Patriot Yue Fei trailer

My thoughts? 
ChenKun's insanely charming and expressive face sums up my reaction, exactly:

My world is back to its cosmic balanced normalcy.  It's less exciting, but I'll be saved many hours of time-wasting and rants.

In many more words:
1.  HXM is gorgeous, undeniably fineeee, and he's in the Clothes Optional/Always Off Club.  Those r some new hard muscles and it looks good, on him, and he's generous to show us.   Me thinks he wont be training with his top on ever in this.
2.  Clothes and sets r well designed, not the gawdy froufrou showoff purposeless vein abundant in CN periods (which I can't stand), but tasteful, and just right touches.
3.  Ruby looks captivating in 2 sec of screentime, and fits her role to a TEE. Everybody else, as well.  EXCEPT…
4. HXM, himself.  It's back to my biggest gripe with him, and a hugest peeve of mine.  PS.  He had some, and it's showing in his lower half of his face and the second he opens his mouth to read lines, it's back to the crazy spastic out of control gobbing and smirking, screaming to me I'm too PERFECTLY PRETTY TO NOT BE SWARMYHAMMY MUAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!! Needless to say, he's not really improved, as he's previously fooled me in those gorgeous stills, and so wrong for the Righteous Patriotic Hero of Virtuous Perfection!  BUT HXM's fangirls can rest assure, your constant comfort of sweet candy hunkflesh adonis, the never changing XiaoMing is back, from my grabbyhands, to yours.

Sorta off topic:
Really, I'm not against plastic surgery entirely, but when it obscures what u r expressing thus ACTING then I don't need to see it in my dramas and movies.  I'm against PS becoming alarmingly an obligation in Cdramaland,  It's like a stuck-on (and many cases, carved-out) LV logo for faces, it has to be obvious, for show, a status quo/symbol translating to bookings and jobs.  It's not unheard of for management companies 'urging' newbies to have things done, and procedures r glamorized as losing wt/getting prettier.  I'm most offended is PS has become  a jumping board to ascent in the industry, gone is the honing of skills or any consideration for talent level/suitability for the role to begin with.  Yuan ShanShan is the specimen where her obscene amount of procedures is lauded and rewarded with leading roles instead of any talent/improvement.  And I'm pushed to the limit and doing my own little protest with my drama time by NOT condoning and watching anything these cheaters r in when they r nth without their PS or overrated hyping to begin with.  I wonder if it's to be written in their CVs nowadays what pricey prodecures r done in order to even be considered under representation and they'll be rewarded screen time accordingly.  What I'm against is most of the time it's horribly obvious, fugly and absolutely unnecessary, eg YangMi and many of her homies/up and coming starlets in the biz, they must've all met at the same hideous surgeon's office/dungeon. 

Then there r successful cases which I understand how it pays off in jump-starting in their career when they have potential to begin with, eg a HXM or a Fan Bingbing.  BUT procedures always backfire, sooner or later and now he's lost any artful control of his lower face, when he's SOOO promising, if less chiseled before.

4 thoughts on “Patriot Yue Fei trailer

  1. Trailer looks nice! I totally agree with you about the costumes being just right without overblown. I’m glad to see this because I don’t like overly gaudy costumes and I’d much prefer historically accurate costumes with fine details – that’s the definition of “elegant costuming” to me.

    WORD WORD WORD on everything in your post about plastic surgery. I have nothing against plastic surgery itself because it is a good thing – a medical treatment for patients who’ve unfortunately suffered disfiguring accidents or were disfigured at birth, e.g. scars that don’t heal or people who are born with missing upper lips, etc. It’s when people abuse it that dismays me. My mind boggles whenever I read about BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL people who do these things to themselves. WHY??? They’ve already been blessed by such natural beauty, why ruin it with shoddy plastic surgery that they don’t need in the first place?

    And just as you say, plastic surgery has its consequences. Years down the track, those long term effects will show and that’s when a lot of celebs go back for more surgery, spiraling down the vicious cycle…

    This is also why I don’t understand the celebs’ love of Botox. -_-;

    1. I love that GIF of Chen Kun’s face! ♥

      Addendum to my rant above: people’s faces that age naturally have more charm, charisma, and character than plastic faces that can’t move and look more like wax/plastic dolls. For example, George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery actually got sexier the more they aged. (♥ those silver foxes!) These qualities are bonuses for anyone and especially for actors, since facial expressions are so essential to good acting. Why on earth would actors go for frozen plastic faces is beyond me.

      Of course, they’re probably pressured by the beauty of young fresh faces, their production companies, agents, media, etc. to stay young and beautiful. This just makes me admire celebs who choose to age naturally even more, for rising above all that pressure. But for the young celebs who don’t even have that excuse of needing to stay young, this just saddens me more. *SIGH*

    2. One of my gf will have a mastectomy and reconstruction soon. She can pick the cup size freely and we had fun, coming to the conclusion a Ccup is da bomb. And to quote her, ‘Gone is my nonexisting real boobs, Come to mama my NEW boobs y’all can SEE!’

      Those r extremely shoddy work done, it still shocks me peeps can’t SEE it being so obvious. Take YangMi, a perfectly talented young actress with a captivating face in 2006 when she had already a few things tweaked, I loved her, nth was hindering her emoting, but the sad reality is PS always needs upkeep and her subsequent works ruined her face beyond recognition. And she’s only 26! We’ll live to witness 30/40 years fr now there wont be ANY veterans in the industry, unless we only have horror films.

      The pity is, I know this is a harsh, inhabitable industry now to survive as a hotblooded actor, but these young talents r clearly in it to make fast bucks, crash and burn, PS has become a high risk investment for short gains. They can make their $, it’s their body, but I don’t want to see body mutilation as the main thing in my dramas and movies. tyvm.

      1. You know, I always suspected that Yang Mi had something done, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Is it the lower half of her face? When I saw her in CP3 I thought there was something strange with her jawline and mouth but I’m not sure…

        Personal preference, but I love watching veterans onscreen because I love how maturity and life experiences show through in their acting. I find series with a mix of older and young actors very fun to watch.

        Totally with you about the crashing and burning. I think that’s really sad. Yes it’s their body and $$$, but I’d much prefer a more natural look thanks.

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