Rolling in the (Hundred Flowers) Deep

@nodame@胡歌 提问:老胡,什么时候能再和老袁合作啊?期待哈~
@胡歌: 等她不再到处沾花惹草的时候 哈哈哈
@袁弘: 我错了,总以为蓦然回首,你丫就在百花深处
HG had a webchat with his fangirls in Nov last year:
@nodame:  asking @HG : LaoHu, when are you going to work together with LaoYuan again? Want, ha~!
@HuGe:  When ‘she’ stops hankering around (the Chinese idiom is literally ‘messing the flowers and fooling with grasses’) HAHAHA
@YuanHong:  My bad. I’ve always assumed, perchance I turn, u’ll still be damn hidden one hundred flowers deep.
…Loverboy is quoting idioms fr poetry, and usu when peeps r doing it, it entails the whole poem.

蓦然回首 is from the famous poem <青玉案. 元夕> describing a glittering street scene on the Festival of the Lights (ie lunar Valentine’s Day) of Song poet Xin QiJi, it’s one of my favorite poem.  HK kindergartens r strange, it’s normal practice back in my toddler days for our teachers, somehow, made us memorize some most romantic/cryptic poems in ancient text we won’t understand for another 20+++years, but it stuck in our little brains.  This is one of them (there is one about Mulan, and the one almost scared my folks to catatonia is on Yue Fei) I cut and pasted its beautiful eng trans fr baidu.

Night lights, a thousand trees in bloom 
a shower of stars blown 
by the east wind.
Ornate carriages drawn by gallant horses 
filled the boulevards with a sweet fragrance. 
Voice of the magic flute flowing, 
luster of the jade white urn turning, 
all night the fishes and the dragons danced.

Butterflies, willows, charms of gold; 
Gone -- that angelic laughter, that subtle perfume. 
In the crowds for her I’d searched a thousand times, 
perchance I turned 
and there she was 
where waning lights were few and dim. 

As with any political poem stabbing the S. Song Imperial Court, it’s thinly veiled behind the lights, jewels, perfumes and romance.  On surface it’s a guy looking for his lost OTP in the midst of the intoxicating sensuousness, in essence, it’s Xin feeling odd man out, devastatingly alone, screaming for his voice to be heard by that special comrade of how heartbreaking and shameful it is, as a fresh refugee fr the battered North, to witness the scandalous waste and obscene extravagance to coverup a country in dire straits on its last breath.
If it’s anyone else quoting that line, in any other circumstances btn any other dudes (it’s often used in everyday convo) I wont give it another blink, but our poet disguising as PrettyLoverboyActor YH?!  No way, he must be jabbing at the whole situation of TR, and how lonely he was in DunHuang desert gruelingly shooting Mulan…and wishing his HG would join him side by side in his new journey and stop lowering himself in the cesspool that is TR. (yeah I made that last part up, sue me Kboss!)

And to quote Prince14 Xin-chan, who concludes it no better words except: ZOMG! Get a Room~! :

@林更新 :浓浓的爱意这分明是一段校园恋
@LinGengXin: Deep and intense, the love…. so obviously a college romance.

Needless to say, RedWhite shippers had a fieldday/Christmas/Buddha’s birthday rolled into one.

I did a baidu search on 百花深处 back then, and I ended up spending a wkend drowning in it.   It is the name of an old hutong(narrow alleyways) in old Beijing, history dating back to Ming dynasty.  Legend is a Zhang couple planted a hundred/numerous species of flowers, peonies, lilies, chrysanthemums and plum blossoms with timely blooms for each season. It’s become a chic gathering hotspot for poets and artists.  But after their deaths, the garden withered…and became a tiny alley/hutong many years later.  The name lives on, it’s officially named BaihuaShenChu Hutong during the reign of Qing’s GuangXu emperor.  It has its ebbs and flows, with Huguosi (‘safeguarding our country’ temple) built in 15C Yuan gracing one stretch.  It was an underground santuary for soldiers hiding from the IJA during the occupation marked with tales of bravery, patriotism, wartime romances and espionage.  It’s immortalized further by famous writers and poets, and a seminal popsong of the 90s: One night in Beijing.  There are numerous covers for the 1992 original by 陳昇/Bobby Chen, the song is said to be born a drunken night when Bobby was hitting a creative slump stepping out of a recording studio there.  My personal fav version:

Here is a lyrics and translation:
This is a lovely orchestral rendition:

I think many RedWhite shipping red beans had already dissected it to death those bittersweet poetic love yearnings considering YH had relocated to Beijing and HG was there for the webchat show those few days in Nov.

The seeped in history hutong enjoyed a revival during the ‘birth’ of Chinese Rock. The BaiHua Studio in the Hutong became the cradle for the movement. Almost 3 decades later, the studio is still standing, worn and weathered, for $100RMB anyone can record a song there.  Infantile indie punk groups gather, artists enjoying a communal smoke around a dingy corner with fresh graffiti littering the old brick walls.  Young (and aging) aspiring artists, artsy dilettantes still pay homage, trusting the Depth with Hundred Flowers will live on even if their dreams are dashed by reality.

百花深处 is also the name of a current Cdrama my parents are watching, and recommending.  I’m on the fence:  it’s 37 eps.  There’s a Ripper-esque serial killer mystery in a Peking Opera House, a revered opera singer is under suspicion. Wronged deaths. Time jumps.  Children harboring birth secrets….back for revenge. Some are my things, some not, but I doubt it can stay tight logically for 37 hrs.  My very soft spot: 李玉刚, playing a parent of the main birth secret siblings.  The same flawless national treasure vocalist in the above vid.

:O~~~~~  HOW pretty~~~~~~~!   Must check out at least his bits!

The parents, one of them is the famous Opera singer in drama, and you’ve guessed it, the daddy.  He is 李玉刚.

Yup, same guy.

And what is pasting another vid or 2 on a post that is already going on forever and ever~!

This is a 10 min 2002 short film 百花深处/One Hundred Flowers Hidden Deep by Chen KaiGe in an omnibus Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet.  It’s subbed, and lovely.  Might as well ‘waste’ another 10 mins, no?

The lead actor/crazy old man in the movie is also the main actor/ older lead in the drama of the same name 百花深处 and he is just never in crap.  Tempting!

I’m stubbornly loyal, and obviously love my nostalgia, and it’s also why I love Loverboy so much.

A reporter, who’s interviewed YH for a few times wrote this, reminiscing his first impression on the impressive guy:
In 2006, I met YH the very first time in SH, he’s oozing greenness.  Back then, he’s just finished A Prince’s Education, eagerly anticipating his glorious career ahead.  In order to ‘promo’ this newbie, his company added a ‘prefix’ to his name — ‘HuGe’s classmate and bff’.  He doesn’t mind it at all, telling us colorful anecdotes of HG’s college life.  He understands so wisely, a reporter needs talking points in an article, and he’s not yet the focus of any conversation.
I asked YH what did he think of HG’s overnight surprise stardom?  YH said, without any hesitation, ‘It’s only a surprise if he didn’t hit it big!  He’s so handsome, and so smart.’   The same lvl of good looks, equal in smarts, but YH always put others first.
That’s why, HG is Yang 6 Lang, YH is Liao’s YeluXie; HG is GuoJing, YH is YangKang.  When his friend is basked in light, he doesn’t mind flushed by his brightness.  He only concentrates on doing a serious job at acting out his character.  And when his friend is in trouble, he rushes to the very front.

In tears, still.  I have saved this for a week or so and it’s still too overwhelming and I’m lost for words.  This is one beautiful heartbreaking real life love story.  I’ll float and sink with this Ship.  Have a befitting Rolling in the Deep cover in guzheng:

9 thoughts on “Rolling in the (Hundred Flowers) Deep

    1. haha I doubt ur topics will veer into much about guys fooling around….
      But I do think the hardest part in mastering the language is all the poetry sooo commonly used. I’m still learning new usage everyday just being a fangirl and following their weibos.

  1. Awww….
    I’m sure YH is too big-hearted to mind all that!
    Love all your music sharing posts!
    Here’s one vid to cheer u up..
    It’s purely for entertainment sake (or not) only
    Chinese choir covering bad romance:

  2. The epic RL bromance of YH and HG never fails to make me smile. I love how much they support each other. It’s just so sweet and heartwarming. ♥

    Thanks for the Rolling in the Deep guzheng version. It’s BEAUTIFUL. I just want to keep listening and listening to it on repeat….

    1. I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it, if HG and YH can’t be BFF till the end of the world, I’ll lose faith in mankind.

      I can predict seeing YH in Elephant Mt visiting the set of DMY when he can squeeze a day or 2. He can’t not be itchy with want now that TR Uncle Photographer is posting new bts pics of HG and Peter (and hopefully Eddie soon) playing bball.

      1. if HG and YH can’t be BFF till the end of the world, I’ll lose faith in mankind
        MTE, my friend, MTE!

        LOL yeah poor YH must be feeling so left out, with HG having fun with Eddie and Peter. YH needs to get together with those boys and it’ll be Young Warriors reunion in true fashion (can’t leave out the memorable Yelu Xie)!

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