Stills fr upcoming dramas I can’t look away

Honestly it feels like the SJ SiWon and Loverboy switched wardrobe
(haha it's so cute Cnetizen nicked him $10 because it sounds like SiWon in mando)

I can't explain why I have good vibes with this fluffy thing YH and SiWon r in.  Maybe it's coz I REALLY liked the original name 少女欧巴桑 (shoujo obasan) the drama script is still titled.  My gfs have been calling me more derogative variations of such.   I'm sure this has no heavylifting in it, as long as it's not too ambitious and the script is not entirely moronic, I'm easy to please knowing what I'm in for.

He's also shooting a webmovie for Porsche and Budw. and with the only ethnically Chinese F1 driver atm Tung HoPin (and WHAT A HOTTIE! born and raised in Velp, Netherlands) the real F1 driver is going to be YH's bodydouble?!?!!  haha what a waste!

ok enough dissing of ma b

oy, he's looking good himself *swoon*

And YH's PrincessTaiPing turd is premiering in TWO DAYS! 

I hope the redbeanies will keep doing these gifs, because I don't think I can sit through this, ever.

and muahhahaha this will be our RinYingYing, she's written to be the Goddess/Witch of The Demon Sect. See, if you didn't know, you would think she is raised by parakeets and is now the flock's handler/maid.

And I do bow to the pretty that is WallaceHuo, he survives the fugling of YMM, pity is, this looks nth! like! L!H!C!!!!! DARNIT!!

11 thoughts on “Stills fr upcoming dramas I can’t look away

    1. ♥♥♥♥♥
      I really like Wallace’s pretty, but he’s a limited actor, I can still watch him np being pretty though hahaha

      YH has always been raved as having a face for ‘CCTV serious drama’ which I think it’s true, because a lot of the pretty things will look very out of place in a ‘slice of life’ period (eg FSF, imo he has crazyeyes). Also he can play almost all Chinese ethnicity with np. haha IF he can handle a TW idoldrama and hold his own, I really can’t think of a more versatile up and coming C actor.

      1. LOL the pretty is why I watch Wallace most of the time TBH ^_______^
        Altho I think his acting was quite good in Qing Shi Huang Fei

        Totes agreeing with you about YH. I see potential in him and I think he’s got what it takes to be a very versatile actor. YH can pass for different Chinese ethnicity np, especially with those beautiful facial features ^_^

        FSF is cute and his eyes are so fun to watch LOL

    1. argh….I can’t, if sitting through means seeing the whole thing. This looks so horrific, and the music is my kinda hell. I can’t stand almost everyone else in it, and I fear my crankiness will be too much to bear even for me.

      I’ll watch his cuts though…of course. 😉

      1. lol I really liked Alyssa 8 years ago, but honestly she doesn’t age too well compared to similar generation Ruby Lin. I think it’s because of all her conflicts she’s been having these recent years while Ruby is bathing the happiness of wealth.

        When I first heard this drama I was VERY excited because I haven’t seen her in long time and WITH Yuan Hong! then when the trailer came out I was surprised.

        I can’t bear to watch Yuan Hong and Alyssa scenes. I can’t stomach it.

          1. lol. to me I think it’s the styling and costume. I actually like dramas that feature older girl-young guy, but it won’t do for ancient stories. I think they made Alyssa play a span to wide – late teens till ??. If it were a modern drama, I might like it better. Besides, there are too many misfit casting. Wu Ze Tian looks to young compared to her daughter Tai Ping.

        1. I don’t mind Alyssa back then, but she didn’t impress me enough to love and I don’t think I’ve genuinely loved anything she’s in and she didnt prove to me she can elevate…crap. (I’m a super picky-eater with my Cdramas)

          And this is screaming a thrown-together potpourri of all things stinky. It’s not so much I hate them actors in it, but other than YH, I can’t see anyone remotely worthy for me to sit through watching and not wanting to stab my eyes at the horrible costumes and the guaranteed laughable ‘writing’

  1. Never ever watched any XAJH before, so i don’t know how their characters are. That’s good for me because it won’t matter to me if Yu Zheng does a bad job or not go according to the book because I actually like the way they look. RYY doesn’t look as bad to me as I would have thought from seeing her in Gong2. I finally have a fresh wuxia to watch, and it has a handsome hero.

    1. I don’t really alsolutely LURVE any ZAJH adaptation, but none have I seen things so far fr the original.
      In a way it’s good for me, because this is so FUBAR I’ll treat it as entirely another beast and I should stop stabbing it being anything BUT ZAJH. OTOH, why bother?! Crapping on my fav book at that?! and by YMM of all peeps?!

      And it depends on what’s good in relative of what, at this point I’m so unsure if the characters’ only semblance to the original is only the name and nth else, because I can’t see TheMostFearedWitch of a PoisonSect looking like a parrot. And I don’t think a LHC is somber enough to do a fine bun and put on any of those useless accessories around his waist. A pretty Wallace, sure, but not a LHC. *sorry, I’ll end rant haha…shortly*

      Yeah, so in some ways I think this is not as bad as I’ve been expecting, but Wallace is not a talented enough actor to elevate the usual YMM crap and YSS is my kryptonite. I’m not sure if I can tolerate her face if she’s 1000x more talented, let alone now, when I really think her idea of honing her skills is by increasing the amt of PS she can cram on her maimed face.

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