Waitin for Rooftop Prince 3: *tapping fingers nonstop*

I was so swarmed today and hurriedly got my arse off the moment I can.  As soon as I stepped into my frontdoor, I literally kicked off my muddy boots and coat, hopped to my laptop, starting my dl.

haha RP is not crack status (yet), I survive hours after it's out for grabs, without too much of a thought, but it's guaranteed mindless fun, I don't need it asap, but I'm going to dunk into a bowl of icecream if it's there.  You know what sugar high u'll be getting, there won't be 'surprises' or any twists of fate, but oh so satisfying the Fun.

So yes, 30 mins I have to wait. What's better than Spoilerish gifs stolen @ weibo?  All by the lovely and talented 3hree_voice and ichigojj 

I'm biased and I only follow hardcore 6002 fans, they r still nursing their split sides!

it's not chronological, but I don't care, do you?!! ^^

awwww Tracksuit-samas I'll miss thee (not)!!


15 thoughts on “Waitin for Rooftop Prince 3: *tapping fingers nonstop*

  1. Must.Not.Look.At.Those.GIFs. Spoilers!!! It’s hard trying to be a good viewer and avoid spoilers, especially if the spoilers are the one coming after you. Haha.

    Me and my friend will be watching episodes 4 and 5 tomorrow, hopefully both will be subbed already. Will watch while licking on some ice drop (popsicle) or ice-cream-on-stick in honor of Lee Gak having his sweet time eating his own ice cream. Hahah. That’s a popsicle/ice cream he was eating on the preview of episode 3 right? Well whatever. Can tomorrow come quickly? Hahah.

    1. I’m sucha weakling when it comes to 6002.

      But I’m just reminded by a 6002dearie he must’ve shot some of these scenes on 3/17 judging by the clothes. And I can’t stop TTT___TTT

      1. If I’m not mistaken, episode 3 is what they shot the day Chun went back on-set. Yeah, it must’ve been hard for him to act funny, although I don’t think the comedy of the show is acted but rather came off naturally, when in his heart he is crying.

        On the upside of things, the aura of the set must’ve been happy because there were pictures of him giving out a big smile and I believe those are genuine ones. Happy Chun makes Chun-fans happy as well.

        1. It’s nice for our comfort to see him smiley and enjoying his time on set, yet at the same time I just wished he can just take the time and cry his hearts out. Poor thing!

          He’s such a pro though, 3 is as funny as 2. ^^ Enjoy with ur friends tmr!

      1. This drama is pretty much a glorified sitcom (not that it’s a bad thing), but whenever it does decide to go for the heartstrings, it really works. The end of the ep made me all 😦

    1. Hihi~!^^

      O, those aren’t my gifs. They are fr the dearies @ weibo. I creditted their accounts. I bet they’ll be alright with it if you properly credit them? I’m not sure though…:P

      1. I stated where you got it from and credited 3hree_voice and ichigojj. I also gave credit to you since you’re the one who shared it. If it’s not okay with you, I can delete the post. =)

        To add some discussion, I like to comment on one particular gif above. After Se Na, slapped the prince I really felt for him. It’s amazing how one can be so dorky and emotional the next. I’m glad that his various “chun face” and expressions are now put to use as he can’t exactly do that to his past characters (Just imagining Sun Joon with a derp face made me LOL).

        1. O, no need to credit me. Just the original posters will do ^^. But yeah, no need to fuss with it. I’ll keep stealing their pretty gifs *shame* and posting it here, so next time feel free to repost by crediting them. I hope they don’t mind us sharing.

          It honestly took me by surprise how brilliant he is with his comic timing, and how natural and seamless he’s transitioning fr the slapstick sitcom-ish scenes right into the dramatics. I got sniffy!! and totally unexpectedly so.

          I don’t see much SJ though, which is a bravo! to the cutiepie. He’s still speaking in archaic speech and the manga-ish haughty tone, but Our Princey here is not the sharpest bulb, but not dull and too stuck up (he’s bribeable with sweets and omurice!) and he’s a romantic at heart and is not confined by decorum to not droolz at bikini girls! ^^

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