TGIF: Rooftop Prince and HongShi

Rooftop Prince Teaser #(I've lost count):  The one where YooChun is in a half pony + red tracksuit. (seriously this, crazy fangirls, we so can do at home and hack a CP look out of it EVERY NITE!  I'll go order myself a red a-di-dos #, a red sharpie to color one of the strips off and the shuttlecock….and I'll only have halfpony do the whole duration of RP.  And our token munching:dried persimmons: crowned prince = ShiZi = persimmons in mandarin and we all want a bite of him).  Oh and he grabs his OTP's face (yeah while we scream our 'kissu! kissu!' perfectly knowing it wont happen, but some of us still vv want, the rest have their beach shovels ready to scoop HJM off the platform and swing her to Mars).  Yeah, most probably he'll get a big giant slap fr thumbelina the sec it's cut off, but our prince will do wrist grabs! (yayaya the self-respecting lady in us say we hate our wristgrabs, but I've locked her in her little study with her Austens+Brontes every time I watch me some Kdrama).  Wristgrabs will lead into bodies inching closer, UST sparkling like fireworks…skinship with a few thin mms btn them tracksuits and what underneath.   And our prince was a married guy,  I trust he knows what to do with zippers EARLY after timetraveling. *duh…he put on his very own track suit #, silly! Wait…did his minions dress him still? need to see that*  And thumbelina will be ANGRY! HOW DARE YOUU~~~! while flushed and red like the tracksuit, and be hitting…whatever that tiny hand of a tiny HJM can do damage on our Persimmon's gorgeous cute face…but I do think she can do a tonne of pain if she really has the heart in her to hit him, considering his face is not much bigger than her tiny hand.

Most of that is not visually depicted, but all there, trust me.

And…kekeke.  Now, see, what I said is gonna happen, will. With this image in YC's head, no?!  *I'm kidding, but I need it.  I find YuSoo shipping v cute and I'm still crying inside seeing the pic of JunSoo white as a ghost, lost is every spark in him, eyes brimming with tears with so much concern and love and pain for his bff as the car with YooChun drives on.  *SOBBBB* *
Have a cutest gif fr the talented dearie @WenjunQ

fr her weibo

I've stayed in bed today.   This is keeping me company.

It's 220+ min, totally time-wasting any way I look at it, feel free to judge me.  I deserve a slapping.  *but it's a YangKang+NianChi LoCH08/ my HongShi compilation!!!!!!*

*gulp* This is an insanely fierce and gorgeous Shishi!  WHY isnt ANY of THIS *my arms and head r doing air circles* in anything concerning DMY?!


13 thoughts on “TGIF: Rooftop Prince and HongShi

  1. Yum

    This post is like a treasure box chock full of treasures!

    Thank you for cracking me up first thing in a morning^^ Shall we all get the red Addidas track suits for viewing of RP?

    Jun chan is like an earth angel with so much goodness from his heart.

    Actually Shishi’s looking like an aggel? or a fairy as well. So pretty.

    Better get ready for my day here in Orient.

  2. All I can do while that short holding-her-pretty-little-face scene was to give a fangirl squeal. Our prince is being provocative eh?? Doesn’t he know that a little skinship can make a kdrama heroine go tingly all over? Haha.

    Me want the same tracksuit and Imma willfully wear that while watching RP haha. His mane of glory is really pretty, that could actually work for a girl ya know. So neat, for a mane actually.

    Junsu’s face at the funeral, tsk tsk, he looks so pale and so thin. I hope they could regain whatever weight and energy they lost over the past week.

    That GIF is so cute!! Haha. Imagine the horror on Lee Gak’s face once he knew he was about to kiss his personal guard. Haha. Thanks for this. ^^

    1. I can’t believe YooChun is soo professional and back on set. My poor baby!!!

      I’m glad his character is nth like SJ in SKKS, he seems much more heck the decorum and social confines. HE screams and will put himself in danger for investigating his wife’s demise without enough care of his duty as Crowned Prince. A SJ will totally sulk in room in the dilemma of torn btn his heart and his responsibilities.

      kekeke I’m not counting out a boyboy kiss btn YC and another of the other teletubbies.

    1. I love pretty photoshop!

      Thing is the DMY crap is not any less PS than this but this is fantabolously pretty with magic breathing out of the pics to me. those DMY stills looked like records of taxidermy.

      1. You never fail to make me laugh – taxidermy indeed, lol.

        Actually, for DMY. the person I fear most if LSS. HG can angst well, EP altho he fails in the looks department, will have no trouble mastering the stereotype general that is HQB and switching to loverboy at nite (he actually has one of the easiest role) but LSS – I feel no fire in her. When she tried to be funny or lighthearted in CTW and BBJX, it was cringe inducing. She’s a natural with sad roles though but so wrong for wolfie.

        1. IT’s exactly back to our point. I’m quite alright with the casting of Eddie and HG in their respective roles, really, I can overlook K’s shrill evilness, she’s an one act bitch and what she’s done is nth new, actually we expected ‘nth less’ of her. I’m dead serious, IF they give me tiny glimpses of hope with those stills and at the presscon, I would be so on the fan bandwagon and anticipating DMY for what it’s worth. tbh, I don’t love the book like dearKoala, but as a shoujo romance, I’ll lap it up, esp a decent idolromance Cperiod that’s not headdesky is so hard to come by, for me at least.

          But even at Eddie/HG’s worst, they will be quite alright acting out their roles competently. We’re only stabbity at the costumes and the makeup and the physicality of things. We know for sure now DMY is just another idol drama, and peeps would be silly to expect more fr them than their usual flare.

  3. ROFLMAO records of taxidermy right about sums it up! XDD

    It’s amazing how much difference the right styling (and Photoshop) can make. LSS looks angelic and so youthful. Finally we see glimpses of the life and beauty that dazzles the DMY characters – something that we should’ve seen in the DMY stills.

    1. SS is sooo awfully a miscast, she’s just impressed a tiny fraction of Cdrama audience outside of her fanbase she has improved in BB, finally, and has some potential. BUT when her management strutted her around in things so out of her capabilities and another MarySue so to speak, it’ll just shove her back to square one if she’s not impressive. I would be more surprised she’s not cast in the lead actress role atm esp when TR has NTH in pipeline exc empty bs. I’m praying for a miracle for her. She can be serviceable and I do like her, if everything is helping, like these pics r doing.

      1. Honestly speaking, I’m more into the older generation of actresses like Gong Li, Brigitte Lin, Zhao Wei, Dong Jie, or Fan Bing Bing (just to name a few), and older actors like Jet Li, Andy Lau, Chen Kun, etc. So far none of the young C-actresses evoke special feelings in me. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s more like I’m indifferent to them. To me they’re just pretty faces. I know I’m picky but for me to fangirl someone, he/she needs to captivate my attention when they’re onscreen.

        I was never really a big fan of LSS and only knew about her because my mom really liked her in BBJX. So TBH LSS wasn’t even my first choice for wolf girl anyway, but because I don’t have a vested interest in the young actresses, I didn’t really care who they picked for Jin Yu as long as she was decent LOL. I expected LSS to be involved since she’s like the lead actress in everything TR anyway. For me, LSS was just a pretty face in Young Warriors, very bland in LOCH08, and I didn’t like Long Kui’s character in CP3. It wasn’t until BBJX that I thought she really improved her acting skills. But then I saw the DMY photos and that first impression fell awfully flat for me.

  4. Omg @ compilation!
    Want want want!
    I don’t blame you!

    Is there any way to download this amazing compilation?!
    It’s like too good to be true!

    Thanks for sharing!

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