Spending quality time with Rooftop Prince 2

I'm 10 min into the ep, and I'm loling like the crzy woman I am.   If you were twelve and ur folks took you to some movie starring Oscar the Grouch , THEN after the movie, the revelation hit,  you've seen sth funny but you don't know what, why and how, that would be me, and it's not really Oscar the Grouch but Stephen Chow.  In many ways Stephen is like a visualization of a 2D OTT manga character crossing the dimension into our movies, oblivious to it all.  Any HK boy can connect with his every dirty joke, fr its conception to the execution.  The fishes out of water in RP feel real enough to me in the same manga-ish strokes, it's what I expect and go 'Ah-ha!' at every joke they play on the time-leapers, u see it forming, see it coming and you'll laugh like the lab rat you r programmed to.  I've tried to hold it, once(at that hitting glass door scene), just to be the rebel against the power of 6002 the crown prince, majorFAIL!

A min into RP2, my teenhood eye-opening experience is rushing back.  YC's characterization is pitch perfect convincing, the ignorance naivete r delicately written and acted out fluidly and so in character every min of this sitcom, those wide-eyed shock is on and in perfect comical timing every single time.  It's not a fluke, he should keep doing this, and I will never get tired of drama after drama of his perfection.

I'm loling my behind off with every gesture of those 4 Joseon teletubbies.  Esp YooChun, there won't be a cuter thing that can do those faces better in my eyes, ok maybe E.T. but now I'm seeing ET with YC's face…and it's still muahahahaha.  And there's not a gesture, or a face he makes that I dun think it's not a combo of pretty+cute+hilarious yet still so convincingly in character, our persimmon. 

*back to loling every second at those pretty primary color 'ahjusshis' on ma screen*

Wanna do a 1 sec test IF this is for you?

If you think this is:
A: what a pretty girl! *hair envy*  -> go watch
B. lolz -> go watch
C. roflamobbq muahahahaha, and pretty -> pst, watcha donig here?!  I'm sure u've been watching already u 6002 fangirl! *hug*

But if I may, though HJM is having sweet chemistry with YC, she's also trying wayyyy too hard and clearly uncomfy playing up the aegyo + plucky.  I wanna shake her and tell her to just relax, exhale! and be herself even.  This is not PadamPadam no more.  Her character needs not have every minute thought spelled out, it's not advance Calculus we r dealin with here, and be having all these exaggerated cutesy 16 yo expressions.  I saw some YC in BlackSmith CFs/stills with KTH, I can't help but wonder if she'll be a better fit here. *kekeke I know 6002 will approve!*


5 thoughts on “Spending quality time with Rooftop Prince 2

  1. Hear, Hear!

    This episode really made my day. I was LMAO most of the show. I just want to give him the biggest hug and tell him “Job well done!”

    If you know how to get screen shots, let me know. I want some of Chunnie close ups from this episode as a screen saver^^

    So good to have something this Yummy to look forward to for a while.

  2. I have no idea who the guy is, but the long hair is pretty, especially with the wind blowing it and everything (feels like a shampoo commercial or sth LOL).

    1. haha you r good to still figure out he’s a guy ^^

      He’s fr a big deal boyhand DBSK. So I guess it’s a big as an idol popstar can go, but now he’s branching into acting…and I must say I think he’s better in it than his day job.

  3. Re: Then 10 came and I’m a puddle of goo on the floor….

    Should we hug our gooey bodies together and cry about how amazing this drama is? I think am getting carpal tunnel syndrome spazzing about this show on the internet. And I REGRET NOTHING!

    Dude, that scene with the tossing and turning and splicing of two different times and “same sky, different time” song sweeping up? My heart did an anatomical impossibility b/c it went and lodge itself in my throat

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