My fangirl world is becoming one gooey sweet mess

O! M! O!

So 2 nights ago (and a few more actually) the YH fangirls Redbeanies have been pestering Allen and Emma (boss and manager) of YH's new management itching to know what's up with his work agenda other than being pretty showing up at cosmetics counters sooo not helping his acting career and lazing around last month+.

The jabbing was very fiery, and I do think the beanies crossed the line a bit when Allen was kindly discussing the need to mold him into a more 'commercial commodity', more noise and opportunities knocking.  Imo, I do think he has a point, yes, getting some awards for being stylish or the mascot for SK2/Laneige is not 'respectable' acting gigs, BUT the Cmovieland is so cutthroat now and we're talking billions of RMB involved easily in anything, leading roles won't be given to anyone NOT a household name, who can bring in miliions of fans and billions of revenue just by sticking the characters of their names on the billing alone (eg JayChou, HanKeng, SiWon, those CN AmericanIdols equivalent or even a FSF, YangMi…) Obviously there will be hordes of better actors out there, but if there's no face recognition and a massive fanbase, that's beside the point.  And tbh, I havent seen much inspired casting in Cmovieland for a while. 

So when Allen, after a lot of shoving and pushing and frankly verbal abuse by the Redbeanies, uttered Loverboy is going to be in TWO modern roles, a webmovie for Porsche , Budweiser… I thought he was flipping pissed off, snerking the crazy fangirls.  We're talking about myYuanHong, my Loverboy, who's been wasted most of last 10 years in bit roles, or lead in little known serious CCTV dramas, or worse yet mopey male-vases in embarrassing TR PoS.


First, and less of a Shock! He'll be in some Cidolmodern by the makers of The Daughters/The Prince becomes Frog C remake.  This will be guanranteed crap, but he'll be awesome running away with Show.  I'm fine with it, especially if ROY (and let me be greedy a HuGe) will do a cameo or better yet be a lead (OMFG my most gorgeous guys, plzplzplz TPTB!!!!).  Even if this drama sucks elephantballs, it's better than NTH (tyvfmTR).  Should he be doing this 5, 10 yrs ago? Sure, but do you rem what the landscape is like 10 yrs ago in Cidoldrama?! It's NOT born.

Then YH posted his new do, dyed after the color of his doggie Meow, he joked, for his upcoming drama.  Clearly, it must be a modern role.  And he's goingㅂ니다~ this and ㅂ니다~ that (in C characters 思密达~). Soooo weird.

Stills for the new drama:  He'll be playing a TallRichHandsome vs SiWon's PoorSunnyBoy

And the hair/makeup crew leaked out it's a 'fantasy' C modern romance 如果回到从前 / 'If we go back in time' like Big or 13 going on 30.

  • Siwon and Wang Lore-Dan?!
  • Writer Producer of Office Girl?
  • Director of Summer's Desire ?! (NOOOOOO!!!)
  • on the bigboss of Cidoldrama Mango/HunanTV !
  • For the year end holiday season?!?
  • *&^%$#@@!@#$%^*
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never in my life would I picture these worlds colliding.  SiWon needs no intro, I'm not a fan of his acting, will never be, but is there a huger deal than this golden cabana boy?  And I like him in RL.  Wang is tolerable with help of the right crew to work w/ and she's one hot potato in moderns being the leading lady in one big thing after the other, movies or TV, she's the one really bringing in the investors.  She's the one doing the timetraveling, ie the main lead.  Her leading men r the who'swho.  Some beanies r complaining 'Yo! This is a Guy2 role for our LaoYuan beneath less competent leads and in a TWidoldrama MeteorThunderRainStorm  Wannabe?!!!!'  Oh PLEAZE! grow up bebes, $$$ does do a lot of talking, esp in this biz YH is in.

and I have no idea they've been touted as facetwins by the C Elves for a while.  Frankly there's some, but then we all have a certain size eyes/nose (their mouth r so diff and how they use their eyes r so heaven (myLoverboySmexy)and earth(cuteHarmlessHammyYAWN!) I think facetwins r taking it too far

I'm jumping just because this will definitely catapult him into a whole different playing field.   AND this can be palatable if we all can take it much less seriously… lets forget the PD of Summer's Desire, shall we?  I do adore a chunk of OG and it's sth so remote fr anything YH has ever ever done.  I'm curious.  It's his chance to inch into the B+/A- lister niche and open up better doors. We'll see. EXCITED~!!!

10 thoughts on “My fangirl world is becoming one gooey sweet mess

  1. You didn’t like Summer’s Bubble?!!! Awwww…I thought Peter was freakin’ awesome in it. I never cared for DaS, but Peter’s Ou Chen wrenched my heart out.

    I’m guessing he’s taking a similar route as Eddie Peng. After Eddie’s infamous lawsuit with his former talent agency, he took up a lot of ad endorsements to make his contacts which finally paid off when he landed Jump Ashin.

    Oh dear, oh dear! If he’s working on a mini-movie and TWO modern dramas back to back, that will take at least the next 6 months and I’m afraid he has no time for BBJX2? – that’s why LB left out his name in her recent BBJX2 tweets and only had Nicky, Kevin & Gengxin?

    *sad, poor 13th Prince didn’t get to be reincarnated*

  2. How come in the cast bios for “真爱惹麻烦”, his other modern project, his listed “representative works” are Shang Shu Fang, Tian Di Min Xin, BBJX and Mulan? He left out his HongShi works!

    1. ‘HE left out his HS works!’ You mean He as in YH? Allen?!

      I dont think he has a say, they can’t list every tiny thing everyone involved in and those r the most respectable work under his belt.

      We love what he did in YYC and LoCH, but in all honesty those works r fanfic idoldramas butchering the source material to death and nobody who matters in the biz will list it if you want to be taken seriously.

  3. OK, sorry. I’d just feel real sad for 13th Prince character that’s all.

    I do think Siwon is the one pulling the investors rather than Wang. Pop superstars are guaranteed money and audience-pullers, even though their acting is the crappiest. E.g. Jay in Green Hornet, Viral Factor (bleh), Wu Chun & Han Geng in My Kingdom (double bleh), Leon & Kelly in Empress and the Warriors (the most boring OTP of all time). Yet they get such choice big budget movie/TV roles. Life is so unfair.

    1. *hug* I was harsh. But with all the petty schemes K has been doing planting seeds for all these rumors to surface as if YH is the one being disloyal and not cooperating towards a 13 in BB2 as if he has a choice, we just need to be careful. Because the fact is he did say he’s not even invited, and K’s invites sound extremely casual as to just a talk or 2 even with Nicky and KC. I’m going to carefully extrapolate she’s not even given YH a ring in the matter, but screaming to the world the falsehood of everyone is on board. IF she didn’t do sth as obscene, I don’t think Loverboy will snuff her out so soon, but he did, and in v plain words, he even said IF he’s invited and there’s a script he most definitely would, on vid, and I think it’s a bit of a security of himself fr her usual shenanigans of blame game/exit route. And I choose to believe him.

      Afterall if this gets greenlight, she’s confident with Nicky+KC+SS+9, 10, 14…it’ll be safely a $ making success. And it’ll look bad on 13 either way, so in all her calculations, 13 wont be in the picture, he’s a higher asking price now than a 9, 10, 14 and an easy scapegoat. Practically winwin situation for her.

  4. Hi

    Hi mookiehyun!! I recently found your livejournal as I was surfing the web for HongShi stuff and I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot having encountered your blog! It’s fantastic!! Your love of Hongshi is adorable, please always keep us up to date on what this couple is doing! 🙂 I also greatly appreciate your translations of video clips and love your translations of YH’s hilarious weibo posts!!!!!

    Anyways…on this topic of YH acting as a second male lead to SW, I feel like it’s so unfair! This idea that (any) korean celeb can go into the chinese entertainment industry and take a leading role, even though they don’t speak the language fluently and aren’t necessarily great actors, from a talented actor such as yuan hong is so sad. 😦 I have yet to see Korea being so open to actors/singers from outside of its own country. (Not to say that I don’t like SW, he seems like a really nice and cool guy, it’s just a trend I’ve been seeing and it kind of irritates me). What are your thoughts on this? (also sorry if I offended anyone or sounded too inflammatory)

    1. Re: Hi

      Hihi!! ^^

      Come spazz with me!

      I’m ok with SW being guy1 actually, just on the fact that YH will be cut and sliced and diced by the Elves if their SW is Guy2 to a not yet megastar, u know? And I think this is idoldrama territory and really not a lot of serious acting chops r required. I’ve made peace with it. Plus I do like YH’s character description, he’ll kill and run away with Show. And SW’s character is fun to watch as well, haha just to see him being a fugly fat bald middle age bum is fascinatingly hilarious in my head already.

      I do mind say a JangHyuk doing a kdrama C remake just because when I know he just signed on it to gain a piece of the pie without any care to assimilate, I mean we don’t see Asian stars crossing over to Hollywood being dubbed and know not a lick of English and be an American, for SiWon or better yet HanGeng, at least they can communicate and have a better understanding of the milieu of the industry, but of coz my theory is always either u r born with the acting chops, or you don’t, and sadly those 2 boys r not actor material. BUT if they stay in fluff, I’m fine, really. That’s why I’m more ranty with HanGeng getting the movie lead in a seminal novel’s adaptation by ZhouWei no less when I don’t see any hint and hope he can be competent acting out all the nuances, layers and be immersed in that era and it’s even more unforgiving in a movie with the screen time.

      1. Re: Hi

        Don’t worry!! I will definitely be spazzing here with you for a long, long time!!!! I think in a span of one day, I read most, if not all of your posts related to HongShi and Yuan Hong! They made my shipper heart so happy!

        …Still I feel like the elves can just deal with it since, come on, this is a guy going into someone else’s territory so if he were to take on a second lead role, that would be very reasonable!! Well I guess…YH does tend to steal every scene he’s in now, doesn’t he?!?! 🙂 And that’s true, at least SW shows that he’s trying his best to assimilate to the culture and language, unlike some stars who just simply don’t care and are just trying to make it big in the constantly expanding c-entertainment industry!

        I miss my Hongshi!!! Need more weibo flirting asap!!!!!

      2. Re: Hi

        OMG, I love Super Junior, but I cannot tolerate Han Geng’s absolute lack of screen presence and acting chops. And on movies, good acting is even more crucial than on TV.

        1. Re: Hi

          It’s not true anymore where real talent has a value in movies. It’s the larger the name, the bigger the draw, that’s impt in he equation. Because we really can’t explain why Andy Lau and HXM r these hot commodities for all these years based on that standard alone.

          HanGeng is fine if he’s against a Wu Chun or even a Mark Chao, I actually think he’s more natural in an unobtrusive way than the woodsy robot that is WC.

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