Thank you, for passing by my side. -Tang Wei

[My forever girl crush, yesterday, Beijing.]

It was ripples a few days ago in weibosphere and finally the storm of the longwaited premiere of Late Autumn in CN.  They can tell me all they want it takes the nec. time/trouble for a foreign movie to air in CN, but it’s another barely there veil of censorship against Tang Wei.  It still makes me queasy in my stomach w/ the disgust.  Here she is today, graceful in a white cocktail dress that would be otherwise questionable on many actresses, but she fills in more charm than the dress is designed for.   Her usual classy self, my girl crush.

On her role Anna, she said Anna is a very plain, normal, most ordinary woman, with all these outrageous experiences dumping on her, many at the same time, but she’s still this very ordinary girl with basic yearnings in life deep down.
The most romantic split second in the movie, for her, is on the bus, when Hoon gets on again, sits next to Anna and said, ‘ Hi…Oh sorry, I must’ve mistaken you for someone else.’  TW said, ‘That moment, is so tremendously romantic to me, I can’t put it to words properly.’
On the longest kiss in K movie history, she said, ‘ We were both very immersed in our characters, at the beginning of the scene, we both genuinely felt the other person was the only human being on earth I could trust and depend on.  That’s how it felt.  This kiss expresses so much of the thirst, the hunger for love and being loved, buried so deep inside these 2 ppl.  That is why it’s so strange, after the kiss, you would expect feeling a warmth inside, instead at that very moment I felt so cold, freezing cold, a shivering cold I can no longer stand it.  I don’t even know why, it seems like a terrible coldness was creeping from the core of my being.  That very moment, I was so grateful for this person to be here, in front of me.’  Host and famous CN MC He Jiong asks, ‘ Were you cold before the kiss, or after?’  TW, ‘Afterwards.’  HeJiong, ‘You must be diving too deep into your character!’  To which TW gives her charming chuckles, covering her face to the instantaneous camera flashes all shy.  HeJiong, ‘ You must’ve abandoned your whole being, consumed yourself, that’s why you felt the harrowing chill in the air!’
The greet and meet also has the clip of a greeting fr binnie.  He said he’s spent 2 months in Seatle for the movie, taking Japanese and English lessons because as a gigilo, appearance and the way with words r the weapondry. It’s been a great challenge and he’s learnt a lot fr the experience.
Many binnieloonie wrote love letters to HB, Mr He and TW read out the letters and promises to send them to his hands.
TW also sends her regards to binnie: ‘From my impression, he is flawless, it’s frightening tbh, but that’s the way he is.  I’m actually anticipating him back to our screen very much, after he’s back from his enlistment.  Come back to our big screens, our small screens, and see what he’ll surprise us with, present to us after his 18 months, he’s enlisted for 18 months, right?  *spazzzz Babe, you really know your binnie trivia WELL!*  Show us a brandnew, and different HB.  I think this is sth a lot of us, including me, is very looking forward to.  I wish he’s happy, he’s healthy and stay the same (perfect) man he has always been.’

A final push for the movie, ‘ Lets bring our heart/(feelings) into the theater.  I hope when watching the movie, we can let our heart takes us through the quiet journey.  After the movie ends, I wish to ask you a question: Is there a person in your life, whom you would want to say something.  A line from the song I sang:  谢谢你走过我身旁, thank you for passing by my side. Is there this special someone?’

The song she sang for the movie:

Damn, now I want a duet of binnie+TW!!!!!!!

Tang Wei is the 4th top search today in weibo, the hunger and yearning for her, for Late Autumn is so massive, like the long passionate embrace Anna and Hoon shared, but in words and praises and adoration.  Many TW CN fans know nth of Binnie, but I’ve not seen a review without a good word on him, like of how he caught them by surprise how much he can express with his eyes, what perfectly subtle, gentle, befitting chemistry he has with TW, when they were expecting nth more than another gorgeous himbo.

14 thoughts on “Thank you, for passing by my side. -Tang Wei

  1. Awwwwww, he can still be MY gorgeous himbo 🙂 Oh yess yess, definitely a duet.

    Your glorious reviews have seduced me into caving in – planning to watch Rooftop Prince this weekend, hihi. Are JYM’s characters too OTT evil though?

    1. Sad to report my gf, the evilsib+cousin are EVIL! There’s no redeeming qualities to them at present. The only positive is JYM is nailing the cardboard evilgirl2bimbo with just enough flair as written but not hammering in with all those ‘Look at M!E! I’m evil! My eyes r now smizing at you all evilly!’. I hate her character because she’s doing v shoddy stuff, not the additional plastic can’t emote face or extremely cringeworthy OTT acting
      Lee TaeSung though, he’s giving us the evil glares whenever he can. I’m holding out hope for them since the show is so zippy, we have them doing a handful criminal stuff already they can only go ‘up’ fr here.

      But HJM is worst than I rem her. I can see her being the deal-breaker for some.

      1. Aghhh, I saw the first episode, and now I’m kinda wishing it would stay in Joseon era for the whole drama. Sure, then we won;t have the fish-out-of-water hilarity of the boys transported to the modern era, but the CSI:Palace Intrigue stuff is pretty awesome. (HJM is going to be main suspect right?)

        Iron-Gate, is it REALLY an accident??

        I can’t get over the weirdness of JYM as HJM’s older sister. And based on the child actors, (modern AND Joseon era), they’re not like a year apart or something.

        1. Oh, I don’t think staying in Joseon through the whole thing will be as interesting. I’m greedy, I love things more complicated than it already was back in Joseon.

          Yeah, I’m having trouble with JYM being HJM older sister by at least 3+ yrs as well fr what the children r telling us. And I do think JYM is doing a decent job with how 2D her character is written, but she has no chemistry with LTS (I think he’s the weakest link performance wise). HJM is bugging me with her forced aegyo. It’s good that ep2 she’s basically bossing the J4 around but that one scene that should be meaty for her character is…cringeworthy.

  2. Tang Wei is gorgeous. Word.

    I know Late Autumn has just been released in China, but you have any idea where to DL the film online? I’m not sure if the Chi subs are needed since the film was filmed in English, so kinda need your advice on which version to DL. I’ve also heard nothing but praise for the actors’ performances, need to watch!

    1. There is a version with english subs when Korean and Chinese is spoken that was used for the short U.S. release when it had its U.S. premiere at Seattle International Film Festival and screened at AMC theatres in L.A., Atlanta, and Seattle last year. Producers pretty savy about on-line piracy so think probably have to wait for a DVD after the theatrical run in China.

      1. When it was showing in the AMC I went, it was as a Kr foreign film. There’s subs for the mando only

        The C binnieloonies r extremely moving, theyve organized viewing parties in so many cities in CN and v vigilant with not allowing posting any pirated links. It’s out there w. C sub but I support their stance

  3. mookie, i read there were a 3 min long kiss scene, whoaaaa, and i only want to be TW just for few sec, keke…pervert. i’m downloading the movie, but it takes really long time.

    1. haha is it 3 min? it felt long, but I’m not sure if it’s THAT long.

      These 2 of the most effortless chemistry btn anyone they’ve worked with, I just wished the movie is more…better.

  4. Finally I get watched LA..i agree with you mookie, i wish it could be better. Don’t know how to say, but i think it lacks the extra thing. I could see the good chemisry between TW and Binnie, but i can’t tell the plot is the best, a lil boring perhaps? Still, it’s so good to see him again in big screen with his dimples hehe. Miss him.

    1. I think the story is very breathtaking, but it’s the PD at fault, imo. Fr the bts, there are many scenes cut out in the editing room, it seems. I’m reading a C trans of the novel atm, and loving it very much.

      TW and Binnie has the most befitting natural chemistry I’ve seen in anything Binnie has done, they just elevate the material so well.

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