I am so sad for YooChun and YooHwan, my condolences.  It's always impossibly hard, and to know of the tragic news on flight, and with all the cameras pointing an inch fr ur face waiting for you at the airport and u can't even cry ur eyes out.  It broke me.

I'm stealing this fr this dearie who wrote (I hope she doesn't mind it):  The only thing I can do for you now, is to draw.  Always stand by Yuchun. And be a tiny glimmer of glow by your side. RIP.
@WenjunQ现在我唯一能够为你做的事,只有画画了。always stand by Yuchun,成为你身旁的一点光。[蜡烛]

I hope they'll let the poor boy have all the time he needs to mourn.  He looks so much frailer than his usual paperthin stature is already.  So SBS, don't rush RP for purpose of $ or rating.  Trust the Cassies, they'll thank you, monetarily, hugs..kisses, loyalty.. fr the bottom of their sweet souls. And let RP air whenever its ready. 

RIP, Mr. Park.


6 thoughts on “RIP

  1. I cant believe everybody else in Korea and even thousands of people half way across the world might have found out Yoochuns dad died before HE DID

    it outrageous and SMH at the paps? What happened to their ethics(i now they dont have any to begin with but sending a TV crew/reporters to the hospital????) Did they really have to document what was probably the lowest point in a mans life just when he was breaking down? do we really need to know when and where the deceased funeral is taking place??


    and i know his bro is a celebrity as well but they could at least have waited to break the story until that plane landed in Korea or better yet wait a few days

    /end rant

    RIP mr. Park and Park brothers stay strong

    i cant imagine how Yoochun felt considering he only patched up his relationship with his dad around SKKS

    1. Those media people doesn’t really know when to stop. He just got off the plane and of course he’s still crying, but what did they do? Push the cameras on his face and snap pictures of him on his lowest time. Argh. They should learn to give celebrities their privacy especially at times like this.

      I hope the Park family would stay strong. How I wish the love and support of the Cassies would reach them, because it’s overflowing, really. #BeStrongYoochun #BeStrongYoohwan

      And of course, may you rest in peace Mr. Park

  2. RIP 6002


    I can’t believe all the media posting photos of him sobbing & distraught. So tacky, low class and Bleh.

    This picture is so beautiful. I’m digging it.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.


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