A Chen Kun appreciation Post

DDay T-1.  Tmr, there will be an Occupymookie movemt by a certain crazy6002fanbeast.

So I'm hording pretty nuggets of everything else like a squirrel with her nuts.  Painted Skin: The Resurrection trailer is looking so kickass gorgeous, so much better than the campy trying too hard posters.  ChenKun+ZhouXun+ZhaoWei are reminding us why they r each C cinema's greatest happening megastar, lest we forget. They r not hinting on the fireworks of most awesome 3way chemistry in the movie proper, they r giving it to us every nanosecond of this 2 min trailer in our very face and our eyes know nth else to do but be held captive…. yet what to do when they share the screen?!?!!??!!??! dilemma dilemma dilemma!!!!

Buckled up?

So….we'll have lesbians.  Do it properly and I'll love.  It's XZ and XW, there r no better C actresses that have the gravitas to do it and hold her own against her counterpart in the CP; if it's all empty tease, I hate milking just because Girl!Slash or any Slash is trendy.

We have a never more gorgeous and manly ChenKun.  Wet. Fighting like a Hero.  Dancing.  Romancing a ZW.  Kissing and doing other hot things with a ZX.  I'm beyond grateful if he's doing any one of these.  Here, we can be as greedy as our hearts r singing!

Juggling all these hats, mastering them all.

Need a moment? *no that's not my droolz on CK's face, but if u r asking: tmi yes, I have the same stream down my chin atvm.* 

And another role CK is playin here? Teaching the up and comings a lesson…how they have sooo much work to do, if nay impossible:  Have a FSF, being an out of place clown:

That's a lousy eyepalette cleanser.

Back to the feast, allow me to remind you, a few short months ago, we have THIS pretty CK already:

It calms me to know I'm not alone in my crazy visualizing this, a CK vs Leslie, in my head a thousand times:

Need a ChenKun recent interview with subs with clips of TONNES of his pretty body of work in it? Sharing is caring.

And last but not least, the trailer:

I was dazzled by the magnificence, but towards the end of the 2 min it hits me…this is Painted Skin?   This should be Painted Skin, but nth is remotely telling me this has anything to do with the source folklore.  C netizen is jabbing art direction is pirated fr Amano… I can see where they're coming from, because this can so be Final Fantasy: The Taiga (IF they would ever do a fantasy taiga).  There is also comparisons with Lord of the Rings. *nod*.  Huge doses of Green Snake?  Most definitely. So it's more a beautiful chimera child of a lot of fantastics OTHER than its inspiration or what should be its inspiration: my most vivid first falling of Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, and my eternal love.  It is a pity, because I'm still sorely disappointed with the writing in PaintedSkin 2008, but the mega3some (frankly mostly ChenKun+ZhouXun…or tbvh the scenestealing ZX) is so memorable.  Now it's like we bargained a second chance, but this is not even telling the Painted Skin story as we read it at all.  I do not think the superficial is making the movie: the 3 stars REALLY REALLY working it in full gear will guarantee its awesome.  A case of 'drawing legs on snakes', trust your stars when they r bringing their A+ game. You don't really need anything more than a sprinkle of salt and pepper on prime marbled ribeyes.

12 thoughts on “A Chen Kun appreciation Post

    1. I think he has gained some new confidence and is in a spiritually better place being near the top of his game and has established himself financially, critically and doesn’t need to hide his son fr the paparazzi.

  1. cinematography looks amazing and and the cast promising, but the trailer really suspects a different plot. A bit disappointed though as I find the chinese folklore of the same title as one of the most fascinating one. Nonetheless I will watch this and hope that it won’t disappoint.

    1. I’m not holding out hope… I don’t rem Wolf demons have anything to do with it.

      And the censors wont let them have anything to do with ghost/spirit. But the theme of the story is exactly what is human, how weak and superficial we can be…

      In a way I thought of Painted Skin inspiring Almodovar’s The Skin we Live In. And I bet that’ll be closer an adaptation of the original tale than this movie.

      BUT if I can separate myself from griping about that, this looks as awesome as possible.

  2. Chen Kun looks really good there in the armor ♥
    He was completely awesome in Dragon Gate OMG.
    I like how you put pictures of him next to Leslie … he reminds me so much of Leslie in those shots wow *_*

    Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun are so hot together oooooh ♥

    Trailer looks awesome and movie looks great, but LOL nothing like the traditional tale it’s based on. It looks and feels more like a Hollywood fantasy blockbuster than a traditional Chinese folktale, but hey, with nice choreography and the winning Zhao Wei/Chen Kun/Zhou Xun combo, I’m all for it ^_^

    1. *sigh* but can they give up aping a Hollywood fantasy blockbuster already?!

      MY surprise is how awesome ZW is looking holding her own. I think both CK and ZX have improved since PaintedSkin08 where ZW was totally shadowed.

  3. “DDay T-1. Tmr, there will be an Occupymookie movemt by a certain crazy6002fanbeast.”

    OMG, Rooftop Prince!!!! I almost forgot. I usually don’t start watching until a drama has finished airing, don’t know if I can resist this time. Aghhhhh, it’s too stressful though, waiting for the subs and everything.

  4. Fei Xiang’s char in the trailer made me lol reminds me of the villain in Harry Potter.

    But Chen Kun at ZW/ZX, I’m so on! I love all 3 of them 😀

      1. O gosh!! I didnt make the connection till u mention dear! @ripgal

        but yeah, there’s no way I can pass these 3 in a movie, even if nth is making sense and just stolen fr LoTR, HP, GreenSnake….etcetc.

  5. I’m pretty shocked with the costumes. Like Yang Mi’s bird-girl form, she looks like she belongs in a greek mythology movie. It’s truly magnificence, but I don’t like it. I’m a fan of Strange Tales stories, so when they produce anything related it use to be a must watch on my list. Here it feels they’re trying to be so extravagant that they forget the base of the story.

    1. MTE! Out of all the classic CN literature, I actually love Strange Tales the most in my teens. It’s lenient in its depth…you can read it as gothic fairytale when young, but it has all these philosophical themes right there.

      I reread the story last night, and I honestly don’t see where a golden bird spirit/demon can fit in, nor a wolf. It’s really one of the more intimate tales, looking deeper into our own prejudices and weaknesses as humans and sorta where it breeds seeds of sin instead of all these external dark things.

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