Rooftop Prince1 and bits of 2 *spoilers!*

I like it, most of it!  Do you?

The writing have glitches, the editing can be slicker and there must be a better way than doing those every 5 min time-jumps.  There r little things I wish better, nth major.  I'm surprised they covered a lot of backstory and plot and it's very light on the slapstick ( I demand more!).

The obvious: PYC is carrying the show,  we can sigh sighs of relief and be genuinely proud of our 6002.  I don't have to worry about a slight wince here or there seeing him stressing, tensing and showing his uncomfy ever so slightly as I did in Ripley.  I think he has questionable chemistry with LDH in Ripley, I like his rapport with KHJ much better there but she's completely wasted.  Here he's so much believable sparks flying with both the ladies.  That scene he shared with wifey he loves, poems, lotsa flowers and a veiled HJM/SiL, their eyes have a sizzle btn them when they crossed while brainromancing over poetry, it's sweet and lovely.   And he nails the right amount of flirty there with his SiL, his Princesswifey a feet away!
I love those little surprises in plot. What's the deal with the Joseon FiL? I now need to patch up my own clues of the murder mystery unfolding.  I love the little riddle.  I'm interested in all the J4 boys. In a strange way they remind me of ep1 of Strange Hero Ijimae.

My tweaks:

1. HJM and JYM should do some switcheroo.  Either have them be closer apart age-wise than the younger versions r telling us.   IF it's the HJM during Resurrection, she doesn't need any effort to do this angelic to a fault goody2shoes.  Now, it's like I can see her laboriously trying to rem how she was like in 2005 and ape it with too much smiling.  I know it's just ep1, but IF say at the funeral, she's faking not remembering a thing and give us a telling cunning little glance of Revenge! instead of 'oh I got a convenient lobotomy fr a lorry hit, u know, the happier AiMH way! ^^'

2.  Is it necessary for the evil sibling be this E.V.I.L!!?  Because we see them struggling a bit in doing those awful deeds.  The Joseon SYJ lookalike (so pretty!) baby bigsis had her ideas, but it was honestly an unintentional trip.  It would be more interesting keeping her a human IF she really felt terrible afterwards, even for as long as a passing look of guilt.  And I missed why the parents chose the younger plainer looking baby as bride if the criteria was as shallow.  The truck thing when they were the young modern versions was too much.  I can take that shoplifting plot, but really dumping a child in a garbage truck with her kicking and screaming?!?! And why is the block deserted?  Why is she napping INSIDE a garbage truck in the first place??  Is everyone in the block Deaf?! We can still have the separate them by Fate!+EvilSib! effect  with babysis still napping, her walking away but regretting it, dashes back as truck speeds on out of her reach…and not manning up to it later on.

3. The whole NYC TSq arc.   It's short and relatively painless considering we can make fun of it to death, with love and it's still cute regardless.  BUT why not transport EvilSis + StepMom to say JeJu Island a strait apart fr mainland and have FilthyRichChaebols+Cinderella in Seoul?  Then we don't have to deal with bloody Korglish, silliest fruit stand and Black and White little thieves ENTIRELY!  I suspect the writer is trying to cram in as many folklore and fairytale references.  But can we have more Wicked, less CinderellaCandyCandy?!?!?!  It's to the point if the girls have been watching them half of ONE Kdrama their whole life (I bet it's more a necessity to rent some living in NYC, considering how fluent her Korean, and she's not fooling me, she must learn her some Korglish watching, oh SnowQueen?!), they can sniff the EvilSis/Girl2PsychoBitch an ocean away and know the suck of being one in a Kdrama.  Butterflies = Butterfly lovers, weaving in SnowWhite (our pretty prince) -> badapple ( in Big Apple!) -> stupor (physically hit, premonition of the later Hit!)  But oh, can't we be smugger and have her throwing an apple martini at his face while he's checking her cute behind with a little pinch?!?!  We can have a soaked PYC + apple + intoxicating substance all in one! It's too unintentionally funny in the age of DrawSth to still be having postcard+charcoal at hand even for an Artist (and an empty bench for u to sit pretty in, while sketching ur masterpiece of ur fruit goddess?! in the middle of TSq?!??! muahhahahhahah)

And 2: let the funnies begin!  XDDD (all fr weibo)

I have to say, they r reminding me of SailorMoon….


5 thoughts on “Rooftop Prince1 and bits of 2 *spoilers!*

  1. Oh, I thought my friend and I were the only ones who thought Lee Gak and Bu Young’s whole poetry exchange was so flirty haha. But that was also cute at the same time.

    on 1.) I am also quite bothered at how much she smiles on the past 2 episodes. It somehow strikes me as fake, not that fake, but quite forced? I don’t know if that’s the way she really smile, IDRK.

    on 2.) Haha, you seem so affected by the whole EVILNESS of Se-na. Well I expected her to be evil but yeah, her evilness is just too much, and to think that she was only like 14? I missed her age, sorry. They’re making Tae-mu and Se-na kinda unredeemable eh?

    on 3.) Oh my gosh this is too much. Hahahahhahaha. The thing with that Konglish is that it wasn’t Han Ji Min that got me cringing and then laughing madly at the break of dawn. It was that foreigner girl’s cringe-worthy acting. Can’t she act happy more naturally?? Thank you for pointing that pun with the apple hahah. Laughed crazily when I realized that haha.

    Sailormoon…while they were transforming? Hahah.

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