I can’t believe it: a HXM as YueFei fangirling post…mostly

Lord have mercy!  Gone is the HXM anti for last decade in me and a clean new slate (with many dirty thoughts!)

Ruby Lin is LOVELY and I let out a sigh of relief… she's playing mother of the children of a YueFei that looks like Huang Fking XiaoMing instead of a 16 yo bimboprincess.  Who freaken cares about doubling their age just to grow old(er) with YueFei, HXM or no HXM.  Age appropriate gorgeousness is sooooooo much easier on eyes.  And I can imagine the job is much easier on Ruby herself, screaming OTP! just with hand holding.

Shishi is in it playing a minor role as a blind wifey to one of the men

*AHHHHHHH* again so much better!  SS' appearance fits dutiful virtuous gentle serene lady to a tee.  Wild Wolf girl, NOPE!

This is a rising starlet popping up everywhere in bit roles. Plastic, but I think she's v pretty, so I don't mind her much in a suitable role.  She'll be playing a girl setting her eyes on the married general Yue, see!  And who can blame her, really.

Another lady wanting a place in General Yue's life (and some gratuitous handtouching:  she's described as a loyal, secret admirer, putting Gen. Yue higher than her own being.  I think she's some medicine lady/gentle nurse.

*SIGHHHH* I've never seen XiaoMing soooo PERFECT!  I need a cold shower and it's a cold and miserably freezing night in my woods! brrrrr

Seriously, this drama has lil hope to be honestly awesome.  It's more a HK production in disguise and the peeps behind it, Stanley Tong is a soso B HKaction flick director.  I have never liked anything he's attached.  PD is ok, but not close to PD Li fr TR.  I was holding all hope on the other producer attached, PD Han, but from the look of fictional characters and fabrications of history, this will be more shoujo fanfic.  I dun mind it, but there seems to be an insurmountable cultural barrier whenever HK producers r crossing over to realdeal CN historicals.

In fear this is too much pretty in a post.
Here, lets 'spice' it up a bit.

The most repeated comment, I quote/paraphrase:  This is just a trolling vid, no?  This can NO WAY be an official long trailer (please say no, take it back!)
Kevin….sigh…. I'll turn a blind eye.  It's good you have at least 2 uncoming things that wont burst me a vein.

Need an GOOD eye rinse?
Have a ChenKun as the same Fan Li and Sonjia as XiShi:

Or even better yet: BL fanvid with a Chen DiaoMing's Guo Jian, King of Yue, ie KC's char.  *sigh* KC, it's C serious drama career suicide to do a role CDM has touched.  The drama is The Great Revival, it has HuJun as the other hegemon King FuChai of Wu. The hotness!

Better? here.

It said XiShi (ie one of the 4 Great Beauties) but it's really FanLi. Really.  *need happy thoughts and vision of ChenKun and HuJun now, huh?!?!*

muahahahahaha!  Sorry for the trolling!

4 thoughts on “I can’t believe it: a HXM as YueFei fangirling post…mostly


    What’s up with the trolling chinggu? haha you made me laugh LOL

    Damn, that photo with HXM and RL is precious! So lovely 🙂 not that I will be watching, but who doesn’t love it when pretty people come together and SPARK all fire chemistry everywhere? hehe..

    Oh dear, is that Ken Zhu I see in ancient garb and facial hair? MY EYES T____T

    OTOH, you heard abt Micky’s dad? Such a tragic situation for him T_T hope he’s got the strength to carry on with RP. :/

    1. Re: HAHAHAHA..

      Oh GOSH….that’s terrible! RIP to his Dad! T_T I know he’s in declining health, but this is a terrible blow to the poor boy! and he’s fresh off that crazyfan scandal. *sigh*

      This biz is really not for the normal ppl, they r not allowed to be normal ever.

      And yes Ken Zhu, I think he and MingDao should happily ship themselves back to TW and be drinking buddings saluting their glorydays of idoldramas. It’s good while it lasted.

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