyal and traitor blablablablabla.

          So she can now start slowly burn in a hot fire till eternity for all I care.

      2. Re: I pick B and C

        AWW LOL sorry for the eye torture! You’ll have me to commiserate with, at least! Every time I see more of DMY I feel like crying (OH GOD WHYYYYY??!). LSS looks dull and lifeless. HG and Eddie looks stoned. Even Madame Tussauds’s wax figures have more life. Strangely enough Han Dong is looking fine by comparison and is upstaging all of them already -_-;

        With YH’s Mulan, at least their characters look alive! YH’s natural beauty shines even with the simple styles and costumes.

        I’m SOOOOOOOO glad YH escaped TR’s evil clutches, finally spreading his wings and all. He needs to swoop in with his armor and red cape and save his White from being immortalized in Taxidermy of the Desert.

        (I’d so go with you to SH Flea Markets except I don’t really know what the SH stands for…?)

  9. Oooh and HXM as Yue Fei is smoking hot. I heard about them making a drama about the story of Yue Fei and I’ve been looking forward to seeing it. From the stills you posted, I’m not disappointed! Now THAT’s what a national hero/kickass general should look like! Not a CP1 Tang Yu rip off or a city boy playing dress up!

    1. And it is STILL after STILL, bts after bts, there’s no comparably less good pic of this production. AND it’s not styled to death! he’s smoking hot in so controlled subtle ways without an ounce of effort… I’ve never seen this HXM before!

      Maybe it’s my years SCREAMING at the screen for him to just tone the damn down. hahaha I’ll take credit for my throat.

      1. *Offers eucalyptus honey drops* There there, for your poor throat.

        HXM is looking fitter and fitter these days, which is very nice especially for a role like Yue Fei. Best-looking Yue Fei I’ve seen so far! I really look forward to this series and I have high hopes for him! ^_^

  10. D’AWWWWWWWW You don’t know me fr Adam do you, my friend?

    Peter is still on my forever-can’t-act list, and frankly I he’s fugly face-wise to me. He’s hot kind of fug in ChuHan’s stills and I like his person in RL, but I’m not betting he’ll ever be decent in acting unless it calls for the character to be in a constant constipated stupor of OTT. Sorry. I can’t come up with nicer words yet be honest to myself.

    And I spent a good month snerking at every Summer’s Desire lolz in another dearie’s blog back then. It’s on my top 10 worst drama ever across all lands. It was so aggravatingly horribly written, acted, directed, the makeup and wigs and clothes can easily scared off a country’s worth of children and adults. I’m one of them.

    I don’t see YH following Eddie’s path at all, with or without his dispute, Eddie was established, he’s been working steadily in TWdramas, he has Kenting under his belt and a variety of things ppl knowing him for and that went side by side with his endorsement deals. Loverboy atm only has 13 in BB and that’s a guy3/4 at best and his cult following, ie you and me and a handful of others. And Brandcore is promoting him through these endorsements in order to attract better jobs. And now all of a sudden, YH is doing braindead idoldrama stuff Eddie was doing all along and less so once he’s doing endorsements and such.

    and *sigh* why do you want so much for YH to be in the guarantee turd that is BB2?!?!?!?!! I’d rather him be in a guy2 with proper papers and script even if horrible than a bottle of pretty soy sauce in some empty promises fr K the lying liar who lies. Why don’t you believe a word YH said when he said he’s not even invited at all?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I bet being that impossibly sweet and loyal a guy he is, IF he’s even casually invited, he’ll work around his schedule. He did Ad Mania in weeks, that webmovie with YM in days!? And given the screentime IF he has any in BB2, he can easily finish it in hours, IF K is not totally toying him to have him on set weiboing.

  11. I don’t think he was signed on to anyone at that time? I actually think he’s the type who wants his independence (he did say in the media interview when asked why he gave up 4th Prince role, and he replied it’s for freedom/independence).

    I can relate it to my own experience working now with an independent watch distributor versus an MNC. When I was in an MNC, the brands were well established and I could get choice retailers easily. Now as an independent distributor, there are more challenges as we have good watch brands but also bad ones. Why we sometimes take on a bad brand is to build a relationship with an up and coming watch factory. One day, we know the watch maker will finally learn how to make good commercial watches, and that’s when the brand can fly.

    My guess is that as an independent artiste, he takes on certain roles to make connections with an important TV station (Hunan, CCTV), director or artiste (I read that Alyssa had wanted to work with him for a long time). In that way, I can’t blame Yang Mi for taking on shitty movie roles because it was also her way of making connections until a good role comes her way. Whereas for FSF, he’s handed good movie roles on a platter all because he’s Huayi’s blue-eyed boy. But of course, he has to abide by the structures of a matrix organization.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward much more to Mulan and his new modern series with Siwon. I never took this Taiping thing seriously, LOL.

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