I’m missing him miserably

10 s of a promo for SeGa, on my local channel, Cdubbed.  As much as I'm missing him, I cant stand SeGa, I hate dubbing, let alone over my binnie's lovely voice…but I know if it's so conveniently there, every night, I'll be tempted, then I'll go berserk headdesking and be bipolar.

But I think I still should load my fridge up with soothing cold beverages or stare at him hotly downing some

I think I'll check out K2H, I do need a kickass HJW to wipe the slate clean fr her wimpystaleLime *shivers*
And I do think there's some connection in Plot to Berlin/Berlin Wall?  Ahhhh I love such lovely albeit wayy too short time there. 

I think these r newish fr SeGa J pamplets:
*sigh* My parents really didn't inform me there's a dreamjob of putting lipbalm on binnie when I was younger and I can plan my career path as such.  I think I'll be good at it, with practice, on his lips and me wiping it off with mine if it's not 'properly' done, muak and repeat. *sighhhhhhh*

This can easily be a scene straight out of an awesome manga:


He makes gaunt hot, v v hot.  I'm sticking with it. 
But I do miss the younger binnie circa 2005.  This is still one of my fav binniepics:


MUAHAHAHA that 20 sth buck on a tracksuit is the best $ I've spent this wk!

2 thoughts on “I’m missing him miserably

  1. His red tracksuit is even more dorky than PYC’s, hihi. What I hated most about SG is the drama made soooo many excuses for KJW and took his side (unfairly IMO) too many times I end up almost hating the character. Even the redemption arc felt too little too late – yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re willing to die for her, NEXT! And that is just unforgivable, making me hate Binni’s character when he’s not even playing the villain.

    1. SG is like a piece of dried dung wrapped in sparkling gold foil. *I’m sorry if u like Almond Roca :X*

      I’ve already hated writer Kim, she’s a fakey. I’ve never felt any of her characters have any real blood and tears in them, all hollow soulless vessels pretending to be this or that.

      I’m equally pissed with how she made us assume one idea of who Lime and JW r, but in actuality is giving us not even a half-assed ridiculously apes of them.

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