Be still, my heart (and Colin Firth’s bum)

It's my throbbing heart, it's alive!!!! and I'm deliriously happy in every possible fangirly ways while lurking in Tumblr.

Is your mind blown this wkend?  *not the hangovers achy kind*  If yes, probably u've seen a trailer.

I can only watch the first full trailer once, there is no bigger wimp than little me.   I have an acousticophobia of repetitive droning noise, loud or soft, and every sound in that trailer is scaring the bejewels out of me.

The UK one has much more dialogue and much less visual and sound stimulation *ha!*

Watch both…and tell me if Fassy is not running away with it already!  *a fangirl will be a fangirl WILL BE A FANGIRL!*
But seriously, he's terrific, and he's playing the easiest scene stealing role of a humanoid that MAY have gone awry depending on your perspective.  And the ad campaign is already so David8 leaning. 

He's so creepy with just a tiny little upturn of his lovely mouth, there's a dense eerie naivete in his eyes, and his slightly void voice is sending chills down my spine.  I'm beyond intrigued, yet spooked.  And it's soooo pun worthy a pitchline when Fassy is uttering it, don't lie, u know what I'm talking about.  Did I cover my mouth while I let out a pitchy little scream?! while googling Weyland Industries finding there are multiples (20000 to be exact, an all Fassy exact lookalike!) David8 out there, possibly for purchase, one day * I should start saving*, and probably I'll be squished to a big pool of pink slush like a fly by the tip of his little finger before I can get my hands a feet fr my Fassy humanoid. 

We KNEW IT! Guy Pearce is only his actor *coughpornstarcough*name, *comeon, we giggled and still do*.  He will own the world 20 years fr now and his real name is Peter Weyland, this is so not AU, I'm convinced this is real.  When he said We are the gods now.  We='Me'=He=WEyland  *bow*

Ok, snapped back to RL.  This is the most wicked movie ad campaign, EVER. Read this: and I can never get tired of on of Director Scott's crowning achievement:

ur gif:

These, all mine to keep, all shamelessly stolen fr Tumblr:   It's ok if u feel ur drooz dripping and u r making Fassy's exact face just on staring at the first one alone.  You r not alone, so not.  *wipewipewipe*

Ok, I'm too scared now just looking at his David face even if I'm doing it to myself for staring too long, only jumping a Fassy for animal comfort will do

No, I need stronger stuff:

Crazydance with a young Firth:

in color:

and closeup:


2 thoughts on “Be still, my heart (and Colin Firth’s bum)

  1. Awwww, thanks for the gif 🙂 The UK trailer is much better, less hyper. That guy holding hands with Noomi Rapace at the beginning of the trailer – I’m calling it right now, he’s gonna be the first to die! And the one and only survivor will be David.

    On the subject of big things having small beginning:
    Of course the most important Q to ask Mr Weyland is this – do the Davids come fully equipped?

    Is that leather pants Colin Firth was wearing??! HAHAHAHA. Too awesome for words. I just wish the pants are, umm, a tighter fit(pervs! hihi)

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